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09/30/04 01:12 - ID#31277 pmobl

Experimental Radio Lecture

This may be interesting to a few of you. I will be going if anyone else wants to go with me.

The Walter Klingenbeck Lecture

by Prof. Ralf Homann (Founder, Experimental Radio Program at Bauhaus University, Weimar)

where: Room 235 Department of Media Study, SUNY at Buffalo

when: OCTOBER 19, Tuesday 3:30pm - 4:50pm

The Bauhaus in Weimar is the first university in Germany that founded a Faculty of Media. A chair for Experimental Radio was established in 1999 and is the only one in Germany teaching radio in the context of the fine arts. This artistic practice is understood as an open field which supports interdisciplinary approaches, in the range from aesthetic operations, new technological developments and political activism.

Walter Klingenbeck was a 17 year old (Catholic) boy who founded an illegal radio station called 'Radio Rotterdam' in Munich during WWII. This radio station did never broadcast, but it did create a resistance group. Klingenbeck was discovered by the Gestapo and killed.

This event is the beginning of a lecture organized by the Institute of Distributed Creativity at the Department of Media Study in collaboration with Eyebeam (NYC) and The Thing (NYC).
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09/30/04 03:11 - ID#31276

Completeing the circle

I was looking at the incomming link from the western ny msuic board on the site and noticed this forum about Pano's demolatition plans where Dan posted a link to (e:metalpeter) 's journal. I had to post it to complete the circle. I mean that is what the web is about.
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Category: design

09/29/04 11:52 - ID#31275


I made a little interactive environment (~5MB) using the shockwave exporter on maya. There is an avatar of me in the world. When you find it, it hides twice. After the last time, it speaks and becomes a link to my journal.

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09/29/04 04:06 - ID#31274

Total Words

Now that i have reorganzied the way that the toal number of words per user is calculated, I can make quick calculations for the site. So on the home page (e:info) you can now find total words for the site listed in the site statistics. We are almost at 1,000,000 words written - 940,728 to be exact. I guess these words will get added to that. We should definately have a 1,000,000 words party. I remember when we celebrated 1,000,000 letters!
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09/29/04 11:59 - ID#31273

Morning Banter and Radio Issues

Would anyone like to host a radio show? You could send us the show on CD or we could arrange to host it live. Just IM me "paulsidekick" if you are interested.

Is there anyone who would like to be sending pictures from their phone-cam to their journals but doesn't know how. If so, feel free to IM me about that to.

So I have about 10 site projects going on and I can't decide whch ones to focus on anymore. I would tell you all about them but then I would have to kill all of you as they are top secret, hahaha.

Today my students are going to end up putting their 3D models into some web interactive format. I wish Canisius would buy at least one adequate PC for school because so many things are not possible on a mac. Not that macs are that bad, and it is getting better all the time, but one functional PC with a decent graphics card is not asking to much.

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09/28/04 07:31 - ID#31272

Basic CSS


<style type="text/css">


<p class="green">Here i am</p>
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09/28/04 02:45 - ID#31271 pmobl


Thank bob for kimgod. I purposely mixed that up. I love kimbob, even the cheap cafteria stuff. Who would have thought that ham and sushi could be one. I actually makes me question bacon wrapped sushi? Now that would be a fusion kitchen extravaganza.

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09/28/04 02:27 - ID#31270 pmobl


This will be the last time I talk about the tos. Mike, I was not censoring his childish comments. I have never censored anything accept for one incedent where a woman from florida signed up for an account and started posting hardcore lesbian porn and sending hate mail to people.

With ed's comments, I was enforcing the tos which said that peeps could not use the services without agreeing to the tos. The chat is included as an eservice. I left the second one that he posted before I had time to change the code to not accept chatter from non tos-accepting peeps, because I figured someone would accuse me of censoring it. I am still very angry that he never contacted me or even asked about it.

This topic is irritating me beyond belief. If you want to ditch out and have donation back because your vision of the site has been crushed than fine, just ask. If you and ed want to go back to participating and being invloved in the community I think that would be great too.

Either way, I am 100% no longer interested in the issue and I don't have time for it anymore. While you all just come here to write and play, I also work here. I put in about 8 hours a day helping new people, working on code, dealing with the server admin, etc. I would like to go back to spending my time on devlopment for the many appreciative epeeps instead of wasting time time on one angry epeep and his sidekick. I will no longer be writing about the tos unless there are updates.
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09/28/04 02:31 - ID#31268

PHP PErl Rosetta Stone

For those of you working in PHP or Perl and wanting to try out the other, I found this handy dandy rosetta stone. It got me started so that I could write an aim bot following (e:ajay) 's footsteps.

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09/27/04 06:46 - ID#31267

Ajay the Computer Oracle

I went with (e:matthew) to go meet (e:ajay) at Caffe Aroma (MAP TO: 957%20ELMWOOD%20AVE) in order to borrow a GPS for my GIS lesson with (e:rachel) tonight. It was the most exciting meeting of my computer lifetime. (e:ajay) , you are a computer super genius, I am sure I have so much to learn from you.
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