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11/30/08 09:01 - 35ºF - ID#46893


A week or so ago a certain Senator resigned to take another office. He took with him another Senator from Delaware. And on Monday he plans on pulling yet another Senator from New York.

GOP, take note. This is how you unseat powerful Senators: you let them win elections.
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11/28/08 12:04 - 35ºF - ID#46866

How To Communicate

There is no ulterior motive in my mind when I do it. But I just can't help myself. The way I talk to gay men is by flirting. I don't do this intentionally, but every gay man I talk to is, after a fashion, flirted with no matter if the subject is shoes, Russian iconography, or the prostate and its many, manly functions. This week for example.

My mother is sick (but doing very well) and has been getting visitors a lot. Her parish priest, Father Dennis, stops by a few times a week. He is perhaps the gayest gay who ever gayed and he is wonderful for it. We were chatting about Baroque art when it hit me, was I talking about Bernini's sculpture because I liked it or because it was sexy? And while I am interested in everything that is sexy I do feel like I subconsciously chose an artist who could only see spirituality in sex. The ensuing conversation about Caravaggio and decapitation went much the same way.

Then today my cousin Robert and his boyfriend Nelson came by. At one point I was chatting about S&M furries. That isn't a subject one just arrives at after meandering through several topics. Guys, you are both great guys but I totally wasn't being incest/home-wrecker weird.

I can't help myself. It is just a default setting. Oh, is that an old lady? Let's talk about canasta leagues and Haddock recipes. Is that a gay man of any age, relationship status, or linguistic background. Let's chat about anything scandalous. To all the gay men out there, I apologize for my uncontrollable instinct. Except you (e:Jim). We got a lot out of that instinct together.

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11/26/08 02:20 - 34ºF - ID#46852


I'm breaking up concrete slabs. Of course, I'm on vacation. Why can't I be breaking up concrete slabs at a time I could be working?

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11/23/08 01:29 - 32ºF - ID#46807

This. Is. AWESOME!

Behold, musical group The Protomen's first video in their opera based on...

wait for it...

wait for it...


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11/18/08 11:58 - 28ºF - ID#46738

All the World is Rotten

There is no more pleasure left in the world. Everything is just a shadow of what used to make you happy. Turn on the faucet to slake your thirst and ash pours out. Close your eyes for sleep and you will only dream of the grave.

And why?

Because Thomas Kinkade is making a movie.

The Painter of LightTM is directing Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage. Which stars... Peter O'Toole? Seriously?

This makes me like two things much less
2) Peter O'Toole

This is based on a true story in which an old, reclusive painter takes on a young painter under his wing. Making this movie a big ego masturbation session for Kinkade. Grind out a big one Tommy. Just don't shoot your load all over our holiday.

This is not the first monstrous bastard child between Kinkade and anything else. Take a look at this painting.


All that is left is to pray for a quick death.
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11/17/08 11:44 - 27ºF - ID#46729

Princess Di Funeral ReMix

Chris Morris, as I have said before on this site and others, is a genius. I just found this clip from his show Jam in which he remixed the funeral service of Princess Diana.

Favorite line: "We pray for the royal family as they discharge their members."

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11/16/08 09:51 - 36ºF - ID#46702

They Just Don't Get Buffalo

There was a piece in the Friday Times about Buffalo's architectural history and our future. I just don't think the authors understand a damn about our city.

1) There are some very significant large structures, yes. Darwin Martin, Richardson complex, all great. But the gems of Buffalo are in the homes where Plebes like us live in mansions. The omni-presence of beauty was missing and the author did not get it.

2) Richmond Avenue is not "one of Olmsted's grand decaying parkways". If there have been any successes in Buffalo it has been on Richmond. I can't think of a home that taints the whole avenue with the air of decay.

3) The author thinks that the Mayor's plan to knock down 5,000 is a failure of the preservationist movement. However, they do not mention Buffalo Re-Use will get to sack these homes for architectural goodies like stained glass, copper pipes, etc. Nor does the author mention that 20% of the homes in the city are vacant and will always be vacant. There are no plans in the works for a revitalized economy that will fill those homes. There are some plans to revitalize the neighborhoods in which they are situated. But we just do not have the resources to restore 18,000 homes and we do not have the people to put in them.


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11/14/08 02:54 - 63ºF - ID#46689

Welcome to My Evil Twin

Deven Green does my favorite series on youtube. She just uploaded this one and it fills me with happy.

"Now will him over here with garbage-bag eyes!"

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11/13/08 09:32 - 54ºF - ID#46682


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11/12/08 07:31 - 44ºF - ID#46666

Otto; or, Up With Dead People

Bruce Labruce is the new, new-queer cinema. Move over Greg Araki, there is a new sherif in town.

I feel in love with the man when I saw Raspberry Reich: a queer retelling of the Patty Hearst story. It is full of T-shirt worthy revolutionary slogans like "The Revolution is my Boyfriend" and "Heterosexuality is the Opiate of the Masses".

Labruce makes either the smuttiest movies you ever say, or the most high brow porn possible. The only real difference between a 'legitimate' film and porn is that I don't go to the theater to see the former with sanitizer. I wish I could show you one of the opening clips from Reich where a man masturbates with a loaded gun. The gun didn't go off but he sure did.

Well, he is back with a film sure to haunt my wet dreams for years to come. Here is the trailer (with a sweet ass song by CocoRosie).

oddly, the most erotic thing I find about this movie is that the title has both a coma and a semi-colon.
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