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Category: jerk-o

01/18/06 01:05 - 33ºF - ID#22743

I'm an asshole

So in Dec I ordered these custom made boots from London. They cost a small fortune (500 plus 40 per pair for shipping) and were awesome and made just for me. Now its almost a month later and I still don't have them. I called the company, reamed them out and sent a not so nice email. Later I realize I mistakenly forgot part of the shipping address. I'm an asshole. So I emailed the company back, took the blame for being an idiot and now I still want my boots. Will I ever get them? Everyday I'm like this would be a sweet outfit with my boots. Oh wait I don't have any boots. Fuck! I do have Prada shoes though. Sadly they aren't healing the wounds of having no boots.

Secondly- I agree 100% w (e:lilho). I too am sick of all this feeling crapness mixed with the mundane details of peoples days. I miss the old school days of (e:jason) and the debates, combined with randomness and stories about scandal and booty calls. Really let's take the emo over to myspace where all the crapness belongs. If your post involves: sex/booty calls w details- I say post. If your post invloves: love lost feelings, why am I here feelings or minute by minute play back of your day (and your day is not interesting) then take it to myspace. Really I don't think (e:strip) should be all about everyone being BFF, that sucks. I say bring the fiest back to estrip. (e:lilho) and I are starting the movement.
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Category: celeb

01/17/06 02:44 - 38ºF - ID#22742

Celeb Sightings and Such

So Saturday I saw Mike Meyers at Teany. He has really awesome skin, which I thought was interesting. No, I didn't go say anything to him. It's one of the unwritten NYC rules, you let the celebs live in peace and they will continue to mingle amongst us so we can gawk. Sadly Teany is closing :(. Moby pulled out because the place is not making money. Really it's not a suprise. People go in and drink a $5 pot of tea for 2 hours, that's not a money maker. Esp. since it's in the uber hip LES- aka we charge and insane amount fo rent for a shithole.

Also I am now the official owner of my first pair of Prada shoes. Since I was little I used to tell (e:paul) my dream was to own a insanely expensive pair of Italian made shoes. They are actually from a thrift store, so I paid less than $100 for them too. I have reached my goals before I turned 30. Awesome. Speaking of thrift stores. I am the thrift store queen. I found a Nanette Lapore silk shirt at the Goodwill too for $5. Now that's a bargin. The same place I got the Prada's from also has a pair of Hogan Wedges for $35 size 9- a little big, but for the sake of fashion why not?

Now if I could only get my act together and clean my apartment my life would be fab...

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Category: music

01/11/06 02:48 - 56ºF - ID#22741

Must See-No not NBC Thursday Nights

If you want to be part of the cool kids group then you must go see We Are Scientists at the Icon this friday. These dudes fucking rock the party and gave it all up tobe rockers. Who doesn't love that?

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Category: home goods

01/11/06 12:38 - 52ºF - ID#22740

My new mattress

My new bed is awesome. Every morning I have to pry myself from its ultra comfort. As my Christmas present to myself I bought:

The to top it off I have some kick ass memory foam pillows and 400 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheets. The new down comforter arrives today. I have always dreamed of the most ultra comfortable bed ever. I think I am getting close to that goal. I'm going to Ikea this weekend to take a look at some new bed frame options. Ultra comfort and wonderfulness here I come!

For those guests who are used to me giving up my bed when you come to visit- I'm going to have to say f-off. I'm never giving up my bed for the couch again. Sorry bitches, the bed is just too wonderful now...
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Category: fuckin a

01/09/06 10:59 - 37ºF - ID#22739

Weekend Update

I haven't posted in a while. I go through these bouts of thinking estrip sucks, then being like what the fuck, I have nothing better to do at work so why not. I just can't stand the highschool drama (secret identities and such) I mean WTF are we 16 or nearing our 30s and beyond.

Anyways- with that I'm sure to be unpopular sediment I'll move on:

Hung out with the rockstars of We Are Scientists
It's ok to be jealous. They fucking rock the party. Yet they've turned weird in their recent stardom. And they are all about the asian invasion or yellow fever as some call it. I think it's all way to John and Oko for me. However during the night I did meet this kick ass girl and had a great time. I've met more rad girls in the past few weeks then ever I think. They actually all are real scientists, ironic i know. Nothing like talking about cations at 4am.

Favorite quote of the evening: "I started out with Chili for dinner so why not tacos at 3am?"

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