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08/31/04 12:30 - ID#22583


people cut down and remove toes to make shoes fit better. It was in the NYT this morning. Thats cra-gee!!

On a side note: The RNC sucks the big one! Its making getting around a pain in the ass. Between the protesters and the delegates this city is under police lock down which makes my commute a pleasant 1 1/2 hours in 90% humidity.
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08/27/04 02:53 - ID#22582

The Prosters

look like they are having a lot of fun. Trust me you have to be here to experience it. I blame the RNC as well. I just don't want any extra 50,000 people here for any reason. If they feel the need to protest, fine just go home and do it. If it was only NYC protesters then Id be fine with it. Its the protesters who come here and treat this like a vacation, trash the city, cause havock then leave. Dont think they litter? I saw it with my own eyes yesterday. I like living here, I just don't like the outsiders who come here and cause problems for everyone.
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08/27/04 12:46 - ID#22581


So as part of my high profile job I had to pack up and office and ship it off to Chicago. Well in the move the boxes got banged up, as boxes do in the shipping process. Not even for investment bankers do boxes stay nice and white and pristine. So I just got reamed for the packing/boxes being all jacked up when they got to Chicago. I was just like ok? What am I suppossed to do about this. When you send things via FedEx you know they are tossing the box around so you pack the inside well. Are you going to reuse the packing? Does it affect your life in an adverse way because the packing is dirty and banged up? Probably not, but you should ream someone out anyways. According to recent studies punishing someone does make you feel better.

On a lighter note the RNC is ruining my city. The protesters have arrived like a swarm of locus. I am all about not having GW as the pres anymore but don't come to my city to voice your opnion. People don't seem to understand this is an actual place to live and I have to conduct day to day activities. Their days of fun frolick and protest equal 2 hour commutes to work and huge headaches. I don't go to their cities and fuck w them so don't come to mine and f with me!
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08/26/04 02:49 - ID#22580

Dead Man

I was walking down the stairs to the F train and all the sudden I just saw the average white 40 ish business man keel backwards. Once I was done decending the stairs everyone just looked confused. So after a few seconds one woman dialed 911 from a pay phone. Then everyone stood around. Then a second person got a cop. The cop was useless of course. So then another random person started mouth to mouth. The guy was clearly dead at this point there was no pulse and he looked dead. I don't know how else to explain it. Its like you can see once a soul has left a body. By then I was so freaked out I had to leave and take a walk to another train line. Im so amazed no one was concerened. I asked people at work if they saw this guy too and most people were like "its a dead guy in NYC, you can see 10 in one day." Great. I'm still really disturbed by the whole thing. I think I'd be much more ok with it if I had a significant other here. The weird thing was the trains were still running and some people just kind of walked around like they were annoyed he keeled over near the stairs making their commute home slower.

Maidencateyes. I assume you are talking about Peter Singer. Correct? Well I have a score to settle with this stealing lying asshole. He seems to tell everyone the same lie. I would be more than happy to join forces with you in order to help you get back your money. I used to date an attorney that has done several pro-bono cases for me. One involving my sister and an infamous speeding ticket and another involving a roommate here who didn't return my security deposit. In both cases the outcome was successful. In addition I am now new york city style. This means I don't fuck around. If he wants to play dirty well then he has met his match. If you need refrences as to my ability to "reslove" differences just ask Paul and or lilho about my abilities. In all honestly you may never get your money back, but you can make his credit suck so bad he wont be able to buy a kit kat bar at 7-11. email me if you are interested.
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08/26/04 11:31 - ID#22579


I saw a man die on the subway platform. Everyone was amazingly calm, no one seemed to even be freaked out. Me on the other had was really disturbed by this. I don't think I'll ever forget how he looked.
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08/23/04 06:08 - ID#22578

I take offense

to calling moving to NYC being a trendy fuck. That just goes along with the small town attitude I have frequently encountered in buf-a-ho.
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08/16/04 02:49 - ID#22577

I once dated a guy who

posed for two of his photo shoots in NYC he was a super odd guy.
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08/16/04 02:39 - ID#22576

FYI Spencer Tunik

Tunick's Buffalo nudes
BUFFALO, New York (AP) -- They came. They saw. They bared all.

And in the end, the 1,826 people who shed their clothes for Spencer Tunick on Sunday were a work of art.

With Tunick issuing commands through a megaphone, nude bodies of every age, shape, size, skin tone and fitness level formed sculptures in the concourse of a dilapidated former train station, standing up, lying down, leaning sideways on their knees.

Tunick has been doing such nude assemblages -- he calls them temporary site-related installations -- around the world since 1992. The artist chose Buffalo's decaying Central Terminal, with its broken windows and walls of graffiti, as a juxtaposition to an earlier work at New York's pristine Grand Central Terminal, with a plan to display photographs of the two side by side.

"I think what the bodies did was bring some hope to the future," said Tunick.

For the volunteers, being part of Tunick's art meant leaving their inhibitions in a pile of clothing outside and enduring a series of sometimes uncomfortable positions on a cold and dusty tile floor, cameras documenting every move.

"Get on your knees, bend forward and curl up in a ball," Tunick instructed. "Be quiet please. Head down. Head further down!"

"Very good. It's very good. Don't move," he said.

"When he had us all leaning on our knees, that was getting a bit painful," volunteer Joe Giovenso said afterward. "I don't think I could have held that much longer."

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08/16/04 12:57 - ID#22575


I claim rights to this word since the early 90's period. Paul has since then copied/used this word. He seems to do this with all of the cool things I think of. Like I always say I am the orginator. I also lived on Elmwood first and started the whole elmwood is cool push. So for everyone who thinks Paulie is da bom diggity-think again because I am the orginator.
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