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08/29/07 02:39 - 82ºF - ID#40806

Get a movin

Today is my mid week day off. And by day off I really mean, do all the shit you haven't had time to do the rest of the week. Meh. Yesterday I went to Talking Leaves on Elmwood in hopes of getting my books for some of my classes. Unfortunatly, the text books are only held at the Main St. store, so that is where I am off to today. I also plan on making a stop at Office Depot to buy a stapler, because everyone needs a stapler.

Unfortunatly, Felly is also gone today and I have therefore temporarily reverted to my old habits of sitting in front of the computer for hours completely oblivious to the outside world. I do little things like, one more song, one more video, one more journal entry and I will go, so this is my obligatory get off your lazy bum and get moving post.

Adventure Time!

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08/28/07 11:19 - 74ºF - ID#40777

I was all by myself

(e:fellyconnelly) has her first day of work today. she is gone and i miss her. so very sad indeed. i don't have class till 4:00 which means I have some time to kill. I do believe i am going to go to Talking Leaves to pick up some books I need for a class and hopefully start reading right away. I also have two books that I am currently reading which I would like to finish sooner rather than later when I am totally swamped with school work that I never want to look at a book again. that would never happen, just kidding.

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08/27/07 08:51 - 75ºF - ID#40765

First Day

Well, somehow I survived my very first day as a grad student at UB. It was surprisingly painless and actually rather invigorating. I almost forgot how easily excitable I am when it comes to certain subjects and just the simple act of being in a classroom brings out a certain part of me that is faily impossible to access without actually doing it. One Prof, Alexis De Veaux is like, amazing. I think I am in love. And yes, you might imagine I am one of those students who always falls in love with at least one of my professors each semester. Don't worry Felly, its purely academic.

And I am the luckiest girl ever because I come home to the bestest girlfriend ever who has food waiting for me and even does the dishes.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am taking a class called Black Women in US History, which I am hoping won't be a boring history class (sorry (e:james)) but will rather be exciting and intriguing. We shall see. One more class on Thursday and thats my schedule. Sounds easy for now. Of course when the 20 page papers get closer to being due, I might change my tune.

Oh yes, and I happen to have an (e:strip)per in one of my classes. I don't remember her (e:) name but, Hi Swati!
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08/26/07 07:20 - 74ºF - ID#40741

Oh I dunno

Let's see here, Arts Festival. Pretty fabulous I must say. Fascinating little fiesta. We watched some belly dancing which is always a good time, but I think the two best things I found were: 1. Loganberry Slushy and 2. Artichoke French. It was uh...artichoke hearts I think covered in some saucy stuff with a little piece of bread on top. I really like artichokes. Who knew. And loganberry's, according to (e:fellyconnelly) are some Buffalo thing. It didn't taste especcially special and I would have been just as pleased if the flavor was "red" but either way, it was cold and refreshing and the closest thing to a sno-cone I could find.

This is also strange.
I just posted a (ridiculoulsly long) comment on (e:stella) 's page and although it does not show up on the entry or on the recent entries thing, it does show up on the recent comments box on the main page when I sign out. I am wondering where it went, if it went somewhere at all? My computer doesn't always seem to get along with Estrip for whatever reason. So uh, if it is not where it is supposed to be, I don't know why but, my bad.
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08/26/07 11:29 - 66ºF - ID#40736

Commerce Therapy

For lack of anything better to do, coupled with the fact that I have some extra cash that I enjoy getting rid of, I took Felly to the mall yesterday. Really what it came down to is I hate spending MY money on clothing...I can't help but brak it down like this: one pair of pants = 3+ hours of work, etc. Terrible way to live really, but anyway. Felly faired fairly well (hehe) considering she HATES shopping, and she even found a pair of pants for work at Old Navy. I hate shopping also and usually can't find a damn thing that I like, but I was lucky enough to buy 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of waterproof winter boots and a free tank top from Old Navy for buying the aforementioned jeans, which I am sure every other girl this side of the Mississippi now owns also. It's fine.

School starts tomorrow. Fabulous I think. I am sure it is going to take some getting used to not being with Felly 24/7 I am sure we will get into a nice little domestic routine within a few weeks. She starts her job on Tuesday, so it is all working out quite nicely.

Finally, thanks to everyone for truly showing us a good time on Friday night. We got to see a little bit of a bunch of different bars and we even got to dance! I love dancing. Really.

Now we are off to the Arts Festival. I am excited.
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08/24/07 04:06 - 84ºF - ID#40712


I went to "Graduate Orientation" today, and by that they aparently meant "History of Buffalo". I learned all about the Erie Canal, the first hospitals, and the fact that the electric chair was invented here. I learned about some dudes named Flint, LaFayette, and some others I don't remember. Also, that UB was once private and was later incorporated into the SUNY system by a Rock-ah-fella. Very important information indeed.
Not to be rude, but what a collosal waste of time! I got my parking permit which is probably the one and only useful thing I managed to take home with me from that little event.
Oh yes, and I discovered that it takes 30 minutes to take the Western round the water highways and only 20 minutes to take the middle of downtown using 90 highways. Very good.

So in conclusion, this is my last weekend on FREEDOM! I haven't been in a classroom on 2 years so it is time to celebrate, and by celebrate I mean leave my apartment! Who's with me?

There is life outside your apartment.
I know it's hard to conceive.
But there's life outside your apartment.
And you're only gonna see it if you leave.

Did I mention I was gay?

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08/23/07 11:58 - 77ºF - ID#40693

Are you kidding?

So, as Felly and I were sitting on this couch this morning drinking some lovely coffee, someone pulled into our parking lot. Not that this was particularly out of place, but the cats took notice, so I did as well. What I soon saw was so very puzzling indeed...a young man got out of the SUV in a hurry and ran around to the front of his vehicle and proceded to stand there...and I was like uhhh, is he peeing? And indeed he was! Standing there with nothing but his SUV hiding his junk, in the rain, in MY parking lot, peeing. I guess he really had to go cause he was there for a good minute or so, then gave a little wiggle wiggle, came around the front of his vehicle still zipping up, got in his car, and drove away.

Who does this?? Seriously, go about 20 feet on either side of this apt. and you will find gas stations. Does standing in the rain in front of your car in some random parking lot really sound like a better option? Granted, I don't have a penis and therefore could never even begin to fathom peeing outside being better than in, but... well....I dunno. What more is there to say?
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08/21/07 09:01 - 66ºF - ID#40665

So Easy

If you haven't yet, check out the website ala Geico and perhaps even a new TV show. Felly and I spent perhaps a little too much time in there screwing around...might I suggest, don't give up to easy. Go into both options at the front door, try on various outfits, answer peoples phones and enjoy being a voyeur for a while, or uh, lame.
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08/21/07 12:15 - 61ºF - ID#40654

Let's See

When we lived in New Paltz there were at least 2-3 other people who would feed the cats in the morning and keep the occupied until I woke up. Now, we keep the door open because otherwise they will scratch the shit out of the door until we feed them. I don't mind having them in the room really, except when one of them starts eating out new plant and Felly thinks its a good idea to launch a pillow at him from across the room causing first cat to go flying and second cat, who was peacefully sleeping at my side to also go flying.

It is cold. What gives? Last night I was in a hoodie and my slippers. Seriously folks, is this it for summer? Tell me the truth, be honest. Will I no longer be able to wear tank tops except under layers? What are the chances of wearing flip flops a couple more times before the leaves start to fall?

Also. I love fall. Halloween especially. And...I don't remember who posted about it, but when in Wal Mart (yes I went there, I don't like to talk about it ) there was halloween shit everywhere. And basic fall like decorations. consumer culture blah blah blah...whats fun to do around here in the fall? New Paltz had a super fall culture surrounding the local farms in particular with apple picking, pumpkin picking, carving contests, haunted houses and the like. I am a sucker for some good hot apple cider also. I don't like the cold, but there is something cozy and romantic about hats and scarves and runny noses when there isn't snow on the ground.
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08/20/07 12:15 - 65ºF - ID#40635

Shopping and Stewarts

I used to work at Stewarts Shops. For those of you who don't know, it is a smallish franchise gas station slash convenient store slash ice cream shop. I worked there for two years after graduating college and falling for Felly. Stewarts wanted to be known for its small business, local community blahdee blah shit and most important, its coffee. The reason behind this of course is that if you sell one cup of coffee out of a pot, you pay for that pot of coffee. Therefore, you sell a pot of coffee, you are making something like 3X's what you paid. Similair profit margins go for ice cream as well. And yes, 20-30 minutes was the max for how long a pot should sit out on the burner (4 hours for the ones in the hot pots) before making a new one, but this never happened except between the hours of 7am-1030am. Either way, we let people make their own damn coffee and although we never made the jump to those cool little International Delight flavored coffee creamers, we did have flavored French Vanilla and diner sized sugar containers so I didn't have to waste my time opening six zillion little packets of sugar. Also, I miss Cotton Candy Ice Cream.

Yesterday Felly and I went shopping. Our progression was as follows: Pier 1, Bed Bath & Beyond, Big K Mart, Target, Wal-Mart and finally, Home Depot. She has been bothering me for weeks about getting plants for our bedroom, so we got some, along with one of those cool bamboo plants that goes around itself in spirals. The problem now is that the cats think they are toys/snacks. We shall see how that goes. Also, (e:chico), we finally got a shower curtain!

Just for the hell of it...anyone ever been to a Sonic? I am originally from the midwest, Oklahoma to be exact, and haven't had Sonic in something like 4 years and they show effin commericals for Sonic here and the closest one is like...forever away. It drives me insane.
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