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Category: politics

05/06/08 02:21 - ID#44254

She Beat John McCain in a Shot Contest

Not having any legitimate arguments as to why she should still be in the race or why her opponent is unfit to lead camp Clinton offers a new argument:

Hillary Clinton is the Only Candidate Who Can Drink John McCain Under the Table

Is this the funniest moment of the campaign, or the saddest?
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Category: politics

05/06/08 12:19 - ID#44253

Stop Interviewing Stupid People, Please.

Why do they do it?

With this extended primary season I have spent many a Tuesday listening to the radio while at work. It is still way too early in the day for the news to be able to report anything, but they do anyway. They talk to someone from each candidate's office, they chat with someone from the state's election committee, and then they interview the most uninteresting people on the planet.

This is the person who says something like "I am voting for Barack Obama because it is time we had an African American president." or "Hillary Clinton. I think a woman president is overdue." or "I don't know who to vote for, I am torn."

1) Yes, getting a black man in office will be revolutionary. Any black man. As long as they are black.

2) Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Mars is the god of war, and so a woman will get us out of Iraq.

3) You aren't sure yet? You do know this primary has been running for over half a year, right? Were you in a coma or something and just woke up?

But these are the people who invariable get interviewed for their 'man at the poll' sound clip. Why do they feel the need to do this. When there is a story about pork contamination they don't ask random people for their opinions on hot dogs.

ugh, can this election be over now?
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Category: politics

04/22/08 12:17 - ID#44094

Has Hillary Clinton Gone Bat Shit Insane


"I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran," Clinton said. "In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them."

That is from a Good Morning America interview set to air this morning.

I hope that was just taken out of context, because that is absolutely insane. Like, i am scared she is even a senator, insane. Back up our ally Israel if they are attacked, fine. I am going to attack you when I am president, padded room insane.

I really hope in context she meant the former.
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Category: politics

04/21/08 04:46 - ID#44085



Six weeks since the last contest in this drawn out primary. They were hitting us every week, sometimes twice there for a while. But then we have this long, long break and the suspense has been killing me.

The contest will be crazylicious. Absolutely crazy. Six weeks ago polls had HRC up by over 20 points. But that lead has been eroding steadily. Most polls have her up around 8 points and some within the margin of error. Now, I am ridiculously optimistic at times but I am not expecting an Obama win at all. I will be shocked if he loses by under ten. For one, the polls themselves are pretty dubious. Polling firms with the best track records are very mixed, most floating around ten and twelve.

What is significant about all this pre-game stuff is how ineffective HRC's strategy has been. Polls overwhelmingly show no effect to the faux-fiasco with the 'bitter' remark, or Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers, who apparently is a big evil nasty or something. The news outlets talk about the hits he is talking for this. The polls shift by a whopping 1%, and not always in her favor. In short, the kitchen sink assault of last month really was the last of her ammunition.

Well, the primary is tomorrow. I plan on spending it glued to the nets.
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Category: politics

03/23/08 09:47 - ID#43772

Raining McCain




What happens when you combine music that is equal parts drunken karaoke and Mrs.Miller and imagery sampled heavily from Rene Magritte?

Well, you suddenly think Megadeath is due for a comeback.

I am sure you recall the Obama girl, and the forgotten Giuliani girl. Well, make way for the McCain "girls".

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Category: politics

03/21/08 03:37 - ID#43748

The Other 2008 election.

Have you heard? It is virtually impossible for Clinton to get the nomination? Reports of Clinton's Demise are Greatly Underexaggerated.

But let me talk about a few of my favorite candidates for Senate seats in other states.

First, Scott Kleeb. He is running for Chuck Hagel's empty seat. I will miss Chuck. He was GOP, but he is in a small club of prominent Republicans I respect. I know virtually nothing about Kleeb, other than he ran for Congress in a blood red district and damn near won. One thing I am positive about is that he is abso-freakin-lutely adorable.


it may be 20 degrees out, but things are getting steamy in here.

Next, let's go to Oregon. Gordon Smith is up for reelection. A Republican in a blue state with a strong independent streak. Gordy seems like he would be more at home in a more traditionally red state, but this is a wacky election. Environmental Activist and Lawyer Steve Novick is running for the Democratic nomination. Here he is holding a picture of Gordon.

Yes, that is a hook hand. Novick was born with a few physical impairments and has a very compelling story. Unlike Bob Dole, he does not hide his physical impairments, in fact, he flaunts it. His campaign slogan is "The Candidate With a Strong Left Hook".

Want to support him? Well go to his site and order a bottle of 'Left Hook Lager'. Buying beer to support a candidate seems to quintessentially Oregonian.

Think I am kidding?


Buy a bottle and support him.
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Category: politics

03/13/08 01:39 - ID#43651

Blind is Not the New Black

So far I like out new Governor David Patterson. Admittedly I don't have much to go on. He has been a state senator since the 1985 so he has quite a track record. However, New York politics being what they are I can't really find too much on the guy without serious digging. From reactions from senators from both parties he seems like a good guy: progressive but willing to work with members of the other party. Spitzer treated the GOP like a mole to be removed. Patterson and Senate Majority leader and soon to be Lieutenant Governor Joe Bruno have a good relationship which indicates that, for once, shit is going to get done.

The media has the same problem I do. There is info on him, but we are too lazy to get it. Good thing it isn't my job to find these things out. Too bad it is theirs. Look at a picture of the man and what jumps out at you

1) he has a beard
2) he is black.

I put it in that order because I mourn the loss of political facial hair.
Q: Who was the last president elected who had facial hair?

A: Howard Taft. And that was with a measly mustache. The last president with a full beard was Ben Harrison. That is over 100 years since the office of the presidency .

Q:: Who was the last Governor of New York to have a beard?

A: Governor Hughes. Left office in 1910.

sad, sad state of the Executive beard.

But, despite the fact I firmly believe facial hair is essential to running a state or nation, the media has only really picked up on his blackness.

Yup, we are about to have the first black governor in New York history and the third in US history. Could have told you he was black looking at his photo. Thanks for taking the work out of that one.

More remarkable, I think, is that he is legally blind. He memorizes all of his speeches. His aids brief him via voice mail. He will be the first blind governor in US history. That I think is even more remarkable, especially since race is a political issue so diluted it can be lampooned by the Clinton campaign. Ability has not really been an issue in politics. FDR's polio was largely not discussed. A wheel-chair bound Roosevelt must have been a contrast to the barrel chested war hero adventurer Teddy Roosevelt.

But so far, I have heard very few media outlets mention his blindness and his remarkable adaptation to it. Perhaps ability is still a taboo subject. Much like how GOP opposition to Senator Tim Johnson has largely been mute since he suffered a debilitating stroke which he has been recovering from.

Well, media. Get on that please.
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Category: politics

03/11/08 02:30 - ID#43622

I am an idiot!

I can't believe I forgot this!

Remember Elliot Spitzer's campaign slogan?

"Bring some passion back to Albany"

Comedy gold.
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Category: politics

02/25/08 01:05 - ID#43455

Clinton is a bitch

I have been avoiding the b-word for a while now. But now that the Clinton campaign is swirling in the bottom of the bowl and her claws are out, it seems like the only word.

Listen to this bit from the weekend.

Nice, she complains about him not paying attention to specifics (he does) and then fails to attack him on specifics but rather go into a tantrum and just call him names.

Now today we have this


Mike Drudge reports that the Clinton campaign has been circulating this photo of Obama on a diplomatic trip to Somalia in 2006. He is trying on the traditional Somali garb, something senators do on diplomatic trips.

Come on.
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Category: politics

02/24/08 12:02 - ID#43446

Jesus Ralph, Put a Sock In It

Guess who is running for president!

That is right! George Bush's chief enabler Ralph fucking Nader! Ralph will be irrelevant this election as an Independent. Oh the hubris! The arrogance! God damn it man, just lay off.

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