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09/30/08 03:18 - 65ºF - ID#45862


My landlords snagged us a blender before it went into our neighbors trash. They are awesome.

For a blender that was second away from being covered in diapers and vegetable peelings, it is the sweetest blender I have ever used. It has made life so much better in the two weeks I have had it.

Chocolate Milk:

Skim milk, water, whey protein, a table spoon cocoa powder, a few drops of stevia. So deliciouis, almost no fat or sugar. WIth the cocoa I couldn't make this before because you just can spoon mix the stuff into anything.

Fruit and Vegi smoothie.

non-fat yogurt, skim milk, whey protein, celery, whole lemon, whole apple, parsley, spinach. Because it is a blender and not a juicer the mix has some bits of solid vegi, but is such an easy, delicious way to have a mess of raw goodness.

Tzatziki dressing.

non-fat yogurt, juice of 1/2 lemon, whole peeled cucumber, garlic, dill. I used to make a tofu-based dressing with many of these ingredients but was much more watery. This has the same amount of protein and is even more delicious.

I know these recipes aren't exotic or interesting, they are just things I wouldn't have been able to make without a blender, or a much larger food processor.

Thank you gods of the garbage for making tummy happy.
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09/29/08 07:05 - 61ºF - ID#45847

Doing my part

Races are fun.

(e:Janelle) was nice enough to drag me out to a race this Sunday. We both ran a 5K with 1,500 other people. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

My dad loves running. LOVES it. He used to run a couple marathons a year and would do 10ks regularly. I, however, loathed it as a kid. He was sign me up for a race so we could have some father/son bonding. But nothing pisses a 12 year old off like having to get up at 7 on a Saturday morning to jog.

But this was so much more fun. First, running with a crowd of hundreds is way more fun than doing it solo. I get to play little games, like running with someone for a few yards and then sprinting way ahead of them while making space ship noises in my head.

On the last mile I found the guy I wanted to beat. He looked my age and was about my build and we were making the same time about. He would pull ahead of me, then I would pull ahead, back and forth. Finally, I saw the finish and just gunned it and beat him by a few seconds. WOO HOO! Then I saw that a women in her 60's beat the two of us, giving me a lesson in humility, or something.

After, there was food and drink and a girl way too excited about pudding. But it was fun and I would do it again next weekend.

Thanks (e:Janelle) for inviting me.
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09/27/08 10:43 - 65ºF - ID#45803

Choose your own..... BRAIIIIINS!

Remember those choose your own adventure story books from childhood? They always had so much potential. One second you are having a perfectly educational experience exploring pioneer life, then the next you are drinking booze from the mouth of a whore. The greatness of the genera was never realized sadly.

But you can relive the wonder with The Outbreak an interactive zombie movie. It has surprisingly high production values and all the classic elements of a zombie flick. A sure crowd pleaser and a fine way to spend ten minutes.

Go get 'em.
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09/22/08 09:25 - 55ºF - ID#45763

How Long Can YOU Last?

See how long you can choke down this turd. I lasted two words before vomiting all over myself.

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09/13/08 12:13 - 73ºF - ID#45665

Furries, we salute you!

With Hurricane Ike causing disaster it is important that we applaud those brave souls who stayed behind. And most of all, the Furries who stayed behind.


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09/11/08 11:47 - 66ºF - ID#45652

Sweet, Sweet Revenge

The lease on the campaign office lasted only until city hall processed permits for redoing our space. They sat on them knowing the developer was an ally of Sam's. If only they realized that it was our office they wanted to rip apart. So, yesterday we packed up and this afternoon we moved into our new office.

Now, where could be the sweetest place to move into? Sure, there are lots of nice spaces in great locations, but that is not why this space is tops.

No my friends, this space is infinitely better than marble walls and a view. We just moved into Barbra Kavanaugh's old campaign office.

We captured her castle, we win.

The only thing that could possibly make it better is if it came furnished with a throne of skulls taken from our foes.

But we all know the real base of operation was city hall. Maybe next year will will take that base too.
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