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Category: politics

07/26/11 12:48 - ID#54788

Mark Grisanti

I kind of feel bad for him. The anti gays are really hating on him now for representing his district. I find it so ironic that the Christian right winger want to see a referendum on this. This isn't California. How is anyone imposing gay marriage in anyone else?

I still wish they hadn't approved gay marriage but had rather cancelled marriage altogether and left marriage as something non governmental that you can choose to do on your own or with your church.




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Category: politics

08/27/10 02:50 - ID#52581

I'd vote for Sam Hoyt

But unfortunately its not my district. We have no choice really because I'm sure Antoine will win again the primary and I refuse to affiliate with the party so I can't vote. It so weird that the primary becomes the actual election.

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Category: politics

01/20/09 11:56 - ID#47471

Obama, the rainbow riding unicorn?

I like Obama, although, the way he speaks annoys the crap out of me. The thing I don't get is how so many people are praising him as a miracle maker when he really hasn't done anything yet other than to be voted in. Isn't it jumping the gun a bit.

I am not saying he won't possibly be the most amazing president ever, I am just saying its a little early for so many people to be praising him like he is jesus or a unicorn riding on a rainbow.

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Category: politics

11/25/08 06:21 - ID#46834

Thanks Chuck Schumer

Dear Mr. Visco:

Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts about America's financial crisis. I agree with you that giving the Secretary of the Treasury authority over a $700 billion dollar fund to stabilize the financial system, without any checks on his authority, or oversight of his actions, would have been a grave mistake. However, the severity of this economic crisis forced the Congress to act in order to save Main Street from further financial pain. If we had not acted when we did, small businesses trying to fill orders and meet payroll, students looking to pay for college, consumers looking to buy cars and so many others would have faced even greater economic hardships, which would have been disastrous for household wealth and jobs in our country.

That is why I made the difficult decision to support the administration's rescue plan after insisting on changes to the program to ensure that taxpayers will share in the rewards of recovery, that executives of these mismanaged financial institutions would not be enriched with taxpayer money, and that there would be effective oversight of the program. When the economy recovers, taxpayers should be able to recoup most, or all, of this money because the federal government will earn a return from any investments it makes in banks needing assistance. To hold the banks' executives accountable, the bill requires that all companies that benefit from government assistance limit how much they pay their top employees and, in many cases, eliminate golden parachutes entirely. And to guarantee effective oversight of the rescue program, major oversight mechanisms were written into the legislation, including the creation of a new Inspector General and Congressional oversight panel.

Finally, we forced the Administration to add protections for homeowners into the bill that address the eye of the financial storm - the foreclosure crisis. Of course, this is only one part of a comprehensive solution needed to get our economy back on the right track. Congress stands ready to deliver a broad-based economic stimulus package to invest in Main Street, create new high-paying jobs, and keep the engine of our economy going.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me again if I can be of further assistance on this, or any other matter.


Charles E. Schumer
United States Senator

Please do not respond to this email. To send another message please visit my website at . Thank you.
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Category: politics

10/13/08 04:18 - ID#46096

Conservatives in Leather

So after the Scion show (Communist Party) (e:terry) and I came home and tried to go to Ohm but it was shut down so we decided to sprint on down to underground and see if anyone we knew was out.

When we were there we hung out with our friend Christoph and some older guy in jeans and leather v-neck open furry chest teeshirt came over to talk to us. He said and I quote:

We better vote for McCain beacuse if we don't its gonna be the beginning of the Niggers and Spics ruling the streets.

I am not even sure what his reasoning was or if it was just that Obama is black, and what do the "spics" have to do with it? I wish I had paid more attention so I could have gotten some better quotes but I was too drunk and didn't want to get into a fight.

I mean think about it. There we were in the gayest of all gay bars, where you would expect people to be the most liberal. It just goes to show you that no group of people consists of just one type of person.

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Category: politics

09/03/08 10:58 - ID#45558

Tackiest jewlery ever

I could talk about how riddled with ridiculousness their whole
convention is but I just can't get over this diamond navy/usmc broche.

Okay that and the fact that Sarah Palin's son is being deployed to
Iraq on September 11th. How dramatic. Can't they finally end the
September 11th/Iraq connection. I hope he discovers to weapons of
mass destruction.

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Category: politics

08/31/08 11:36 - ID#45522

Sarah Palin and Wikipedia

Okay, I totally don't care about Sarah Palin but I did find this story from about an NPR story by Yuki Nogushi of interest because it involves the use of technology, specifically wikipedia, to shape peoples ideas about the candidate. How many of you looked her up on wikipedia after you found out she was announced? Probably a lot of people.

Well, it turns out:

Someone - and apparently it was just one person - felt like the existing biography wasn't appropriate for a vice-presidential candidate. On Friday, 15 minutes before the rumor that John McCain had picked Palin as his running mate, a Wikipedia editor discovered 30 mostly favorable changes had been made to the Alaska governor's profile.

She was called "a politician of eye-popping integrity" and sections on her participation in a beauty pageant and her alleged use of influence to get her former brother-in-law fired were diminished.

The same person editing McCain. That was probably the most affective way of shaping people ideas without spending a dime.

However, damn that thing is busy. Look at the history on it
It seems like everytime you look at it, it is different.
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Category: politics

04/10/08 05:27 - ID#43974

So Many Years Ago

I recorded this from the radio so many years ago. It is so obviously a lie now. Bush clearly knows exactly why the people were saying it.


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Category: politics

03/07/08 10:06 - ID#43573

Black vs Woman President

Hillary is not the greatest woman candidate but I think it would be way more radical to have a woman president than a black one.

I mean black men had the right to vote fifty years before any woman. Why not let it be the other way around this time and let the woman have a first, first. What really surprises me is that making fun of Hillary for being a woman, calling her bitch, etc is acceptable while calling racially demeaning names at Obama is considered unacceptable. I guess woman still are just less equal in the main stream - thats sad. On democracy now they just had a news brief saying that on average woman are paid 16% less then men for he same job. That just blows my mind.

According to it looks like Blacks are only 12.4% or 37.1 million of the US population while women are probably closer to 50% of the US population and maybe more.

I guess I always thought there were more black people. Probably because I grew up in buffalo which has such a large black population and then moved to South Carolina for a while which also had a lot of black people. Before reading that I seriously thought blacks were like 40%+ of the population. I guess I was just judging on my own observations.

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Category: politics

03/06/08 10:11 - ID#43565

Hillary Clinton is unfairly treated

I have to say, I think she is unfairly treated by the media. I know you might hate her, or her policies but seriously she is constantly slammed by the media in little ways that add up.

She is not fat. But look at this picture at the top of google news. Its so messed up.


Or this one, where its all about Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton campaign but the pic is of Obama.
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