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Category: cars

03/08/13 04:24 - ID#57351

Midlife Crisis?

I kind of love the silverado.



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Category: cars

01/28/12 01:44 - ID#55995

Car Share - Pickup Trucks Too

Looks like carshare has pickup trucks for $6.50 ($5 for non profits ) an hour for members.

Here is the cost breakdown for membership -

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Category: cars

10/07/11 12:48 - ID#55254

Fucked Up Car In The Middle Of Walden

I am so glad this is not my car.

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Category: cars

07/03/11 11:32 - ID#54636

Cost of gas

Just for future reference. This is a full tank.

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Category: cars

01/18/11 12:16 - ID#53453

The last day of clean

This might be the last day that our car is the cleanest in the lot.

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Category: cars

01/15/11 08:14 - ID#53440

Old Malibu, new malibu; done

I can't believe they gave us $1000 trade in on the old Malibu. It has no dash lights, no heat, a rusting out falling off gastank and enough dings that I can't count them.

First we went to the Ford store. The focus felt crappy compared to our old Malibu. Then we were going to go see the Honda accords but I didn't want to risk the drive out to transit in our about to die heatless car so we went right to the Padlock Chevy dealer on deleware in Kenmore. My parents bought their cars there and suggested it.

Like 5 minutes after we got there we settled on a certified 2009 Malibu LS with 14,000 miles with perfect carfax and 4 year warranty. The inside was nice and roomy for 3 unlike the cobalt

I was determined to make it a one day shopping experience and I did it!



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Category: cars

01/15/11 12:13 - ID#53439

New Car Time

I need a new car. Our car is ten years old. We treated it like crap and its totally not taking it anymore. In fact I don't think we every washed the inside which at this point is like haunted house dusty.

When we bought it, it was the most expensive thing we had ever purchased. For like two weeks we treasured it and then we bumped it the first time. After that it was always like the red-headed stepchild car.

Unfortunately, this is the worst time of year to go car shopping. Especially, considering our vehicle drinks about 1 gallon of coolant per trip, even in this extreme cold.

I wish car shopping involved no haggling. It always makes me want to kill the other person when there is wheeling and dealing involved.
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Category: cars

09/03/10 09:40 - ID#52646

Cheaper Gas With Cash

The Getty in Kenmore had a gas sale for customers who pay cash.


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Category: cars

11/20/09 03:50 - ID#50352

At the DMV

My passport expired and I couldn't stand not being able to go dancing
in Toronto any longer and decided to go get an enhanced driver's
license. I went to the DMV on dick and George urban. It was much
nicer than my last DMV experience. They have a million comfy benches
and just give you a number. Then they call you when they are ready.

I couldn't believe how fast it went. I wasn't even finished filling
out the form when they called me up.

You are required to have your birth certificate, a bill with your
address, your social security card, and your old driver's license. I
think there are some other options too.
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Category: cars

09/22/08 09:47 - ID#45764

Cars with hard drives built in

According to the cadillac commercial I just saw, cars come with hard drives now. I realize my car does not have any hard drive so I can't say much but when they started bragging about how their car comes with a 40gb hard drive, I just couldn't get excited. I feel for something car size, it should have a TB or something, right?
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