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12/20/05 08:47 - 24ºF - ID#23319

Saddy Le Metro

My favorite restaurant in Buffalo is closing

My favorite bartender in my favorite restaurant in Buffalo has left.

Laurie Sweet you will be stalked! We are following you to your new job!

Le Metro, you will be missed, but not nearly as much as Laurie.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

12/03/05 01:42 - 29ºF - ID#23318

Celebrity Encounter!

Buffalo, is not full of celebrities. This should not be shocking news. However, a sea of minor celebrities are creeping about in plain cloths all round us in each and every city.

I was upset when I lived in Albany and never met lang. poet extraordinaire [link=""] Ron Silliman[/link]

A few months after moving to Buffalo my then favorite poet alive, [link=""] Robert Creeley[/link], passed away.

Disappointment abounds.

But then the other day I had my first minor celebrity encounter.

While at work a woman needed to order something. When she handed me back the order form the name looked very familiar. A few days later my manager mentioned, while unpacking a delivery, that this particular case of cranberry juice was for Leslie Feinberg, the woman I helped. It was then the name rang a bell. It was [link=""] this[/link] Leslie Feinberg. And that was no woman! That she was a hir.

So, while I hitting lower and lower on my list of boyhood fantasy encounters, at least the disappointment is becoming slightly more mild.

have a good weekend kids
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12/01/05 10:26 - 32ºF - ID#23317

Smug Buffalonians

oh you!

Ya know, you Buffalonians have some pretty crummy weather. I mean, it isn't all that bad, but it is not exactly warm year round and humidity free.
So, this guy comes into my store and talks about the lovely weather (it was that day with the record high a few days ago) and he starts telling me about how wrong the world is about Buffalo. How we have the best weather in the country.

excuse me?

I know, I know. Winter is coming and we need to keep our spirits up lest we carve up our neighbors like a stranded rugby player. But now, in the maw of winter, is not the time to try to pull one over on me.

All you Buffalonians know I am not a native

All you Buffalonians are trying to get me to stay.

Stay! Stay!

You just want to eat me when we are snowed in! I am on to you. Oh, you may eventually get my meat, but not without a fight. HAVE AT YOU!
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