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Category: health

04/04/14 06:29 - ID#58860

Pop Goes My Heart

So I've had this sore throat for a while and decided to go see about it at the doctors today. (e:joe) had it too, kind of like a low grade scratchy throat cough.

While I was there my heart fluttered while she was listening with a stethoscope. It's been fluttering a bunch this week like the rhythm gets messed up.

Anyways, she immediately got me hooked up to ekg and then a 24 ekg to go. They had to shave my chest hair a bit with a dry straight razor. That was the worst part.

I hope it's nothing. If it's something, I blame the root canal infection or the copious ibuprofen for the tooth. They confirmed with a rapid test that it was not strep throat.

I had to keep a journal while it happend:
332 flutter driving
345 flutter sitting
359 flutter drive
403 flutter drive
404 flutter drive
420 flight walk
445 flutter eating
520 is flutter talking
538 flutter programming
543 flutter programming
556 flutter talking
606 flutter talking
608 flutter talking
654 bunch of flutters programming
753/4 flutter programming
843 heart flutter lying down coughing
903 heart flutter sitting by fireplace

Didn't really do it the next day weird. I get answers next Friday.



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Category: health

01/21/14 07:11 - ID#58597

Blood Pressure

I brought a blood pressure monitor because I am obsessed with health monitoring. My blood pressure is pretty damn good.

On the other hand my pulse rate is generally pretty high like 70-80. I want it to be 60. I guess the answer is more cardio.



Surprisingly, it appears that physical labor and excerise have almost no effect. It tried lifting weights and exercising and it only went up a few points. You can tell I was exercising at the time based on my pulserate. I was even dancing to happy hard core and then listening to gabber when I took the measurement.


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Category: health

11/24/13 05:23 - ID#58344

Why S-Health Doesn't Understand Me

I am a 6'0 tall male. I am 155 and want to gain some muscle. It says my healthy weight between 136 and 169. It gives me no option to make my goal to gain weight. What non-anorexic fashion model man wants to go down from 155 at 6'0 tall?


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Category: health

12/24/12 01:19 - ID#57038

Food Poisoning?

On the way home from Tenessee I either got food poisoned or got the flu. The reason I thought it was food poisoning was that it all seemed so downhill after Wendys on saturday at noon. It was like the Wendys was trapped in my stomach and just wouldnt go down. It was all I could taste for so long. By saturday night I was so ill. Since then I haven't really been able to eat and honestly I don't know if I could ever eat Wendys again.

It could have been the oysters the day before but that seems like such a long duration before symptoms.

I think this is the first time in my life where I was sick and there was no one to take care of me. I hope that never happens again.
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Category: health

06/13/12 09:44 - ID#56540

Gunman on the loose at ECMC

Waiting for matt to get out today and he texts me saying he is locked in his room and there is a gunman on the loose who already killed two people. This is so scary.

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Category: health

05/11/12 03:04 - ID#56442

Matthew's Recovery

His head is healing good. It still hurts him a lot but he is doing much better.

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Category: health

05/08/12 12:06 - ID#56433

Mr. Bloody Brains

After the home tour on Sunday, (e:matthew) fell down outside and hurt his brain. He had brain surgery and seems better at this point as he is out of the ICU. He can talk and although he is missing some memory from last week, he is generally still (e:matthew). Its amazing how much a fall can mess you up. I am so glad I called an ambulance instead of letting him lay down and sleep like he wanted to. Strangely there was no cut on the outside but his brain was bleeding from the inside.

To be honest visiting him today was hard to take. He had this bottle of brain blood connected to his head where the blood was draining out. I am not sure I will ever be able to get past that.

I hope he recovers quickly.
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Category: health

04/10/12 02:52 - ID#56339

Dentists Sucks

I have had way too many dental xrays over the years. I had them yearly as a child. Then as an adult I have had to many. Everytime, I ask if it is safe and they say the dose is so low it couldn't hurt anyone. Last year I got two panoramas. When I switched dentists, the other one insisted on a second panoramic with their machine.

Now a study comes out saying they cause brain tumors. It makes it sound like they hadn't really done many studies in the past either.

I wish I could take back all of the cat scans and xrays I have had. None of them found anything useful that didn't require manual evaluation. E.g. when they thought I had crohn's I had the cat scan followed by the colonscopy which "confirmed." When it was obvious my appendix had to come out, can scan again. When I was a kid and choked on a carrot, chest xray, when I got hit by a bottle someone kicked in college, chest xray, which they fucked up and had to do twice. Enough dental xrays that I couldn't even count them,

I think I am just going to say no more xrays for the rest of my life unless I am broken in car accident or something. Honestly, I feel safer with exploratory surgery, lol.
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Category: health

09/09/11 01:39 - ID#55116

Normal Urine

So my rapid response urinalysis test strips finally came in. I am fascinated with medical tests. Anyhow these fairly sophisticated test strips show I have no abnormalities in my urine although as the previous Ph strips indicated its slightly acidic.

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Category: health

08/28/11 08:50 - ID#55049

Cat Vaccine?

Could it be true, researchers in canada have come up with a Cat allergy vaccine I am not going to bother with weekly painful shots, if this kind of thing might pan out in the near future.

Researchers have developed a new vaccine to desensitize people with a cat allergy that is faster and safer than traditional immunotherapies, according to a study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Cat allergy affects up to 10% of the general population and is a key trigger of childhood asthma. Standard treatment involves weekly injections of cat allergen in incremental doses for a year or more, but severe allergic reactions are a risk. The new vaccine, developed in Canada, uses synthetic versions of short peptides from the protein responsible for most cat allergies. The peptides are 1,000 times less allergenic than traditional cat allergen, researchers said. The vaccine was tested on 66 volunteers; another 22 received a placebo. Skin responses, an indicator of the severity of an allergy, were measured after eight hours and compared with reactions to cat allergen. Adverse responses in the vaccinated group were reduced by 40% and 10% in the placebo group. Researchers said the results are comparable to a year of traditional immunotherapy. The vaccine, which is in the final stage of development, is expected to require four shots at the same dose.

I think this is the study here
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