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Category: sex

12/06/07 07:53 - ID#42418


Ladies and Gentlemen,



To actually read the Gurnica of personal adds, go here

tell me you don't want to move down to Texas now?

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Category: sex

11/15/07 01:02 - ID#42140

Sex so many ways

Well, this was on topic.

With all of these lists going around I feel compelled to join in. But after careful consultation with my legal team we thought it prudent to not. But I don't listen to lawyers. We came up with a compromise. Here it is


It was unreal. If you can imagine this number (which is between 1 and seventy million) then you will most certainly have a number in your mind.

Several paternity cases are going on at the moment. Two of which were brought forth by vacuum cleaners. This is impossible though, as I don't think vacuums even have ovaries. Unless of course they just sucked some up, but even still, they don't have warm, wet sacks and a feeding tube.

Well, I am stuck at work wishing I wasn't and listening to NPR. They were just talking about Norman Mailer who died last weekend. They had on the air an 80 something year old woman who was traveling on the train at age 17. On that train she was courted by a dashing Norman Mailer. Well, tonguey snogging quickly got out of hand and turned into vaginal penetration.

Well, they were scant on details. But this is no longer their fantasy alone. She just said they had sex. How awesome is that? Statutory rape story involving Norman Mailer. That is hot.

Ok, it might not be statutory rape. But the story is so much more amusing in that light.

anyway, I wrote a program to tabulate my sexual conquests over the years. It is organizing it in one of two categories 1)slippery and 2)reprehensible. I will post it as soon as it is done, but it is having a hard time quantifying those categories; leaving my sexual past both mysterious and alluring.

I think my computer is getting hard though.
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Category: sex

10/22/07 06:15 - ID#41755

A Pickle Fucks Teddy Bear

I know this is my second post for the day but....

Breasts shooting sparkles

Jiggly Booty

And a Pickle Fucks a Teddy Bear

Welcome to Hell!

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Category: sex

10/21/07 02:37 - ID#41736


The post by the lovely (e:twisted) reminded me of some hip and happening changes to the craigslist personal ads. Check out their Misc. Romance section.

That is right, craigslist is no longer limited to a two man party. M4W W4W M4M is yesterday's flavor. Now you can search for WW4M WW4W MW4MW, or my personal favorite M4MM. Someday they will have M4M^9. That will be a horrific mess to mop up.

So, if you ever are looking for multiple lovin', Craigslist is the place to go. Sadly, like most parts of our participation in Craigslist, Buffalo does not seem to have caught on yet. The new categories are mostly empty and the original categories are still littered with the same "hey, I am at the airport hotel, want a blow job" that has been posted every three days for a year and a half.

The machine is much better, but the product is still lame.

Anyway, I hope this new feature makes someone's evening eventually. Now, if you will excuse me, my domestic activities require me to do something unspeakable to (e:Jim).

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