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Category: school

09/04/07 11:19 - 68ºF - ID#40926

For the record

The party was fabulous I must say. I can't think of a better first estrip party to have attended. We do have pictures and some video and depending on the quality, we shall post them, and by we I mean Felly.

Grad school has started for me and I am already feeling slightly looney. I read a 300 page book in 3 days, which basically equated to 20 or so hours of reading. I like reading, don't get me wrong, but I would have much rather been at AmVets with Janelle and Drew yesterday, but instead I successfully gave myself a crook in the neck and a lame labor day. Luckily I only have 1 class this week, but as a result I have, surprise, extra reading to do.

Oh yes, and another note. Our friendly downstairs neightbor came upstairs with the premise of talking about the leak and had a look around apt. commenting on the kithcen, the square footage, etc and had a look a the bathroom as well. Well, after a while we decided to take a shower and low and behold, within less then five minutes of our shower there comes a tap tap tappin on our door. Needless to say we didn't answer cause we weren't uh appropriate for company. He came back later to inform us that yes, yes indeed it is still leaking, so who knows what they are going to have to do to fix that shit.

Today I will be reading some scholarly journals on the topic "What is a Disaster?"

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Category: bars

09/01/07 07:52 - 70ºF - ID#40886

Bar Fly

Well peeps, for those of you who were out at Cathode Ray last weekend, our pics are finally up! I am slightly disappointed because I didn't win anything, however there are numbers quite close to mine that did, so if you kept your little card, you should check it out! For anyone who is voyeuristic or simply nosy, the website is

Look forward to seeing everyone tonight!
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08/31/07 12:14 - 70ºF - ID#40857


I was sitting out side smoking my pre-shower cigarette and one of the guys from ESquare Capital was like "uh, can I come up stairs and take a look at your bathroom cause his (my downstairs neighbor) ceiling is leaking. Of course I let him in, but now he has cauked my bathtub and I can't take a shower. Grrrr. It's fine, really. I love not showering, especially on my hair washing day when I have plans to run all over campus and what not. Ah well.
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Category: books

08/30/07 11:34 - 68ºF - ID#40831


The picture strip at the top of my screen is currently the little chalky nasty valentine's day hearts that say "only you" and "you & me" on them. I can't eat those things, but do enjoy gluing them to various things when the season is right. Which, by the way, it certainly is not.

I set out on my own yesterday to find the Talking Leaves bookstore on main street, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was thinking it would be bigger and much less cool then the one on Elmwood, but although it was slightly larger, it was equally as cool. And the guy who was helping with the textbook area was super nice and looked all over the store for the book I needed, but alas wasn't there. Another great thing was, it wasn't obnoxiously crowded so there was no waiting in tremendous lines or feeling rushed while looked around. I hate that. I was looking forward to not going to the campus book store, but I need this book cause I have to read the entire thing by next week and can't put it off any longer. Oh well. I am still pleased that I can buy (most of) my textbooks at an independent store. Way to go Buffalo.

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Category: elmwood

08/29/07 07:07 - 84ºF - ID#40812

Road Block

So, as I type there are about 4-5 officers of the law parked outside my apartment with their little lights ahflashin. By the looks of it they are checking people registrations and what not, but may or may not be looking for a one armed man. And of course, as soon one citizen pulled over directly in front of our driveway for whatever reason, Felly shows up and has to practically drive on the grass to get in. Now, I respect police officers for various reasons, but I feel like this is truly a waste of their time and my money. Sure they may indeed catch a true criminal by accident, but chances are they are just annoying everyday folk like you and me who, for the most part, are law abiding. I guess I just want them to not bother me unless I ask for it, and in my opinion driving down the street is not asking for it. That is all.
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08/29/07 02:39 - 82ºF - ID#40806

Get a movin

Today is my mid week day off. And by day off I really mean, do all the shit you haven't had time to do the rest of the week. Meh. Yesterday I went to Talking Leaves on Elmwood in hopes of getting my books for some of my classes. Unfortunatly, the text books are only held at the Main St. store, so that is where I am off to today. I also plan on making a stop at Office Depot to buy a stapler, because everyone needs a stapler.

Unfortunatly, Felly is also gone today and I have therefore temporarily reverted to my old habits of sitting in front of the computer for hours completely oblivious to the outside world. I do little things like, one more song, one more video, one more journal entry and I will go, so this is my obligatory get off your lazy bum and get moving post.

Adventure Time!

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08/28/07 11:19 - 74ºF - ID#40777

I was all by myself

(e:fellyconnelly) has her first day of work today. she is gone and i miss her. so very sad indeed. i don't have class till 4:00 which means I have some time to kill. I do believe i am going to go to Talking Leaves to pick up some books I need for a class and hopefully start reading right away. I also have two books that I am currently reading which I would like to finish sooner rather than later when I am totally swamped with school work that I never want to look at a book again. that would never happen, just kidding.

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08/27/07 08:51 - 75ºF - ID#40765

First Day

Well, somehow I survived my very first day as a grad student at UB. It was surprisingly painless and actually rather invigorating. I almost forgot how easily excitable I am when it comes to certain subjects and just the simple act of being in a classroom brings out a certain part of me that is faily impossible to access without actually doing it. One Prof, Alexis De Veaux is like, amazing. I think I am in love. And yes, you might imagine I am one of those students who always falls in love with at least one of my professors each semester. Don't worry Felly, its purely academic.

And I am the luckiest girl ever because I come home to the bestest girlfriend ever who has food waiting for me and even does the dishes.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am taking a class called Black Women in US History, which I am hoping won't be a boring history class (sorry (e:james)) but will rather be exciting and intriguing. We shall see. One more class on Thursday and thats my schedule. Sounds easy for now. Of course when the 20 page papers get closer to being due, I might change my tune.

Oh yes, and I happen to have an (e:strip)per in one of my classes. I don't remember her (e:) name but, Hi Swati!
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08/26/07 07:20 - 74ºF - ID#40741

Oh I dunno

Let's see here, Arts Festival. Pretty fabulous I must say. Fascinating little fiesta. We watched some belly dancing which is always a good time, but I think the two best things I found were: 1. Loganberry Slushy and 2. Artichoke French. It was uh...artichoke hearts I think covered in some saucy stuff with a little piece of bread on top. I really like artichokes. Who knew. And loganberry's, according to (e:fellyconnelly) are some Buffalo thing. It didn't taste especcially special and I would have been just as pleased if the flavor was "red" but either way, it was cold and refreshing and the closest thing to a sno-cone I could find.

This is also strange.
I just posted a (ridiculoulsly long) comment on (e:stella) 's page and although it does not show up on the entry or on the recent entries thing, it does show up on the recent comments box on the main page when I sign out. I am wondering where it went, if it went somewhere at all? My computer doesn't always seem to get along with Estrip for whatever reason. So uh, if it is not where it is supposed to be, I don't know why but, my bad.
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08/26/07 11:29 - 66ºF - ID#40736

Commerce Therapy

For lack of anything better to do, coupled with the fact that I have some extra cash that I enjoy getting rid of, I took Felly to the mall yesterday. Really what it came down to is I hate spending MY money on clothing...I can't help but brak it down like this: one pair of pants = 3+ hours of work, etc. Terrible way to live really, but anyway. Felly faired fairly well (hehe) considering she HATES shopping, and she even found a pair of pants for work at Old Navy. I hate shopping also and usually can't find a damn thing that I like, but I was lucky enough to buy 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of waterproof winter boots and a free tank top from Old Navy for buying the aforementioned jeans, which I am sure every other girl this side of the Mississippi now owns also. It's fine.

School starts tomorrow. Fabulous I think. I am sure it is going to take some getting used to not being with Felly 24/7 I am sure we will get into a nice little domestic routine within a few weeks. She starts her job on Tuesday, so it is all working out quite nicely.

Finally, thanks to everyone for truly showing us a good time on Friday night. We got to see a little bit of a bunch of different bars and we even got to dance! I love dancing. Really.

Now we are off to the Arts Festival. I am excited.
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