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Category: computers

01/03/15 01:19 - ID#59714

We need a computer lab

it's getting ridiculous up in this dining room.

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Category: computers

10/31/14 02:27 - ID#59527

Joe Is Destroyed

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Category: computers

11/10/13 10:32 - ID#58275

My New Certificate Authority

If you want a free SSL cert I can make one for you but the machines that access it will need to trust my certificate authority by accepting the following cert Then just send me the csr.

If you don't know what this means, then you don't need one. For my own reference later.

openssl x509 -req -in new_request.csr -CA /etc/pki/CA/certs/ -CAkey /etc/pki/CA/private/ -CAcreateserial -out new_request.crt -days 3000

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Category: computers

11/16/12 06:08 - ID#56893

samsung is amazing

Sasmsung touchscreen laptops and computers seem so awesome. Too bad they come with windows 8. I wonder how the touchscreen works in linux. I kind of wish I got this instead of the MacBook air. Well except for that despite the thinness its too heavy.

Windows 8 makes me crazy. I tried a file search. After it returned no matching files I got stuck. Esc wouldn't get me out. Swipe sideways wouldn't get me out, F4 wouldn't get me out. Ctrl W wouldn't get me out. Ctrl Q wouldn't get me 'out. Argh.


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Category: computers

07/13/12 01:16 - ID#56607

Macbook Pro Santa Rosa Wireless Issue Replace Airport Card

For more than a year our internet has not worked on the Santa Rosa PowerBook. It caused so many fights because the only way to make it in was to hold the mouse over the airport icon and no one wanted to do that while watching a movie.

The other night I thought maybe it was time for a replacement part. I ended up switching out the AR5BXB72 that came with it for a BCM94321MC. Strangely, they came out the same year. The AR5BXB72 that came with the laptop had three connectors while the BCM94321MC that I ordered had only two connectors. At first I thought it would not work but I just connected the two antennae on the left (black and grey), and left blue unconnected.

For 14.95 and an hours worth of work I solved the issue. Strangely, the replacement part has two antennae connectors instead of three but it still gets wireless N and never goes out. Its basically a miracle for a machine I thought was trash. I got the idea from this mac support page where someone else had success with the same thing:

Clearly the part needed replacement. It smelled like melted plastic in the worst way possible. I think its time to write an email to apple.

Its like a resurrection for the television.

This is the original AR5BXB72

This is the the new BCM94321MC
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Category: computers

07/11/12 12:35 - ID#56603

Fedora 17 Macbook Air 11in Native Resolution 1368x768

It was making me crazy trying to get it to the native resolution of the macbook air 11 inch. Hopefully this helps someone else looking to do the same thing.

$ xrandr --newmode "1368x768_60.00" 85.25 1368 1440 1576 1784 768 771 781 798 -hsync +vsync
$ xrandr --addmode VBOX0 "1368x768_60.00"
$ xrandr --output VBOX0 --mode "1368x768_60.00"

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Category: computers

06/27/12 12:24 - ID#56569

Dear Timewarner, I want static ipv6 now

IPv6 day happend and I still don't have an ipv6 ip. I guess I could tunnel ipv6to ip4 with Hurricane electric but it doesn't feel as good as having a true ipv6 static ip so I spoke with time warner business chat

I really hope they can help me out.

Curtis>Hello Paul, How may I assist you this evening?
Paul_> Am I able to get ipv6 static IP addresses yet?
Paul_> right now I have 5 static ip4 addresses from timewarner
Paul_>I would like to also use ipv6 without having to tunnel
Curtis>Not that I know of Paul. What City and State are the services located?
Paul_>Buffalo, NY
Paul_>Is there someone who would know for sure?
Curtis>Your account executive would know if you are able to add IPV6 to the account. Looking up a contact number for you. Usually they are available M-F 8A-5PM . I'll just be a moment.
Curtis>Office Phone Number (Toll Free): 800-504-3497 Select add/change services. I'm certain at this hour you will be re-directed to technical support, so you may want to wait until morning.
Paul_>i just want to know if it is available
Paul_>do you think tech support would know?
Paul_>or do I need to wait until tomorrow?
Curtis>I know we have started to use IPV6 in some areas but I think at this point a lot of it is agreed testing with certain companies.
Curtis>Unfortunatly they would have less information than I would. I do not have details about what is being offered in certain areas. Do you currently have a static IP ?
Paul_>5 of htem
Curtis>I'm trying to locate additional information for you.
Paul_>but they are ipv4
Curtis>Thank you.
Curtis>That is the best I can offer at this hour Paul. I will look into this deeper and can have someone update you via email if you would like.
Paul_>I actually read that site earlier today
Paul_>it is what got me interested
Paul_>that would be great to have someone email me
Curtis>I thought you might have.
Paul_>I will also call my rep tomorrow
Curtis>May I get your address?
Curtis>No problem, this is something I need to be more aware of too. So I appreciate the question as there will be many other questions regarding the protocol upgrade.
Curtis>I'll have someone reach out to you in the morning. Any other questions you might have?
Paul_>nope thats it. Thanks you have been helpful.

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Category: computers

06/24/12 07:44 - ID#56564

Network Support?

The first network supported wooden fence I have seen.

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Category: computers

02/25/12 05:08 - ID#56134

High-definition, 3D App Store

They had this really high-definition, 3d app store at office max. I kept pressing on the boxes to see ratings and reviews but I think they were broken.

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Category: computers

02/03/12 10:25 - ID#56018

Macs Suck 10.7.3 Nightmare

we upgraded to the new os 10.7.3 and it totally fucked up the computer. Now when it connects to the tv it breaks down in graphic artifacts. I even installed the combo update over the top and its still fucked. From what I read a lot of people had trouble. So much for it just works. At least it works if the internal screen is closed or the external monitor is disconnected but not if both are on. I tried resetting the PRAM.





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