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Change Buffalo


So, Jim Heaney of the Buffalo News ran a story about how Councilmember David and the Brown administration are under investigation from the DA and the FBI. Hurrah!

This is just part of an endless stream of scandals. $30,000 of anti-poverty money used to purchase blackberries. Over a million in anti-poverty money being used to run a restaurant. Sending emails to city employees telling them they had to work on his campaign.

Property taxes are lower, but assessments raise the price of homes and the total amount taxed. Violent crime is up 6.5% this year. What economic development has taken place? A new court house is not long term development. Tearing down the aud is not long term development.

Charges of ethics violations, election law crimes, endless corruption, and failure to meet most campaign promises would topple the mayor of a better city. But we are not a better city. We are a good city run by bad people.

A few days later, the Mayor handed in 21,000 signatures on his petitions for reelection. He needed only 2,000 to qualify.

But, he has a challenger! South district councilmember Mickey Kearns is gunning for the Mayor's office. Rumor has it that scandals and corruption in the Brown administration are going to send people flocking to support Kearns. Rumor has it that he should be handing in over 3,500 signatures!

Wait, 3,500? That is it?

We do not have a mayor with a vision for a sustainable future for our city. But he will be mayor for four more years as he does not have a serious challenger. With a number like 3.5K it isn't even certain that he will be on the ballot.

Really? There has to be someone around here who wont flop around the political stage like a fish.
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