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Category: party

03/30/13 11:31 - ID#57445

Friday Night, Party Night

We started the night rescuing (e:mike) who was at a retirement party in Kenmore and ended it at a party with (e:xandra). I would like to say it was memorable but no one remembers anything.



UPDATE: I do remember one hilarious part of the night. My favorite european sales guy was at the party talking to us and at the same time there was another guy who was attempting a 1.5 minute keg stand next to him - they were calling that guy James Frank for some reason. It wasn't his name. All of a sudden the sales guy yells out, you know who I really hate, that one author - she is such a conceited bitch - its all about her, what's her name - Anne Frank? Seriously, he really said it out loud. He is german I think and has a heavy accent to make it extra ridiculous. Everyone looked at him like he was psycho and then looking at each other and then back at him. All of a sudden some other girl agrees and I think, these are the weirdest people I ever met but he kept going on and on about her. Turns out, after a little digging that he was trying to talk about Ayn Rand, and the other girl thought that was who he was talking about but somehow all the yelling of James Frank get it confused in his head and so he was calling her Anne Frank.
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Category: party

01/01/09 11:47 - ID#47238

The new year's eve party

Thanks to everyone who showed up, it was a pretty crazy party - I thought - one of the best ones ever. I didn't end till the sun was up. I think there is an entire days worth of cleaning. It's also (e:hodown)'s first and last day in town. Let's see if I make it past 7pm.
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09/07/08 10:56 - ID#45598

Crazy Evening with the e:imk2ster

I can't believe I forgot to take any pictures last night ;( So much happend.

We went to go see tropic thunder with (e:imk2), (e:limsay), (e:tinypliny), (e:mrmike), keith, and (e:imk2)'s friend julia. We missed you (e:metalpeter). Ben Stiller has a perfect body I think. I wish mine looked more like his, maybe someday. I thought it was slapstick funny but otherwise it got kind of boring at parts. Make sure you bring people who are not sensitive.

Afterwards, we came to our house where we waited for (e:jim) and (e:james) along with (e:matthew)'s ex-boyfriend from high school who is moving to Paris. (E:tinypliny) and I talked food for a long while and I gave her some of the tomatoes from the garden.

Then we went to go meet robert and another james, their neighbors (Philis start a journal and her husband) at fugazi where some older gentlemen from florida molested me at the bar and tried to get me to go "to their hotel" with them or at least "their car", lol. That didn't happen but it was nice to have people be excited about trying to get with me.

Then for the first time in like 10 years I went to a party at someone else's house. A friend of (e:flacidness) was having a birthday party and they did not have animals. It was so crazy to be at someone else's house. (e:imk2) and I showed up at like 2am to meet everyone else.

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Category: party

06/29/08 05:47 - ID#44821

Dave's Daughters Party

Saturday, after the photoshooot we went to Dave Daughter Errin's graduation and birthday party. Conratulations Errin. It was one of thsoe surpise parties where she really had no idea and we all jumped out to surprise her at her house. Her girlfriend had taken her to the aquarium for the day.

The party was lesbiantastic, accept that (e:fellyconnelly) and (e:lauren) were missing. Seriously, maybe you guys should all meet. Anyhow, I got this great pic of (e:Terry) and Dave oggling one of the cutest lesbians I ever saw.

I wish I had gotten her picture.

Pat and Terri, our hiking buddies, were there as well. I can't get over how much Terri looks like (e:iriesara) - I think they must be related. The other half of the picture is (e:matthew) but he made me cut it out because he looked crazy.

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06/15/08 10:50 - ID#44654

Weekend With e:imk2 and Allentown

First of all, this is so damn funny:

Well, this was the type of weekend that memories and not pictures can contain. On Friday night at around 8PM (e:imk2) calls to see what I am doing. I say whatever she is doing - 3 hours later she comes over.

In the mean time my friend Chris from San Francisco unexpectedly came to visit. This all spelled crazy evening.

A little while later (e:imk2)'s ex boyfriend Greg came over, followed by his current roommate who he met on Craig's List. He had looked at the house on Linwood and said it was not so great, shame as its only $140,000 which is redic considering th elocation and that the house across the street is going for $650,000.

If anyone is looking for a cheaper Linwood property
that convert into some cool check it out. Here is the virtual tour of the ipreoprty:

Unfortunately, it is really cut up weird but what do you expect for $140,000 on that block. image

So we spent most of the evening touring the different rooms of the 24. Its fun to just move around from room to room as they are different enough to feel like you went some where.

Unfortunately, (e:matthew) was feeling sick and just kind of slept through the whole evening.

At dawn, all of us went up on the roof to watch the sun come up on a cloudy day, lol. After that point it was time for bed time for me. I think everyone else kept drinking beer. I think Chris went to bed in the green room shortly after.

(e:imk2) and (e:terry) stayed up the entire night and went out to breakfast, etc. (e:Terry) looked like a freakin' zombie. Contrary to popular belief we are not the stay up all night partying types anymore.

So then (e:terry) went to bed at like 10:30am for the rest of the day and I got up at the same time. (e:imk2) continued on through the rest of the day:

First we watched the new South Park movie. Then we played on my laptop and surfed the internet from the porch until we decided it was time to go visit the Allentown Food Festival. I ate Italian sausage, a lobster and red pepper sandwich, some kettle corn and a taste of fried dough, yum. At least for me that is what it was. I mean I like Art and all but I am much more the type of person to buy supplies to make stuff or to by vintage stuff than new art. I did, however, really like the decorative eggs stand.

This is sadly these are only picture I have of the wild weekend.

This bitch in the white dress with black hair and pink side chunk of hair n the front was busy explaining to her oh so attractive friend how it is so sad that not one single attractive person lives in buffalo and that is the problem with it. I kept hoping she would fall and smash her face. Maybe it was just the lack of good sleep but she was annoying me a lot. I bet she never thought anyone even heard her.


That is (e:imk2)'s shoulder there in the white dress in the foreground and the only proof I have that we hung out this weekend.
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Category: party

02/17/08 12:16 - ID#43368

The Dinner Party Last Night

Was pretty freakin crazy. We set up a mini theatre in our dining room and watched nature videos (Planet Earth with David Attenboro in bluray) and then played wii followed by playstation games. I actually got into Heavenly Sword for once. The graphics are great but I am not usually into the killing games.

There was also a dance party and a lot of kitchen craziness. I have enough inappropriate pics of (e:lilho) to start my very own drunken girl site, lol.

It was nice to see everyone. (e:lilho), (e:terry), (e:matthew), (e:mike), (e:jim), (e:james), (e:jason), (e:joshua), (e:vincent), (e:incrutiable), (e:carolinian), (e:flacidness), (e:enknot), (e:zobar), (e:dragonlady7), (e:lauren), (e:fellyconnelly), (e:tina)

I don't have any appropriate pictures. Did anyone take pictures?
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10/28/07 07:39 - ID#41849

The party last night

The party last night was pretty crazy. Especially, towards the end of the evening. I hope everyone had a good time - it seemed like it. I didn't take any pictures because I couldn't find my camera. Sorry, if I missed anything.

Some wholesome highlights:
(e:matthew)'s fantastic halloween decor

(e:jim)'s home roasted pumkin seeds

the great costumes, thanks everyone

(e:mike)'s wig

Some otherly highlights:

(e:zobar) and (e:dragonlady7)'s awesome punch drink

(e:fellyconnelly) and (e:lauren)'s jello shots

the (e:imk2) show

(e:dragonlady7)'s shelf - (e:zobar) you are a lucky man

the (e:mike), (e:jill) and Nameless Bitch unicorn hunt

(e:mike) humping Nameless Bitch's face after he caught her

(e:jill) tackling Nameless Bitch and throwing her to the ground

a mechanic who had full body suit button control issues

when (e:tinypliny) exclaimed, "like the fishy smell of chlamydia" - I missed the context of the conversation

a hot zombie with his pants unzipped getting spanked for wanting to eat brains

geoffrey snorting baking soda off the rug that I put down to stop a stain from the drink he spilled on the rug in his drunken state

not realizing that there was any sort of context for (e:carolinian)'s dick in a box costume

You can tell people are still recovering by the party/post party web stats for the site.

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Category: party

10/27/07 11:30 - ID#41834

Party Tonight at 24 Linwood

Hope to see everyone there. Party starts at 8:00. (e:matthew) has dressed the house up for halloween.

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10/12/07 05:28 - ID#41617

Southernyankee and Lilho's Visit

Last night when I got home from work everyone was already drunk and then they got drunker. I had a bit to drink myself but not enough to be really drunk because I wanted to get stuff done today.


We played dress up with (e:lilho)'s clothes




This is still when it was only half crazy. I have been forbidden from posting any additional information.

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06/02/07 09:10 - ID#39506

The lilho going away party

Before the party

This bird was so dead.

What the heck are all these iDVR stickers and signs everywhere. I like the idea of giving out temporary tattoos but was it seems like they all just end up on the floor group, I found hundreds of them downtown.



(e:enknot) at the (e:lilho) hair studio

where (e:imk2) got extensions that looked so real


I know this is so not right, but I am totally sick of these peaceprint birds everywhere. It just sees like such a stupid slogan and I always think it is a euphemism for poop.


If the (e:ladycroft) going away party wasn't tonight I would have gone to this.

The party was pretty nuts. We ended up having 65 people according to (e:lilho) 's countdown. I would post the list but she made up funny, inappropriate names for some people.

Some highlights
Holy crap - (e:metalpeter) looks so different without a beard.

Hallways are much more visible from outside at night.

Here are some pics although I didn't get many, I do have an hour long video that I can probably never post.

Put the banner up


Chris Haight got "cake" in (e:mike)'s face somehow.

Thanks (e:carolinian) for all the mojito stuff. I have never seen so many limes in one place.

Giving robert and company a tour of the house, we could only see the unfinished side of the attic by camera flash. They had plenty of theories about the cage.


The end of the night video - such a waste of alcohol

::Download Flash Video::

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