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Category: allentown

09/10/11 04:56 - ID#55131

Harold's on Allen - Going out if business?

I wonder what happened. Even more so I winder what will go there. I hope another restaurant. I love having restaurants close to work and home.


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Category: allentown

06/15/09 10:00 - ID#48983

Allentown Art Festival

Found these pics on my phone. The stretch down Allen heading
toward Allen west festival made me so claustrophobic.


The Lake Effect ice cream company out of lockport, NY had some amazing flavors. I had salty caramel and (e:james) had Guiness Stout. Strangely, they proofed him for the ice cream. I never saw someone proof before for food with alcohol as an ingredient.

They also have a facebook page and a commercial. They could really use a better commercial.

I was hoping to win the Vespa below. I bet $5, (e:Jim) bet $20. I guess
neither of us won, either that or he is keeping it a secret. The
money went to Theatre of Youth. The inside of their theatre on allen
was really nice. Someone said it used to be a porn theatre in the
80s. Can anyone verify that?

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Category: allentown

08/02/08 10:26 - ID#45226

Diesel Power at Twentieth Century Club

The Twentieth Century club - I can't find their real site if they have one - has been using a really loud and obnoxious diesel generator to power something at their club for over a month now. My friend (e:holly) once said it was some women's society but really I have don't know the details. They are located on Deleware around the 590s and have another entrance in the back on Franklin across from Fugazi. Here are some pics of the property from google maps to give you an idea.

This is the front entrance on Delaware

The back entrance I am about to talk about

So for like the last month they have had a huge diesel guzzling power generator running 24/7 in their driveway on Franklin.


I can't understand what they can't fix that requires constant diesel based power generation. One day, a weekend, even a week, okay but when it stretches to a month and more you have to wonder what the heck is going on. While the machine uses some form of noise reduction, I would be livid if it was my neighbor.

Imagine, in the summer with your windows open next to a giant SUV sized diesel generator. I also think it trashes up the neighborhood and find it surprising that a club that has such a beautiful building and grounds is okay with this running all the time. Its probably to power air conditioning, lol (e:zobar,45203) If it is that I thinki it should be illegal to to make that much noise on an extended basis.

It seems so environmentally unfriendly.

At least they should really be required to bring it into the walled property which you can see the gate of right in front of the diesel generator.
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Category: allentown

07/27/08 12:25 - ID#45156

A lady fell down

She fell down outside of Fugazi. Too much wine mixed with zoloft.
Instead of helping her all the people sat around and gosipped about it
- it was sick. I left to go sit and talk with her. Then someone
called a freakin ambulance. She was fine just shaken up.

She only lived two blocks away so I sent terry to get the car to take
her home but the freakin firetruck got there first. They said she was
ok, so I walked her home only two blocks away and returned her to her
husband who was very nice. It's amazing how people just assumed she
was a crazy street person on crack and no one could be bothered to
help her. People on Allen are so negative.

I hope I never fall down outside a gay bar. I also hope people check
with me before calling 911!

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Category: allentown

02/13/07 08:38 - ID#38137

Gay Bars On Allen

I was reading outcomebuffalo the other day. I don't know why I bother because the news there is always so totally freakin' outdated. They might as well call it

Check this out, here we are on February 13th and the "Breaking News" is an article from December 5th.


It seems like there should be more to talk about in a city as gay as Buffalo. One article about the gay bars on Allen being too loud for the neighbors is quite interesting.

Cathode Ray is saying that it is discrimination and that the people living around the bar just want to shut it down because it is a gay bar. Now I am going out on a limb here because I don't know the whole situation, but I bet it is more because it is loud and there are lots of people on the patio.

On the other hand, the stupid idiots that bought houses right by Allen, knew they were moving into a loud city street in the middle of the gaybarhood.

From the article

The owner of Cathode Ray stands by his accusations of gay bashing by certain residents of North Pearl Street, but police officials say that in "mixed use" neighborhoods like Allentown, made up of both residential homes and commercial businesses, the issue that emerges is not homophobia, but "quality of life."...

In July, Kym Mosgeller, of North Pearl Street, wrote a letter to Ellicott District Councilmember Brian Davis listing complaints, mostly in regard to noise levels, against three gay bars on Allen Street - Cathode Ray, Adonia's and Q-44 Allen. She attached a petition signed by other neighbors of the street who were unhappy as well.

Afterward, John Little, owner and operator of Cathode Ray, hung posters in his bar under the headline "Gay Bar Bashing" accusing Mosgeller of trying to close the gay patios, "but allowing the straight patios to remain open." He was referring to the patios used by patrons of nearby Mother's and Fat Bob's.

There is simply a huge difference between Mother's, Fat Bob's and Cathode Ray in terms of volume and the attitude of the people. It makes me wonder why are bars so loud. Anytime I go to one, I end up getting a sore throat from screaming the whole time.

I mean it makes sense for a dance club, but Cathode Ray is definitely not a dance club. I wish there was a quieter sit down gay bar that wasn't as posh as Fugazi. Buddies used to kind of be like that but the new one downtown really isn't. I liked how they had two rooms at the old one, the dance area and the actual cheers style bar.

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