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Category: transportation

10/26/12 04:03 - ID#56856

Country riding, city lifestyle

We ran out of space and had to throw (e:terry) in the truck bed.

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Category: transportation

09/19/11 05:31 - ID#55169

Old Cars

Sometimes I wish I lived in a era when America had giant metal cars that guzzled gas at $0.75/ gallon and that I didn't know there was anything wrong with that.

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Category: transportation

07/01/11 05:39 - ID#54616

I have a bicycle at last

Now that the summer is mostly over, I have a bicycle. I went to the store determined to buy it today. No drawn out 15 days of research to save $50 bullshit. I used to be one of those people that would obsess for weeks on decisions which was such a time waste. Along the same line, I was not going to buy one online, wait forever and then have a box till August when I decided to put it together. Or worse yet put it together and hate it.

I got the bike at Ricks on Allen because I also didn't want to drive to the suburbs on such a nice day. I l know the price is prob a bit hifher but it seemed antithetical to acquiring a bike and honestly they weren't that much above anywhere else when I checked from my phone at the store.

The first one I thought I wanted was a Raleigh route 4.0 19" gold colored bike. It was freakin gold colored and so cute but it was like twice as long as the Raleigh venture 4. The route 4 seemed easier to joy ride for long distance but the venture 4 seemed way better for bumps and stop/start and this is buffalo. Full of stop and go driving and pot holes.

Testing a bike is way worse than test driving a car. With a car terrain is all kinds of similar with a bike it really matters.

In the end I picked the venture 4.0 because you can just run over a curb like nothing and I wanted a bike that will just run over anything and had beefy tires. It also has one of those comfortable prostate sparing, fat seats with the dimple.




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Category: transportation

02/13/11 12:37 - ID#53603

Hummer bikes

There are Hummer bikes at the bike store on Allen. I can't decide if I hate it or if I want one because its so ironic.

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Category: transportation

06/16/06 12:33 - ID#32664

Please Buy This Segway

I saw someone riding a segway down elmwood tonight and remembered I wanted one. So I looked on ebay and they are cheap now.

Segway on Ebay -


It's only $800 on ebay. If I wasn't buying a house, two blocks from my work I would buy it. I want to play on it so bad.

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Category: transportation

11/23/05 01:42 - ID#32360

Buffalo Transportation

(e:lilho), who is missing all of her ID,etc and probably won't even be able to board the plane called to ask for a ride to the airport at 4am - the morning of thanksgiving. I would give her one but we don't have a car since (e:terry) had the accident yesterday which he hasn't mentioned yet. I will leave the details up to him but it's fair to say we a minus one tire but have one complete (e:terry) who now has to take the bus to work out in cheektowaga.

(e:terry) is lucky that there is a bus because otherwise he would be really stuck with his work being so fara way. (e:lilho) on the other hand is not so lucky. I cannot believe there is no public transportation to the airport during all flight hours. The first bus goes at 6:18am which is late. When I tried to plan the trip using the NFTA public transport planner it gave me the following response. I think it meant the not only the trip to the airport but the broader trip to NYC.

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Category: transportation

11/05/05 12:10 - ID#32328

My dream Automobile

So I have been thinking a lot about how I don't need 3,000 lbs of steel to propel my less than 200 body to work only about 10 blocks away. It's actually totally ridiculous seeing as I could get there on way less energy. I want an elecrtic mini car contraption thing. Toyota is coming out with these i-unit mobile things. I want to build one. I think it may turn into a hobby.


Here is a review

Here is a review on gizmodo

and one on greencarcongress

This one hold two people

Or this for a more vanilla look

These ones have a dealer in toronto and a video

Enviromotive Inc.
Mr. Monty Gisborne
9 Codeco Court
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M3A 1A1
Phone: (416) 432-7067


I could drive to work in a peapod

They have a company that actually sells mini electric vehicles in India called the reva, but how do I get one here?

WHy are some companies crunching them up?


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