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Category: gym

05/11/08 12:38 - 64ºF - ID#44305

Allentown Athletix: Final Blood!


I just heard back from Allentown Athletix owner Bill Maher. Everything is a go! So cats and kittens, go on down there and sign up and start lifting weights, jogging on a treadmill, or rolling around with strange men on the floor in ju jitsu class. Your membership begins the day you sign up. So, if you sign up today your membership will expire a year from today, not on May 1st 2009.

Also, if anyone wants to do one of the classes as a group you can use this space to arrange it. Here is the scheduale:

5:30PM - Belly Dance
6:30PM Abs
7:00PM Ju Jitsu

5:30PM Pilates

6:00PM Abs
7:00PM Ju Jitsu

12:15PM Pilates
5:45PM Yoga
7:00PM Ju Jitsu

7:30PM Belly Dance

9:00AM Bootcamp (additional fee)
10:00AM Tai Chi (additional fee)

See everyone there
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05/08/08 10:39 - 49ºF - ID#44272


(e:Jim) is awesome. Freakin' awesome.

When I was a little boy there was someone very special in my life. I looked up to him and he greatly influenced me, shaping my into the person I am today. Well coiffed hair, a velvet jacket, jewels on his fingers, and a martini in his hands. Yes, I am talking about Scott Thompson's character Buddy Cole.

Well, (e:Jim) is super awesome. He took me to see the Kids in the Hall live at the Niagara Schmaltz Palace and Casino. They were fantastic! Most of the material was new and just as good as it was in their halcyon days.

Thank you very much Jim.
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05/07/08 09:14 - 54ºF - ID#44267

Hungover already?

Last weekend I was in Premier and exclaimed "Oh my god! Swiss wine? That has to be terrible!" and picked up a bottle. A pinot noir with a label that looks like a Marsden Hartley treatment of the Swiss flag.

Well, it was terrible. It tasted like jammy prison hooch. So much so I was picking phantom raspberry seeds from my teeth and a drug offenders penis from places lower. An hour after my single glass I am hungover.

Take it away Kids!

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05/07/08 09:24 - 61ºF - ID#44261

Good News, Better News.


This isn't about politics for the most part. It is about my next favorite topic, me. So last night, my man did better than all of the polls predicted except one, and that polling place has a horrible track record. But then, I was reading this morning and I took a look at my bookmark. It is a letter from the bank with my student loans. As it turns out, I owe about 20,000 less than I thought. Which means my monthly payments are about half what I thought they would be.

I am so happy this morning.


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Category: politics

05/06/08 02:21 - 62ºF - ID#44254

She Beat John McCain in a Shot Contest

Not having any legitimate arguments as to why she should still be in the race or why her opponent is unfit to lead camp Clinton offers a new argument:

Hillary Clinton is the Only Candidate Who Can Drink John McCain Under the Table

Is this the funniest moment of the campaign, or the saddest?
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Category: politics

05/06/08 12:19 - 59ºF - ID#44253

Stop Interviewing Stupid People, Please.

Why do they do it?

With this extended primary season I have spent many a Tuesday listening to the radio while at work. It is still way too early in the day for the news to be able to report anything, but they do anyway. They talk to someone from each candidate's office, they chat with someone from the state's election committee, and then they interview the most uninteresting people on the planet.

This is the person who says something like "I am voting for Barack Obama because it is time we had an African American president." or "Hillary Clinton. I think a woman president is overdue." or "I don't know who to vote for, I am torn."

1) Yes, getting a black man in office will be revolutionary. Any black man. As long as they are black.

2) Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Mars is the god of war, and so a woman will get us out of Iraq.

3) You aren't sure yet? You do know this primary has been running for over half a year, right? Were you in a coma or something and just woke up?

But these are the people who invariable get interviewed for their 'man at the poll' sound clip. Why do they feel the need to do this. When there is a story about pork contamination they don't ask random people for their opinions on hot dogs.

ugh, can this election be over now?
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Category: gym

04/29/08 02:37 - 47ºF - ID#44185

Allentown Athletix: Part the Fifth


The final figures are in. First, Bill and Pete at Allentown Athletix are both a pleasure to work with. If they google AA and find this journal, thank you guys, you kick several flavors of ass.

It will work to $299 in one payment or $50 for six months. That is still a $170 savings. Again, it is preferred that a payment in full is made.

So, you may sign your souls over to me via this final head count. This is starting to feel like an elementary school field trip with all this counting.

Terry (I am going to assume yes because Paul is in)
Steve! (Thanks for joining us)
Mike (?)

So, confirm and we can get started.

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Category: mom

04/29/08 10:46 - 40ºF - ID#44182

My mom

My mom works a crazy job. I have no idea what it is. She has been working there since the mid 70's and although she has no college degree her peers have PhD's in computer science. So, they put a lot of demands on her including frequent international conference calls.

Today she called me in the middle of both our busy work days to be reassured, once again, that Hillary Clinton wont be the nominee. This is about the seventh time she has called in a panic. I did the right thing. I sat her down, told her to breath, and had her look at CNN's election page. We looked at the delegate counter together. With their delegate calculator I showed her that even if she wins the remaining states she is still behind.

It was a forty minute conversation, interrupted occasionally because she was on a conference call with people in Atlanta, Sacramento, and India and needed to check in on them.

But, at the end she felt much better and was breathing normally.

I love her.
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04/26/08 01:38 - 76ºF - ID#44154

Allentown Athletix: Part the Fourth


This is awesome. This afternoon I met with Pete, Allentown Atheltix's representative. He gave us what I think is a really sweet deal.

Normal fees for a year long membership payed in full are
$449 plus a $20 activation fee: $469.

A group of seven people (the original figure I gave him)
$299, no activation fee.

So we save $170.

That includes their fitness classes:
Abs, Ju Jitsu, Pilates, Yoga, Belly Dancing and QUEEN CITY ROLLER GIRL EXPERIENCE WITH MIA MAULER. How awesome is that?

The would like a single payment for membership. We have not determined when this would start yet, that is depending on when we are all ready to go. I would like to do this by June 1st though.

If a single payment cannot be made you would pay $50 every month of six months. If you chose this and miss a payment or stop the rest of the group picks up your tab. Which would make us all very angry. So, I too would prefer a single payment for as many people as possible.

Next year, when we are due to renew, chances are we can get the same rate provided rates in general do not increase, which they do every two years. Last time they went up by $20 a year.

Finally, he was expecting a list of 7 people. When I gave him a list of 12 people he was a little surprised. So, our rates may go down a little more.

So, I will wait until next weekend. When they contact me regarding the final rate and ask for a show of hands again. So rest those hands up kidos.


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Category: gym

04/25/08 03:58 - 71ºF - ID#44140

Allentown Athletix: Part the Third

Aloha children,

I have a meeting with Bill Mahr from Allentown Althetix tomorrow. We will be going over our options, so I will have ideas about costs and stipulations and what not. So I will fill you folks in on the details tomorrow sometime.

He wants a list of names of people interested. They don't do high pressure sales like Buffalo Athletic Club so he wouldn't use any info to leave voice messages begging you to take a tour.

Here are my beloved (e:peeps) so far:

Libertad's mystery friend

if you are not on this list, your coolness is slightly diminished.


  • edit* You are all still members of the cool kids club. Each and everyone of you whether your name is on this list of not.

I love you all.
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