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02/18/09 05:58 - 34ºF - ID#47801

Dinosaurs Fucking Robots

I started getting misty eyed browsing this new site.




Please, RSS Dinosaurs Fucking Robots. For the children.
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02/15/09 04:43 - 27ºF - ID#47757

Why the Buffalo News Sucks

I will keep this short and just give you two reasons.

The NYTimes has been giving Zilly Cakes more coverage for her Obama/Lincoln cupcake portrait than the Buffalo News.

And then I saw this on the Buffalo News. This is part of a 2008 retrospective of best cartoons.


Buffalo Wings? That isn't even a clever play on words. Are you trying to say that Tim Russert's virtue is somehow related to bar food? It doesn't make any sense!

What is wrong with you?
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02/15/09 01:31 - 26ºF - ID#47755

Make My Head Grow

I have a new favorite game.

It is called Make My Head Grow. At a Nordic gaming festival game programmer extraordinaire, 2dboy, was given 48 hours to conceive, design, and program a game. And thus Make My Head Grow was born.

The game is simple. You are in a box and your opponent is in another box. You have to push his box off the ledge by pushing your own box against his. But you don't foolishly do it with your pathetically small arms. No, you have to do it by slamming your head against your own box. To get even more momentum you can slam your head into the ground to make it swell to even greater inertia filled sizes.

Take a look at the gameplay

It is simple, and enjoyable. But the real action is when you push your opponent off the ledge. You are then treated to the finest tune ever written.

super awesome
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02/13/09 01:51 - 26ºF - ID#47745

Zilly Cakes

The property management company who ran my last apartment has been renovating a house on the corner of elmwood and lafayette for a few years now, never quite finishing it seems.

Since the end of summer there has been a sign, saying that Zilly Cakes was coming soon. I thought that it might be some chain bakery I had never heard of. Every time I would walk by it I would think to go to the listed website, but forget by the time I got back home. Then I just happen to see an article on them for making an Obama cupcake portrait.


So I go to their website and it turns out Zilly Cakes is owned and ran by Zilly Rosen in our own Buffalo. She has had the garage portion of the building rezoned so she can have a bakery and shop. Check out some of her work



She won a gingerbread house contest in 2007 with this


When she does open she will make cakes to order, teach classes, and sell baked yummy goodness. From the site:

Our retail line includes a fresh cupcake bar, icing shots, naked cakes (rated G of course) and cupcake flights in our special tasting booth that last 1 hour and that you can book in advance. In addition to cupcakes individually or by the dozen, we'll have a small but incredibly artistic and delicious line of decorated cookies, miniature cakes, and little stacked cakes for sale

Yum. Yum.
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02/11/09 09:41 - 52ºF - ID#47721

The Cure's LOLCatz

Thank you god and Al Gore for inventing the internet.

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02/08/09 10:16 - 29ºF - ID#47685


Dear employment,

Thank you for paying a visit. We really should do this more often.

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