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Category: war

11/30/14 01:10 - ID#59631

Islamic State Pepsi Deal?

Is this product placement in this war photo? Please say it isn't.

I have to question, if this is really the capital of Islamic State territory, why is there a pepsi machine to begin with?

Voice Of America - US-Led Strikes Hit Islamic State 'Capital'

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Category: war

03/18/12 10:34 - ID#56239

yes a fucking psychopath

I can't believe this article is painting Robert Bales, the soldier that slaughtered 16 afghan villagers including 9 children as anything but a horrible psycho murderer.

“He is not some psychopath. He’s an outstanding soldier who has given a lot for this country.”


Why is anyone "trying" to humanize and understand him is beyond my understanding. There is no way that any excuses about his pathetic problems of losing a job and a house can compare to the families whose children he murdered and many of whom he set on fire. Kill yourself if your life is so bad buddy. you don't have to kill a bunch of innocent women and children. Any public rationalization makes us sound even more disturbingly supportive of his action.

I say screw the trial and drama, screw the punishment in some military court. if I was the afghan gov't I would demand he stand trial in Afghanistan and then just set him free in the streets and see what happens. If we don't treat him as the disgusting cold blooded murderer he is, it is only going to invite more terror attacks. To be honest I wouldn't even blame them. Will he have to undergo an international war crimes trial?

Can you imagine if it was the other way around and some afghani man in the US shot up and burned a bunch of women and children here. And people can cry 911 all they want but it's not the same in any way. This is such a direct and cold blooded murder. He had to look those children in the face.

These are all quotes from the article

While Bales, 38, sat in an isolated cell at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.’s military prison Saturday, classmates and neighbors from suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, remembered him as a “happy-go-lucky” high school football player who took care of a special-needs child and watched out for troublemakers in the neighborhood.

His former platoon leader said Saturday Bales was a model soldier inspired by 9/11 to serve, who saved lives in firefights on his second of three Iraq deployments.

“He’s one of the best guys I ever worked with,” said Army Capt. Chris Alexander, who led Bales on a 15-month deployment in Iraq.

“It’s our Bobby. He was the local hero,” said Michael Blevins, who grew up down the street from him in Norwood, Ohio. The youngest of five boys respected older residents, admonished troublemakers and loved children, even helping another boy in the area who had special needs.

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Category: war

05/01/11 11:12 - ID#54199

Osama is Dead?!

He is finally dead - they got him in Afghanistan. Apparently, it happened a week ago but they were waiting to confirm the DNA. Will this finally mean the end to war? Or is it only the beginning of vengeance?
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Category: war

04/15/11 01:57 - ID#54055

Russian troops in trench

Anytime I have a real bad day I think, at least its not this.

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Category: war

03/19/11 08:20 - ID#53874

Libya Attack

WASHINGTON - The United States on Saturday unleashed a barrage (110) of Tomahawk missiles against the Libyan regime's air defenses but ruled out using ground troops in what President Barack Obama called a "limited military action"

Here we go again with another war. I can't freakin believe we are attacking Libya. I don't believe this mission is about protecting anyone - its about Britain, France and the US protecting oil. How many fronts can their be? If its about protecting people, where were we in Dafur? The only reason we are there is because there is oil and we need to make sure its safe.
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Category: war

07/27/10 09:08 - ID#52320

Give up on war

Seriously another $37 billion for war?

What are we fighting for anymore? The war already stole all our money. It took all the tax money pillaged from the middle class and placed in in the hands of the huge companies that profit on these stupid wars. It almost seems like they are trying to start another one in Korea. Didn't we learn the first time.

I am starting to feel that every dollar we waste on these stupid wars is like another dollar the terrorists stole from us. And by terrorists I don't just mean the kind that fly into building on airplanes. I also mean the big military industrial complex company scum bags and their friends that rape us.
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Category: war

02/05/08 08:09 - ID#43200

Up Close and personal in Iraq

I just found this blog randomly searching for stuff about the army. You might find it an interesting perspective.

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Category: war

07/10/07 08:57 - ID#40042

Troop Withdrawl

That question is "not going to face this government," Bush said, chuckling slightly at a news conference with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, "because we made up our mind. We've made that part clear. It'll face future governments. There will be future opportunities for people to say, 'Well, it's not worth it. Let's just retreat.' "

Since then, nearly 700 more American soldiers have died in a war that has now lasted more than four years, lost the lives of more than 3,600 U.S. troops, cost $10 billion a month -- and cost Republicans control of the House and Senate.

I love how it costs 10 billion dollars a month. I wish it was better phrased top money was transfered from the people to a select group of mega corporations. I am sure some of it is for the troops but a whole heck of a lot of it is for war machinery and infrastructure, which results in big companies getting richer and the American People losing money that could otherwise pay for a fucking hell of a lot of services. Imagine if our government had an additional 10 billion to spend on domestic programs.

I can't wait to read about how terrible Bush was in history books. Unfortunately, I will be one of those people that children ask why I didn't do anything about it.
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Category: war

05/23/07 09:34 - ID#39384

What war are we in now

I just saw thi on google news:

Nine US warships in Gulf for show of force

Reuters Canada - 38 minutes ago
By Mohammed Abbas. ABOARD USS JOHN C. STENNIS (Reuters) - The largest daytime assembly of US warships in the Gulf since the 2003 Iraq war prepared on Wednesday to hold drills off Iran's coast in a major US show of force that unnerved oil markets.

What is the war now if not the Iraq war. I wonder when they study this in History class how they will explainhat George Bush declared the war over at least 4 years before the troops were done fighting. It seems like a holdover from the past that if you capture the leader of another country, the war is over. Did that ever ean anything?
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Category: war

12/29/06 10:28 - ID#32877

Saddam Is Dead

Is the war over now? I wonder if we will ever witness the execution of an American Leader in our lifetimes. I am sure the iraqis never thought they would see Saddam Die.

I wonder what will happen with Iraq now?
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