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02/28/04 01:56 - ID#30774

This is What I Intended Upon Creation !

Hey Paul,
dude i had the 1st offer for prints of my photos ever to night, and i owe this all to your site. i just put one up there this afternoon and this evening i got an email about someone wanting prints. i can't belive how many people actualy come and visit your site. just two or three days ago i had 66 viewings of my site and i checked today and now it is around 111, crazy. i am becomeing an e-strip addict.

i never have never really writen anything in my life and every day now it is gettin easier for me to put how i feel down on this site. thanks zack


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02/28/04 01:28 - ID#30773

Weather and Bikes

So the weather is finally nice. I guess this year I will have to get a bike, although it is really quite unhelpful for my demanding schedule of distant treks. I can't see myself ever having enough time to bike out to UB North Campus.

I miss the days when I had time to not think. I seems that now I never even have a moment that goes by when some pressing issue is not on my mind. I can see how this type of mentally demanding lifestyle over a long period of time would lead to a mental breakdown of sorts.

I guess it should only be one more year of this but at some point it has to end, right?

I cannot wait to get the digital camera. I am so excited about starting photography but at the same time, I have a feeling it will become another demanding hobby, that becomes all-consuming. I seem to have an addiction to all-cosuming hobbies. My first photo set idea is about door locks. There are so many different kinds and it really a statement about the privacy and security issues of our people.
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02/27/04 10:23 - ID#30772

Body Trick Insanity

1.While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2.Now , while doing this, draw the number 6 in the air with your right hand.

Your foot will change direction and there's nothing you can do about it.
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02/27/04 12:49 - ID#30771

I am programming again

I am trying to finish up the reading simulation today so that I can continue to work on Josephine's project. I still haven't seen my signe dcontract or any money so I am not to motivated to hurry.
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02/26/04 10:57 - ID#30770

Christian Education

So on the way home from JB I decided to listen to Christian Radio just to give it a whirl and because I was so sick of hearing random officials justify the British spying on Koffi Annan and how it was "normal and accepted foreign policy." One offcial interviewed on NPR actually said that is what the UN was designed for. To allow each of the countries to share information about each other without having to resort to war, so it was perfectly within that vision that the British spied on Koffi Annan.

So anyways, next topic - there was a woman preacher on FM radio, and to tell you the truth she terrified me by reminding me just how fucking scary Christians can be. It started out with her saying "He he sows discord amoung his brethern is an abomination to God." Poor George W.

The scariest part of all of this is when the woman began to brag about how she only had a high school education and yet she preaches to thousands of people each week. The crowd of hundreds started yelling, and clapping, and getting all excited. Then she went on and on about how education isn't all its cracked up to be and about how the wisdom of God is enough. It was so scary to hear the people agreeing and hooting. As thos ethey were so oppressed by their educations. That is what I always imagined Christians to be like, but never spoke of because I figured people would say I was being Christophobic (I just coined that now, Paul 2004.)
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02/26/04 12:16 - ID#30769


I'm at UB between 3-9.
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02/25/04 10:53 - ID#30768


Someone I know uses this is a safety device to lock peopel out. It seems unsecure, I should do something about it.

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02/25/04 10:47 - ID#30767

This is a classic

This is my visually impaired grandmother looking at enlarged faces of family member's fotos that we scanned in, many whom she hadn't seen in decades or more, enlarged on my laptop. She was very happy as you can tell. It was great to be able to zoom in so close to her mother and siblings in pictures from the 1920-1970s.

We ended up scanning about a hundred pictures and now I have them all digitally captured. It was so neat to digitally capture my grandfather into the computer. he would have loved it. I even got him into my cell phone.
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02/25/04 10:43 - ID#30766

Sidekick Pictures

I guess the sidekick s good for something. Today I was eating with Terry at spot Coffee, when we discovered that our eating experience was being captured on video and displayed at the albright knox. It is really weird but seeing as I am used to public life I did not care. Instead I captured them live on my sidekick. So here is to electronic stalking of the electronic stalkers.

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Category: politics

02/25/04 11:08 - ID#30765


I agree with you anti-voting sentiment but if Bush gets in the whitehouse again it is going to be even more chaotic. I personally cannot stand Kerry. I can't stand the way that he is Yet Another Power Rich White Man. His experience in Vietnam proves nothing to me. I think that he is wrong for going there. I honestly, almost have more respect for George W using his connections to get out of it. At least we know he hasn't shot and killed people directly. While we all know that indirectly he has probably killed hundred of thousands.

Kerry's antiwar stance would have meant more if after that giant anti-war speech he made as a youth in front of congress, that he voted against the Iraq war. But he didn't after all he voted for it. What a two-faced fuck head. Is that the kind of president we want. I guess not, but George W is worse.

I hate having only two choices. I really want a woman president and I don't even have the option to vote for one. I agree that we need more woman leaders and furthermore that Laura Bush is over-watering down the role of the first lady. Why can't she be more compasionate, or at least more passionate about any issue. I would actually rather see her passionately campaign for war a new in Iran, in the name of god (hahaha) than do nothing.
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