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01/11/06 08:04 - 40ºF - ID#23321

WoW, what a jackass

It is very difficult to blog about something meanigful while playing world of warcraft.

Oh shit! A Tauren just ganked me!

and while I was writing that, an Orc actualy was doing the ganking... I got what I deserved
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01/09/06 08:54 - 35ºF - ID#23320

Why they really killed Tookie

While ((e:Jim)) is ranting about the serial rape and dismemberment of the English language, I thought I would share an experience from atop the ivory tower of academia... not Saurumon's ivory tower.

Tonight I went to orientation for new grad. students at Buff. State. The director of financial aid was giving his little spiel and said. "Your PIN number is like an ATM machine PIN number."

Let me rewrite that without the acronyms. "Your Personal Identification Number number is like an Automated Teller Machine machine Personal Identification Number number." Notice anything intrepid reader? If you didn't get it turn to page 34 where you are locked in the basement of your dirty uncle. If you did, congratulations, you realized this guy has just committed a crime which is the linguistic equivalent of premeditated murder.

Also note how saying one PIN 'number' is like a different PIN 'number' fails to illustrate what the hell he is talking about. "You see, your junior whopper bacon cheese burger is much like the junior whopper bacon cheese burger. Are you with me class?"

In short, remember that our language is the raw material used by Blake, Williams, and Creeley. Don't fuck up daddies saw horse pumpkin.
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