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Very Sad

Great title to bring in readers. Ah well. I need to write this one out.

I just read another article about an LGBT suicide. This one, a freshman at Rutgers whose roommates decided it would be a great idea to out him by putting a video of him and his male lover online. He jumped off the George Washington Bridge. Also mentioned in this article was a 13 year old boy who hung himself after being taunted by classmates for being gay.


Along with these two, there were a bunch floating around facebook about various abuses to young kids. One was a male cheerleader who, for all we know, isn't gay, but his arm was broken for doing a "gay" thing. Then there was the transman who rightfully won the Homecoming KING crown, but the school refused to give it to him because he was registered as a female.

Ug. I dunno. I guess I just get tired of it all. They have got this whole "It gets better" project on Youtube with Dan Savage now, and I think it will probably do some good. There was no youtube when I was in high school. But. But. But, what about the perpetrators? I think we should reach out to the victims of the abuse, of course. They need advice, guidance, support. But what of the perpetrators? The children who taunted that 13 year old boy were "questioned" and authorities concluded that no crime was committed.

So what we are we teaching our children? What, for that matter, are we not only teaching, but encouraging? I am a big proponent of seeking out and targeting the middle of the road offenders. Just like we know that the KKK are racists, we know who the real homophobes are, because they make themselves known. So I'm talking about the teasers, the bullys, the "I don't want to see it" folks and even the ones who pretend to be ok with it, but something always gives them away.

I always find that I cut myself off from finishing posts like these. Part of me wants to get into it all, the social aspects of gender identity and the ways in which homophobia and hatred is infused into everything except the air we breathe. Part of me just gets tired. I suppose it's the conundrum of being driven to write by sadness. Today is ok to be sad, but sadness does not make change.
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