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Category: work

03/05/15 11:12 - ID#59884

Terminal Poop

Its a perfect end to a perfect day.
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Category: work

07/29/14 11:01 - ID#59246

Sometimes you have too much going on

And the text that you typed while listening to someone and taking notes looks like this

...a subset of lab result stat shave been better eby commiteis for our institution that we should really pull up whose result...

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Category: work

04/04/14 06:44 - ID#58862

Raleigh For Work

I have to be there tues and wed. Check out the weather around those days, ugh.

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Category: work

03/25/14 05:11 - ID#58832

The Job I Love From Hell

I seriously can never escape. I love what I do, I find it totally rewarding, but I really work all day everyday. This week I was supposed to be on vacation, including last thursday but everyday I worked for huge portions of the day. Yesterday for 12 hours which is 2 hours over my normal work day if I wasn't on vacation. I wake up with work phone calls and I stop working from bed as I go to sleep where I dream about work problems and then wake up to a work phone call.

In December I lost 4 days when they expired. Now I am losing about 60+ hours by April 1 because there is no time for me to take vacation. Everytime I try there is some mega project that needs to be done right now followed by a bunch of little things that are helping other people but add up.

I really can't ignore any of them it seems. Everytime, I ignore email, I just get a phone call. I keep asking myself why I am doing this when there are plenty of jobs out there that are better fit to my sanity...
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Category: work

12/16/13 10:37 - ID#58460

100 Hours Left

Massive project at work with about 100 hours remaining and I still don't have the exact final specs. I can't wait for phase 1 to be over.
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Category: work

12/12/13 06:44 - ID#58440

Nice Work Moments

I added a feature to the intranet where users could pick their shared files up externally to reduce the amount of wasted space in our limited email inboxes. It's so weird to have such extreme inbox limits in 2013 but we do. So when someone sends out a 10MB PDF it fills up everyone's inboxes pretty quick. A couple years ago I added a feature to the intranet to combat this issue by that allowing employees to share files through the intranet instead of attaching the files to email. Unfortunately, from off campus those links did not work.

Then yesterday, while taking a short break from patient portal development, I created an API for the external site to talk to the intranet and allow authenticated pickups from external and on mobile devices.

This morning someone from the helpdesk shared a file with me thanking me for the development. Although silly, it still made me feel like someone appreciates my work.




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Category: work

10/29/13 11:46 - ID#58211

Sick Days

I have so much sick time but can never use it. The last two days I called in sick but ended up working 5.5 hours on monday and 10 hours today. My personal time expires Dec 5. I have 40 hours to burn and probably no option to use any of it. Patrick and I are literally working right now. I am actually working two jobs tonight. I would kill for an off the grid camping trip.

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Category: work

10/24/13 09:29 - ID#58185

Work - I'm on strike

Sometimes I love it. Most of my projects are exciting, I am paid well, and I love working with my employees and coworkers but every once in a while I have a run in with someone who makes me question the time and dedication I put into it and the place I work at. I left today never wanting to go back. I hope I feel different on Monday but right now I have no interested in working one second past 40 hours instead of the normal 50+ hours I put it. Really, they lose so fuck it. Maybe I should just start looking. I got a lot to offer...
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Category: work

10/24/13 06:11 - ID#58181


I cannot believe I have a 7am meeting where I meet the CEO for the first time. Why 7am? Who knew 6am was dark.


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Category: work

04/25/13 10:10 - ID#57573

Long and Stressful Day

I used to love going to work everyday but right now its taken such a bad turn where it feels like there is no direction. I can't wait for things to change.

On the technical side of things I got a lot of programming done this evening.



Those graphs aren't actually supposed to make sense. At least I hope not because that first project looks like 1% complete and 100% budget consumed.
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