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Category: politics

08/27/10 02:50 - 71.ºF - ID#52581 pmobl

I'd vote for Sam Hoyt

But unfortunately its not my district. We have no choice really because I'm sure Antoine will win again the primary and I refuse to affiliate with the party so I can't vote. It so weird that the primary becomes the actual election.

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Category: food

08/26/10 11:50 - 59.ºF - ID#52578 pmobl

Strange midnight meals

I stayed late at work to complete a component for my new system. When I got home there was nothing much to eat so I tried to make something. I am of the opinion anything can be made tasty with with the additional of blueberries.

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Category: mobile

08/26/10 09:46 - 62.ºF - ID#52572 pmobl

Its like trying to sell a computer windows 95

Why on earth is dell coming out with no phones on old operating systems? Seriously, someone should get fired over this as just about everyone is losing any hopes of Dell's mobile strategy. While android was a Savior for Motorola it seems like not being able to keep up is going to kill Dell.

How is Google even letting this happen. I would refuse to license to companies that can't keep up as they ate going to affect the android reputation as much as their own, for consumers that can't understand the outdatedness of their mobile OS.

The wrong Android isn't any good Its hard to feel sorry for Dell. The Aero runs Android 1.5, while its tablet, the Streak, runs Android 1.6. How Dell expects to be successful with devices that are running outdated software is anyones guess. Currently, there are several devices available that run Android 2.2. The rest are almost all running Android 2.1. By offering a smartphone with Android 1.5 and a tablet with Android 1.6, its becoming clearer by the minute that Dell just doesn't know what its doing.

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Category: elmwood

08/25/10 11:50 - 65.ºF - ID#52570 pmobl

Tightrope Walker on Bidwell

When I first saw this guy I thought he was floating in the air. On closer inspection I realized that he was instead a tightrope walked.


On a creepier note, when trying to pick out the bidwell location on the map...

...firefox on my desktop computer was able to guys my location by 21 feet.


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08/25/10 07:23 - 74.ºF - ID#52563 pmobl

Trapped in a box

I feel so bad for the miners trapped in that mine. How is it that it will take untill christmas to dig them out. It seems like humans should be able to dig them out faster. Maybe BP should donate some of it's massive drilling equipment to them.

This map makes it even more confusing. If the light grey areas are the mined part, then how do the paths work.

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Category: work

08/25/10 01:17 - 74.ºF - ID#52562 pmobl

My innovation Award

I got the certificate and pin today. It is stamped proudly made in the USA.


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Category: holidays

08/25/10 09:55 - 66.ºF - ID#52560 pmobl

Rough St. Patrick's Day

This fraggle must have had a rough St. Patrick's day last March. I found her in a closet this morning and she still looks hung over.

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Category: clothes

08/25/10 01:14 - 65.ºF - ID#52557 pmobl

Hey straight guys, thanks for the show

Seriously, straight dudes. I can't believe sagging pants are all the rage again. It seems like the gayest thing in the world but I see guys I would otherwise think are not gay doing it.

I am not complaining, I just don't understand who the intended audience of your ass is. I assume you aren't thinking me, but at the same time your butt is hanging out right in front of my face. Do girls get turned on by this? To me it seems like the gay equivalent of a girl with her boobs flopping out of her blouse. But if you are a guy into girls, what do you think they are getting out of that. Do anyone women like this?

I imagine it has to be uncomfortable to wear, especially when the pants hang so low that you have trouble peddling your low rider bike because the crotch part of the pants is binding your knees together.

The other thing I don't get is how your ass is not sweaty. Maybe I am just a hairy italian guy but seriously, there you are riding your bike in pretty much nothing but boxers on a really hot day. Doesn't your butt get sweaty and that would be embarrassing. Maybe all the air prevents it, lol.

This picture comes from the wikipedia article It makes the whole phenomena seems like a black thing stemming from prison culture where belts are forbidden.


I would argue like just about everyone other trend, it seems like white guys have joined the bandwagon full force, at least in buffalo yet I could not find nearly as many pics of it online. Maybe it really is a buffalo only white thing. I am going to try and get some to prove it.

Apparently, someone in NYC someone has started a campaign to stop people from "sagging" on the bus.


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Category: work

08/24/10 11:48 - 65.ºF - ID#52556 pmobl

Faster and harder

My second 12-14 hour work day in a row. Trying to get some stuff done quick but not as fast as my running time. Tonight I made it home in 2:47 seconds moving time. I ran so fast I almost felt like I was going to suffocate at the end.

For fun I added these two pics of twin cars. Randomly, they were both by the house at the same time.


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Category: work

08/24/10 12:25 - 64.ºF - ID#52548

Running Home at Midnight

I hate it when I work real late and run home because I am afraid of muggings.

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  • Linnie 10/17 06:57 Hi Neighbors - I just bought a groovy renovated carriage house on Linwood Ave, and I'm so excited to live in our wonderful city! The large house in front of the carriage house burned down in the 70's. An article I found about the property cited that 'Matthew' on this site had posted a series of photos called 'Lost Linwood" (article was from 2012). I thought maybe Matthew was still on this site or perhaps someone could help me find the photos. I'd love to see the original house and carriage house
  • joe 09/12 01:54 well maybe the fall and setting up my computer again will get me to post regularly

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