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10/07/09 10:25 - 52ºF - ID#49954

Windy Update

the cats are sitting at the window watching all the shit blow around from the crazy wind. ug. I don't smoke in my house and have been putting off my morning cigarette for like an hour cause I don't want to go out there!! at least is isn't currently raining. we have a leak in our kitchen cabinets of all places and my landlord hasn't come to fix the damn thing yet. grumble grumble. i reminded that he is a public figure (sorta) and I could crush him if necessary. haha. ok that's really just some fantasy of mine that will never see the light of day, except here, which I am not convinced is the light of the day. as you can see, my self induced isolation is making my a little nutty.

in other news, I am going to send in resumes and cover letters today to at the least three potential employers! I have been being a total lazy douche about getting a job and its time for me to get off my ass and get moving. I can't sit at home like this forever or I might lose my mind! I have not found anything even close to my dream job (which I don't' know what that is yet) and I will most likely get back into the working with folks with developmental disabilities field because honestly, that's mostly what there is out there in the non-profit/ human services field that doesn't require an MSW, which I don't have. I just need another year or two of experience with direct care and I think I will have some leverage with that and a master's degree. I hope. so yeah, wish me luck folks.
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10/02/09 12:06 - 49ºF - ID#49904


First of all, felly and I put up our Frost King plastic kits on the windows yesterday, and boy was it satisfying! I had read (e:libertad)'s comment about the satisfying-ness of it all, but I wasn't exactly sure why. Now I get it! I thought we were going to be blowdrying the tape, not the plastic. fancy business.

anyway, felly let me turn on the heat now that we have the plastic up. i guess this house is kinda old, cause we have these vents in the walls that blow out heat and vents in the floor that take that cold air out (?) I think. anyway, the air coming from the vents in the walls kicks in every now and then and my cat. hates. it. he lets out this... oh i dunno, sad pathetic yet extremely grating meow letting me know how much he doesn't like this vent system heat. i hope he will get used to it. poor kitty.
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