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03/22/21 09:25 - ID#60834


I just wanted to be the first one to write something here in 2021.
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10/26/15 02:57 - ID#60299


hi, estrip. it's been a very long time. all my past entries are so sad so here is a happy update full of pictures.

i made this mask for halloween from this tutorial but it didn't really turn out how i wanted it to. i am going to try again before the party on friday.

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03/02/14 09:45 - ID#58753

bloggy de blog

i've just been wanting to disappear lately. i hate winter so much. JUST BE OVER ALREADY. forcing yourself just to go do laundry is ridiculous.
went on another interview at a law firm. thought i did really well but nope~ at least i'm getting really good at interviews. -_- after that i stopped in at spot and saw my bb robert there. we talked for awhile and then keith picked me up and we proceeded to get super drunk and listen to music. i passed out at probably 8 pm that night.
jake and i are friends again. i'm glad everyone cares about my wellbeing and emotional stability but i got dis. i was at his house when jealous girls practiced for what ended up being the last time. it was really nice seeing everyone again. it's been a long long time. RIP jelz galz.
i've gained a bunch of internet friends the last few weeks. a girl in hong kong is sending me special pocky and another in LA is gonna send me an FLCL shirt and cookies. also one of them bought me a pizza on valentines day hahaha

everyone should listen to the new st vincent album
it's freaking amazing.

i am seriously gonna cry for years if tickets sell out before i have money.
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02/20/14 10:48 - ID#58707


i've been pretty depressed lately. every single job opportunity that seems promising ends up being a bust. it's really hard to stay positive.
i also had a super bad cold yesterday but it appears to be gone already. i woke up so disgusting and sweaty so perhaps that's why.
i've been going to yoga with erica the past two mondays. it's been really nice. i want to get a yoga mat so i can start doing it at home. i also need a new sketch book since mine disappeared. i miss money.
i just want things to go right and also to eat a pulled pork sandwich. wah
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02/04/14 08:56 - ID#58643

i want to be an amphibian

that is all
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