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07/07/03 08:39 - ID#30538

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My powerbook trackpad died today . . . So I decided to send it back to apple. As soon as I send it off the hard drive I backed everything up onto crashes big time. Drive X, tech Tool Pro and Disk Warrior 3 had no effect. So now the site is going to be a little slower seeing as everything I was devloping that wasnt on the server is gone.

I am trying to get ready for the summer class I am teaching. Its about 3D online cartooning. Once I get everything going I will have my students work posted here.

I should get some of my own up to but in the mean time you can view the site which is all my own code and art. For instance the banner above is created with 3D cups I made in Cinema 4D, plus a web cam. The background is made up of scans of my skin.

If anyone out there has a good paying PHP / MYSQL job for me go ahead and send it to me. I am sick of doing resumé builders for minimal fees while Im in school. I am starting to believ that resumé builders are just another form of slave labor with a fancier title. I would rather people just say. We are cheap and don';t want to pay for service than try and play up there projects as resumé builders.
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