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03/30/04 11:39 - ID#30840

Elmwood Poems via Shawns google Poetics

So amid all of this political drama I decided to check out Shawn's google poetry machine. I think it wrote a great poem about elmwood strip. My favorite part is the last line. See below. I like to think of it as a message the computer gave me to not respond to the national political debate. Why doesn't anyone talk about local politics anyways. We should sponser a live on the net local debate.

Here is the POEM:

definitely ...


... brisket
(UK), strip

... the
Luigi revised Carlos

February 05, 2003
I definitely recommend this place!.

Flexible events, Electric At

Next Long it

'Elmwood') discard AMERICA,

P.S. I will not vote this year, I would rather die.
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03/30/04 04:51 - ID#30839

Porcelain Render

I foudn this old asian statuette in the house and ecided it was time to break out the old UZR and test it once again. It seriously took about 5 hours to make anything happen. It was alpha channel mania. Then I finally got his image and it seems worth it. You can see the model itself here Use the alt/option key with the mouse to navigate.

The iddle image is very low polygon, suitable for games and VR. The other two are high polycount but pretty.



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03/29/04 01:51 - ID#30838

What makes me Tick

This is in in response to your question that asked, "What makes us tick?"

For me it is translation, transmission and filtration of data. Data translation, transmission, and filtration consisting of anything from information on a computer transmforing a set of variables into into a visual depiction, to a text moving from one human or machine language to the next, to an idea moving from my friends brain into mine and then being passed along and filtered, to emotional cues passing from one person's body language, being filtered in my head and then processed into an English like structure for storage. Even gossip can fit into this model.

I guess it sounds as though I simply like learning, but like my disdain for one-way communicative media such as television and video, I do not like being fed information that ends without questioning and translation of the knowledge into a new structure. I liek to watch data tranform under my control or supervised manipulation. I hate being simply filled with facts. It is in the processing, translation and transformation of data that I derive most of my pleasure from.

I love mediated information exchange. Whenever I am depressed it is because I feel there is a glitch in my translation system and I cannot process or filter data either fast enough without losing significant information which could conceivably be the building block or translative tool of some more important data set I come across in the future.

I think that is why I get depressed when I am away from the internet too long. It has gotten to the point where I have mastered the data mining aspect of using the internet so I have begun to take for granted the necessity that the data exists. To me it is not so important that I learn everything on the internet but rather learn how to manipulate the data to my needs within the shortest time possible.

For that reason I am going to embrace the day when I can add memory chips and wireless communication devices right to my brain. Just thinking about it makes me tick like a geiger counter at Sheridan Park.
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03/29/04 02:16 - ID#30837

This kind of art makes me sick

This is also from CNN. I hope he suffers in hell for being such a pretentious jerk.


COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- An artist with 780 gallons of red dye, three fire hoses and a 20-member crew at his disposal went to Greenland in search of a blank canvas large enough to accommodate his creative impulse.

The result is a blood-red iceberg now sitting off the country's western coast.

"We all have a need to decorate Mother Nature because it belongs to all us," Danish artist Marco Evaristti said Thursday. "This is my iceberg; it belongs to me."

His sickness was also displayed earlier when "Evaristti, who was born in Chile, drew widespread attention -- and disdain -- when he displayed 10 working blenders filled with goldfish in a Danish gallery in 2000.

He invited guests to turn the devices on and someone did, grinding up a pair of goldfish.

The gallery director was tried on charges of animal cruelty, but acquitted."


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Category: hiking

03/29/04 02:03 - ID#30836

Hiking, Eating, and Fruit Baskets, Rice

We spent the daytime hiking at Zoar Valley followed by Matthew's postponed Birthday meal at Red Lobster. It was very delicious, I had not been there in a long time.

While at Zoar we ended up running into Dave and Pat from Pat and Terry. I was nice to hang out outside but it was kind of weird to not be able to cross the creek. There were a million screaming children and dogs. Both of which are not my fgavorite thing to add to a relaxing day outside.

After Red Lobster, Holly, Terry, Matthew, and I watched Fruits basket some more. It got really weird. I suggest the series to anyone that likes anime. The name is "Fruits Basket." It is quite excellent and I do not even like the video medium.

I am working on the image system tomorrow. I will be reorganizing and renaming images to adhere to the new date sorted system. If for some reason the images are unavaiable for a little bit you know why, but I do not expect any serious delay. Any sketch art will remain as it already aheres to the new system.

Speaking of Fruits Baskets and Rice Balls, condoleeza seriously looks like a bitch here and no matter how much I hate her, I have to say this image seems slightly slanted. It is from CNN.


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03/27/04 03:16 - ID#30835

Avatar Dreams

I also had another weird dream about the temp:real class. I went to go meet them at school and someon eotld me to leave the CFA and head over to the gym to find Jesse and the others so I went there. Some girl working there said they were in the showers, which I though was really weird but decided to head over. I heard people talking and showering but it sounded really digital. While in the lockeroom I saw Jesse who had transformed into his avatar. He told me it was all done with a simple PERL script and it really only took him an hour to make. Unfrotunately, it required that the people were really clean as to not mess up the code.

So I went to take a shower and chosen few was the only person still there and I saw him morph from himself into his crazy avatar while showering. He just kept saying that Jesse was going to be a millionaire.

Then I headed out into the gym as my avatar and we played dodge ball with outside scripting on.
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03/27/04 03:15 - ID#30834


I realize the current colors are drab versions of spring colors. However, the spring itself is a more drab version of spring than it should be. The orange color represents the mass amount of nasty scum that has collected on the streets after the snow melted.
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03/27/04 04:04 - ID#30833

Another Pleasant Evening

Tonight Soyeon and Robin came over. We were supposed to go to the Pink, but I didn't feel like driving anywhere after drinking.

Soyeon and I got to talk about web design a lot. It's great to meet someone else interested in what I do. I can see some future collaboration developing.

Robin and Matt started talking about sex. Right now the topic is sphincter's so you can just imagine what is going on!

Live Blog:
Nipple size
Penis Size

Robin's jealous of our prostate. I think that's so funny. She is saying its unfair.
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03/26/04 10:33 - ID#30832

Rock the Local Vote

I think we should start our own local rock the vote in buffalo. If we got enough people together we could really make a difference.

Local Politics is where we can make the biggest change. Lets at least get some green party candidate in to some office. Also, does naybody know who the Black man is that is runnign for School Board and spoke at the Peace Rally? I was really impressed with his stance against ROTC funding in high schools.
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03/27/04 02:10 - ID#30831

No borders

<style type="text/css">
img {border:0px;

<a href="blank.html" onFocus="if(this.blur)this.blur();"><img src="sidf.jpg" border="0"></a>

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