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02/20/14 10:48 - ID#58707


i've been pretty depressed lately. every single job opportunity that seems promising ends up being a bust. it's really hard to stay positive.
i also had a super bad cold yesterday but it appears to be gone already. i woke up so disgusting and sweaty so perhaps that's why.
i've been going to yoga with erica the past two mondays. it's been really nice. i want to get a yoga mat so i can start doing it at home. i also need a new sketch book since mine disappeared. i miss money.
i just want things to go right and also to eat a pulled pork sandwich. wah
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02/04/14 08:56 - ID#58643

i want to be an amphibian

that is all
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02/02/14 11:49 - ID#58638

gettin rowdy

last night was so much fun! tk, kailin, gerald and erica. much drank, much music, much spanking. i spanked a dude to motorhead. i am definitely paying for it today with a bruised ass and a wicked hangover. deaaathh

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02/01/14 04:46 - ID#58633

white out zombie skate party

last night was super fun! we went to rainbow rink to skate and dance. i painted casey and terry's zombie makeup and when i went to get ready myself, casey decided to give paul and joe accidental black face. i skated for a little while and then went to dance which was prob the best dancing experience i've had in a while.


then we went to the after party which was pretty strange. there was a mom there, inside the bar... watching over her son or something? she was also as the skating rink. but if he got into the bar he must be 21 right? hmmmm


this girl had the most light up outfit i have ever seen and she loved me. i am lovable yes
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