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01/19/09 10:27 - ID#47445

Cats are the Devil's spawn

And this is a break down of why:

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01/15/09 08:25 - 7ºF - ID#47419


Apparently 2009 has the theme of do the exact opposite of what is a good choice (it kinda fits the theme of 2005-2007). Anyway one of those wrong choices is my not so secret obsession with loving to hate vapid, self absorbed, unaware girl blogs. So there's one blog that I kinda heart. It's Jullia Allison's blog. I kinda feel like if I hadn't had any hardship in life I could have very possibly turned into her (note: I'm glad life didn't turn out that way because despite all the qualities I dislike about me, I think I actually have some pretty good qualities too). So really the point of this is. I love this blog entry of hers:

Is it okay that I wear the EXACT SAME OUTFIT on every single first date?
[licks the ground]
I'm going to take that as a "yes."

Incase you didn't want to click over above is the entry. Lilly is her cute puppy.

I do the same exact thing! Once you have a good date outfit why change it? Mine is this black cashmere v-neck button down. It's soft and snuggley. The boys like it :)

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01/14/09 02:05 - 8ºF - ID#47407

A conversation..

I've officially ended things with Mr. Broadway. It's a long story, but I felt the need to send him an email explaining to him exactly why. The original was slightly vengeful. I sent the modified one to Tom so he could give me his thoughts. This is our conversation:

Tom: was that the toned down one?
Jessica: yes
Tom: was more sharp than that?
Jessica: do you not know me?
Tom: was kind of rhetorical
Jessica: the orginal had more of a fuck you tone
Tom: and that one didn't?!!?
Jessica: that was my "taking the higher road" tone
Tom: with a double middle finger salute as you walk down that road
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01/13/09 04:20 - 28ºF - ID#47395

Blogs (not mine)

Just moments ago I encountered the best blog of 2009.

Feel free to thank me profusely.

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01/02/09 05:10 - 31ºF - ID#47255

Happy New Year!

Update in bullet point:

  • AZ was really nice.

  • Had a great time in Buffalo, as always.

  • Lost my ID at some point, but still was able to fly home. Guess I know what I'll be doing on Saturday.

  • Dude from the summer that put me into a severe funk EMAILED ME. Not sure what I'm going to do about that.

  • Glad to be back in the city, but am missing everyone I love already.
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12/29/08 01:21 - 35ºF - ID#47210


My flight is delayed again. It's times like these that I really wish I had a private jet.
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12/20/08 04:26 - 14ºF - ID#47121

Red Letter Day

Today is the day I'm choosing to celebrate my birthday. I started out by a visit to Bumble and Bumble in the West Village to get my roots touched up. I love nothing more than fancy salons and hair treatments. After that I decided to walk around a bit, since I avoid that part of town like the plague (it's way to fancy for me). I walked by Julian Schnabel's crazy pink building . Then I decided to head over to Marc Jacobs and buy some fun things. I'm not going to lie I loved carrying that bag around. Then I decided to keep walking and head over to see puppies at Le Petite Puppy. After I kept walking, enjoying the day. I happened to walk past a couple taking a picture with a mailman. I thought it was really odd that anyone would want the picture of the mailman. Then I realized it was Kieffer Sutherland (thank you lilho for telling me the name). I then hopped down to Century 21 and scored a pair of Fry boots for $89! I actually haven't owned a pair of boots in years for a reason that's too complex to get into.

And the best part- I still have LIZA tonight.

Note: I wish lilho was going with me. I feel like even though she doesn't love her, she'd appreciate the camp as much as me...

  • Obligatory myspace/macbook picture because Paul claims more people will like my journal with pictures.

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12/18/08 03:34 - 29ºF - ID#47104

This morning

I walked in and saw this at my desk. I seriously almost cried it was so sweet and thoughtful. My co-worker decorated my desk and put together the most thoughful, funny, wonderful gifts for me. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have certain people in my life.


PS Thats Liza singing Happy Birthday to me!

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12/17/08 10:11 - 31ºF - ID#47087

What I've managed to do so far today

Bought myself some presents.


Ok so my whole grand plan of posting that picture didn't work out so well. Basically I just bought a bunch of stuff from Sephora. I recieved a gift card last night at 6pm and have spent it already. It didn't even last 24 hours in my hands!
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12/09/08 04:33 - 37ºF - ID#47008

Julia Allison

Normally I hate her and her vapid life. Actually I just hate her nonsociety business partners. Actually I just can't stand Mary. But, today she posted pretty much the most relevant, heartfelt blog post ever. It helps that I feel pretty much the exact same way.

Best part of her post:

The truth is, sometimes I’m a big pile of mush who just wants someone special to snuggle with at night.

Okay, then, now I’ve been honest with you. I actually feel a little ill.

And yeah, I could use a hug.

Oh Julia, maybe I do heart you after all..

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