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Moving on up!

Oh my gosh it's been since December since I updated! I was poking around the new site and figured I'd try it out, so here goes.

I have a new job...I won't post the name for privacy purposed, but you all know the place where the protesters hang out on main street? i work there. I am a counselor, which is much more complicated than it sounds. I do medical histories and go over all steps of the procedure from beginning to end. It's definitely a lot and I'm still training but I have done a few solo runs and it's pretty awesome. I like that I get to work in a place with anti-bush stickers in the staff kitchen and I can be pretty comfortable being out to everyone there. So it's a big step in the right direction in terms of me finding a career and being an adult professional type person :)

Also, Felly and I have decided to have a "wedding" ceremony of sorts. We aren't doing the whole go to another state thing to get married, because 1) it's not in or budget, 2) it's not really the point. We mostly want to have a big ol' party and have our families and friends meet, because they never have. We have a little over a year to plan, and I am already stressed about it!

Finally, it was lovely to see (e:metalpeter) and (e:chico) out last weekend, as well as a brief wave to (e:libertad) and (e:mike). And of course, (e:heidi) and her pretty girl Nisha. Looking forward to running into everyone more throughout our lovely buffalo summer!
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