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Category: mobile

02/13/07 02:35 - 11ºF - ID#38125

So you may ask where I was?

I have been so busy learning as much as I can about linux and video conversion. Luckily, I have lots of experience with ffmpeg, unfortunately, I could not get it to compile with all the codecs I wanted. Now it is all working and my journal can go back to normal.

I took all these pictures and videos this weekend.

I finally cooked the bacon wrapped filet mignon that (e:hodown) sent me for christmas. I didn't have an oven before.

It was my mother's birthday this weekend. We went out to left bank for lunch and then bought deserts from Dolci. I never knew a cake could be so rich, both flavor wise and cost wise.

Yummy Left Bank Sunday Brunch




Cakes from Dolci on elmwood

We got her flowers on elmwood at the flower shoppe next to Acropolis.

Mike Visco at his mother's birthday.

She wanted to see the decorator showhouse, so after Brunch we headed on over there. I was jealous of the staircase, otherwise, I like my house better.



I am so jealous of their slate roof. I wish I had one so bad.

The pigeon protectors look pretty neat iced over.



My keyboard is so worn out from programming. Just look at the spacebar, it is really time for a new computer.

Here is (e:terry) in his element, playing warcraft. It's been so long I can't remember the time BWC - that it Before Warcraft.

Some point during the last two weeks (e:flacidness) came to visit. It was fun but for some reason I don't have a picture of his full face. See (e:lilho) 's journal for more pics from the visit.

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Category: dreams

02/09/07 07:41 - 21ºF - ID#38093

A little dab will do you

Warning: This is a fucked up story involving dream based sex and drugs.

Last night I had the craziest dream that we had bought this beach front property in California where there was the shambles of some brick house and a concrete foundation and a lot of overgrowth. We decided to have a party and invite our hundred of friends who all showed up but most of the guests I didn't know - which isn't too weird for my life.

Somehow it turned into some crazy drug party where everyone was on some crazy new drug that I had nothing to do with and they all started having sex outside. This was weird because for some reason I didn't know anyone anymore, and well it was outside at my new house. I was a little embarrassed so I decided to wander over around the neighbors house and see if they were okay with the scene.

The neighbor turned out to be a hot a mechanic who wasn't wearing any pants but was covered in mud. I assumed by his appearance that he had already been at the party and didn't care so I started to go toward the other neighbors house. The other neighbor was a rapper having a rap party. I know that sounds stupid but I swear that is how it went. The girls from the rapper party started having sex with my nerdy friends.

I also noticed the people at my party had made some sort of weird letter m shape on the brick wall of the house. It looked like this. SIDENOTE: Why does no one else draw diagrams on their journal. Its so easy just click the draw button in your publish box.

After drawing it now I realized that the shape was kind of like the word "me" although in the dream the e part was a little smaller. The people at the rap party asked me if I could get any dabs. I was like what the fuck are dabs and this really hot black girl but with bad skin opened my hand and dropped a bunch of tiny powdery brown microdot sized pills in my hand. The only other thing she said was "A little dab will do you."

So I run through the mounds of people fucking on the lawn in order to go inside and tell matt and terry about the dabs at the same time trying to not break them up in my sweaty hands. I was afraid I would not be able to measure out doses if they all broke down. At this point everyone was on dabs accept me and my friends. I held all like 20 of them in my hand but when I got to the shambles of house, (e:matthew) and (e:terry) had redone the kitchen and matt discovered this old fashioned iron cooking stove behind a wall. He wouldn't stop talking about how great the stove was. He was so happy with it, but I realized when I opened it that it was all made of crumbling asbestos tiles on the inside. I had accidentally started a fire with it trying to cover up the asbestos with fabric and the asbestos started crumbling all over. I still had the dabs in my hand but they were also starting to crumble. I wanted to just throw them out at that point because I was sure they were contaminated with asbestos but everyone appeared to be having so much fun. Before I could decide either way I woke up in real life grinding my teeth so hard. Weird.

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Category: obsessions

02/09/07 12:36 - 17ºF - ID#38080

Apple Obsessed and Infrared

I really hated macs before. I mean I had so many of them and had to work on them for years. The last one I owned was a Powerbook Titanium that (e:terry) spilled a 40oz of beer into. It was a tragic end to my mac ownership.

Today, however, one of my co-workers had a macbook pro that not only dual booted windows and os x, but also could run windows and windows apps natively within os x using something called parallel

Now, just like (e:enknot,79) I am totally obsessed with it.


I am sold now. It would be the best of all worlds because I think I could run OSX, mac, and linux all on the one laptop. Seems like a web developers dream machine. Plus it has a 256MB graphics card so I could still do 3d modeling. I have been wanting to make new icons for my applications for a while, but the 3D workstation is unfortunately now the estrip server at artvoice.

The only thing about it, is that it is certainly very hot and certainly heavy. It also comes with an ati graphics card and I really preferred Nvidia. The last two laptops had ati and I find nvidia ones are just better.

Infrared -
I am also obsessed with infrared cameras. Did you know that if you take traditional camera film and develop it without taking pictures, you can use it afterwards as a filter to filter out regular light but allow infrared through. The ends of developed film also are the same kind of black filter material.

I am really considering purchasing a thermal imaging camera but they are so damn expensive. I think if I buy one I could always sell it on ebay.

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Category: san francisco

02/07/07 10:52 - 16ºF - ID#38062 pmobl

When you are going to san francisco

Wow, so I am really am going to San Francisco for another conference. I got the confirmation email about it today.

I am going to hang out with (e:twisted) and (e:hodown) is going to meet me there. I tried to get (e:matthew) and (e:terry) to go but terry couldn't get the time off and matthew wouldn't go without him. I was going to fly back with twisted on her way to Italy and stay in New York with (e:hodown) but she hadn't been to San Francisco so we made the plans for her to go there.

It sounds like it could be fun and the conference itself sounds much more promising than the last one. I promise myself not to eat only sushi while I am there.

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Category: work

02/06/07 07:23 - 9ºF - ID#38043

I formed an opinion

I am working on this employee evaluation web application at work. It is my least favorite project since I have been here because I do not have control over the database ;( I mean it has some fun parts but a lot of it is trying to figure out what these 26, 3-4 page paper forms intended in the first place.

I don't like that no one normalized any of the data on the paper forms. Lots of the stuff on the forms is redundant or doesn't make sense anymore when the system is moved to an online one.

I really think it would have been much better if someone in Human Resources had written these forms from the perspective that they are no longer on paper.

Examine the following instructions:

Select the rating which most accurately describes the employee's performance on each factor, and check the appropriate box. If the employee's performance is not exactly described by one of the definitions under a factor, select from all ratings, the one which best describes the employee's performance.

In this case the user is only provided with 5 check boxes (Outstanding->Needs Improvement) on both the paper and electronic form versions. So "select the rating" and "check the appropriate box" are kind of redundant. Then sentence two basically re-iterates sentence one.
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Category: buffalo

02/03/07 05:47 - 19ºF - ID#37988

Where is Buffalo's Inner City?

This is my 4th journal in 24 hours. Sorry but I am trying to make up for last week. My journal gave me a guilt trip. It is so nice sitting by the fire on a cold day and just playing with my internet.

First of all I really wanted to touch on why "inner city" is used like a swear word. I heard someone refer to inner city youth yesterday but I don't think they meant from the inner city, they just meant poor with a not so good education system.

What about the east coast cities makes the inner city such a bad place? Okay, I know the answer to that but can you even refer to inner city in a newer city like phoenix? Is the inner city a bad place in older cities like Paris? Have people just adopted the term inner city to refer to anything ghetto? Where is the inner city of Buffalo? The map below is all the city of Buffalo. I am even missing some fringe areas.


I thought the red part was the city before. It is the area from Niagara st to the 33 on an east to west plane, and from downtown to Kenmore on a North to south plane. When I asked (e:terry) to point out Buffalo on the map he also said, the area in the ring. In fact I never even realized it continued past their until we really looked at it at a party at (e:lilho) 's house last year when someone who was from south buffalo commented that my view of the city was missing all of south buffalo and most of the east side. I guess I should have known as my Dad grew up in Love Joy but I always though Love Joy was more like Kenmore, not in culture but in the fact I thought it was an independently governed area.

It seems like if Buffalo is really that whole map, then if you were to pick out the inner city you would pick out the part in the ring. But that area doesn't really live up to the term 'inner city'. In fact, most of the wealthiest parts of the city are right in the center of that.

So at some point was saying you are from the inner city a good thing to day. Or maybe what I think of as the inner city was the country back then. Where is the inner city of buffalo?

Imagine if everything changed and all the middle class fled the suburbs and moved into the entire city. Do you think the term inner city could ever be something positive to say about a place, or does it have to much baggage. Will anyone move on up to Buffalo's inner city of the future.
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Category: body

02/03/07 04:47 - 19ºF - ID#37984

Breasts, Penis and Mice

I have decided to start journaling obsessively again. I have nothing better to do with my time.

First breasts: Today Nameless Bitch and (e:lilho) went to go get their breasts measured so that they get proper sized bras. Nameless Bitch said she thinks she may have never had the right size.

Namesless Bitch: 12:45 lets get drunk and get measured!

I was thinking about how weird it would be if me and any of my guy friends went to go our junk measured to wear the proper sized underwear. It just seems like something you should know. I could be tottaly wrong about this. I mean I guess there is more to a bra, but is there?

Well according to size I just google "penis size measurement" it seems there is an exact science to this. That is lots of good information here - like, "Is the size of a flaccid penis a good indicator of erection size." Here are the results of the survery At the bottom of the page there is a scrolling marquee. Is this a theme in my life.

As for the mice, their population has been severely reduced. You can tell because there is no mice damage and residuals have gone away. There are a few momma-less baby straglers. They are so slow and baby like that you can catch them with your hands. So two more micecycles in the chamber of death. I am really considering buying a snake. Does anyone have one and want some mice if I catch anymore?
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Category: environment

02/03/07 12:33 - 11ºF - ID#37979

Humans do cause global warming?

That is so hard to believe. I mean pumping billions of gallons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere can't hurt right? It's just those crazy left wing, nut job scientists trying to ruin business for the good companies of america, right?

According to

According to drafts and participants, the document says it is "very likely" - which means at least 90% certain - that climate change is caused by humans burning fossil fuels, and will result in a temperature increase of between 2.5 and 10.4 Fahrenheit by the year 2100.

Some participants apparently want to change that wording to "virtually certain," which connotes a 99% likelihood. "People seem to be feeling, let's make sure that the text actually means something and makes sense to the people it's intended for," Catherine Pearce of Friends of the Earth, who is observing the talks, said Wednesday night. "Some are saying there's no point in having texts that ... don't say anything, that are so watered down," she said.

On a side note I think it is ridiculous that the French turned off the Eifel tower lights for five minutes to call attention to energy conservation. I think it is way past the time when symbolic gesture liek that even matter. Five minutes, couldn't it at least have been an hour, a day or a week. Five minutes almost seems like a joke. Okay, now back to the story.

So what do all you nah-sayers have to say about humans causing global warming now (e:ejtower,31)or (e:joshua,1717)

Sir Nicholas Stern, author of a major report on the economic impact of global warming, says the latest review of the scientific evidence by United Nations' experts has demolished the chief argument of so-called climate sceptics. . . You can read the whole article here .'ve-wrecked-the-weather/2007/02/03/1169919583022.html

At this point a huge majority of the worlds climate scientists agree. Humans are greatly accelerating global warming and unfortunately, we are waiting too long to really do much about it. In fact they stated, "Global warming is "unequivocal" and "very likely" - to a 90 percent or more certainty - caused by human activity. "

I tend to believe them. I grabbed this data from an article about the summit

According to an article,

The United States emits the most greenhouse gases of any country - more than 6.5 billion tons per year, or about 22 percent of the world's total. But it will be surpassed in coming decades by fast-growing China, which is now building on average one coal power plant per week. India isn't far behind; like China, its population has surpassed 1 billion and keeps rising at a fast clip.

The scientists suggest the US develop environmentally energy production methods as soon as possible and share those technologies with developing nations. I would liek to see something along the lines of Open Source energy production technologies but you know it will most likely not be like that and devloping nations will not be able to afford the technology resulting in more coal burnig power plants.

FInding in the report
The cause
Global warming is "unequivocal" and "very likely" - to a 90 percent or more certainty - caused by human activity. Fossil fuel consumption has generated much of the global rise in temperatures over the past half-century.

Temperature changes
Average global temperatures could increase by 2 to 11.5 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. By comparison, temperatures have risen 1.5 degrees over the past century.

Sea levels
Ocean levels are projected to rise 7 to 23 inches by 2100, and will continue to rise for 1,000 years or more. Projections do not include contributions from melting polar ice.

Water shortages
Heat waves, droughts and other kinds of extreme weather will become more frequent. In California, warmer weather will shrink spring snowpacks in the Sierra, reducing a major source of water in the summer and fall.

We should start making making greenhouse gas emission laws stricter. Liek who the fuck needs an escalade. Maybe we should just illegalize huge SUVs, non-energy efficient light bulbs, and promote forms of cleaners energy. It seems to me like cars must be a huge part of it. All it takes is one visit to LA to see what cars do to the atmosphere.

Imagine how much worse it will get when everywhere is as capable of being as wasteful as we are.

According to fox news

Present Bush has acknowledged concerns about global warming but strongly opposes mandatory caps of greenhouse gas emissions, arguing that approach would be too costly.

I ask too costly for who?
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Category: life

02/02/07 10:13 - 24ºF - ID#37974

Dear Journal I am sorry

It seems after years of daily dedication to my journal I am at some weird point in my life where I have nothing to say. Okay that is not true as I am still writing. I used to write in my journal multiple time every day for years but really who wants to see more pictures of inside roswell or at my house. Don't worry there are pictures at the end of this.

The truth is I never go anywhere or do anything interesting much anymore. I don't barely leave the 5 minute radius around my house. As soon as the weather gets warmer I am sure things will change so drastically. I remember what it was like occupying my life with housing building tasks. There is lots of stripping and building to do. I am sure I can occupy much of my time with making my house sweeter.

In the mean time everything exciting seems kind of at a standstill. I think I just might have settled or something. I have everything I ever wanted now and I am bored with it a bit. Who complains about that? I should really look on the bright side. Maybe it is just season disorder or the fact that I worked way too many hours this week. Maybe if I owned a projector. That's what I keep telling myself. I really need a projector to expand my horizons.

On the programming front I am bored too. I think I am burned out with content management. I am more interested in data mining, social networking and visualization. I am tired of other people making web design/programming decisions based on bullshit. Someone actually, I am not joking, asked me for a website with a scrolling marquee today. It felt so 1997.

I hope I am not at one of the moments where I change career paths again. I doubt it only because I am so comfortable and complacent doing what I do, I am well compensated and I have little interest in leaving the city.

Unlike everyone else, I am definately not trying to escape to a bigger city with more to do. I mean even if there were more exciting things to do, like in another larger, warmer city - I would not do them. I don't even like going out much. I frankly, just want to feel like I am part of something slightly more exiciting content management, even if it is for a good cause. I suppose working with (e:enknot) makes content management seem fun.

So here are some things going on.

1. I miss twisted. I just wish we lived together. think I might be going back to San Francisco in march for another conference. Let's hope that works out. Next time it is her turn to come here. PErhaps on the way back from italy?

2. I love linux. I am never going back to windows ever on my personal computers and seeing as they will be on vista for the next 20 years or so, it won't be that hard to just say no, if I make it past this month.

3. Tomorrow, Josephine Anstey and some students are coming by to talk about web programming and online pervasive games. This is something I am very interested in. Sometimes I am still angry that I did not become a professor. I guess there is always the future and there are many other careers I would rather have.

4. Speaking of which I miss jesse, jesse. What ever happend to him. Did he get eaten by China? Maybe Josephine will know.

5. On closing, here are some pictures from my phone, I was cleaning it out in hopes of starting to take new pictures and going back to journaling.

Mike getting hammered, lol

Eating haddock today at Roswell. I have eaten so much fish recently, this one almost killed me. I had three isnatnces of almsot swalling a bone followed by one really sharp one stabbing through my gums. That is a really unpleasant feeling. I wonder if the fish are trying to just say no.

Here is one left over pic from the ice storm. It is not the pretty kindwith the fancy camera but the low res kind with the cell phone. It still was pretty neat.

The mice that were makign us all crazy and doing things like this seems to be gone. The "humane" traps worked really good to trap them so we could kill them. Ironic as it may be, it beats having to spray or put poison everywhere. I would rather die from the mice and the poison.

Like at this place on elmwood. Are they going to knock it down soon. It seems liek such a health hazzard and it is on some of the most prime real estate in the city. I just don't get how it exists there empty and abondoned.

Salmon tastes really good. I like it.

The wig is still out there. I saw it the other day.
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01/31/07 08:25 - 19ºF - ID#37942

I hate humane traps

They just make no sense. Now I simply have a bunch of live mice I have to dispose of. They have two options, die under my boot or freeze to death in the trash can outside. (e:matthew) suggested feeding them the poison. The reason we didn't just use the poison in the first place is because we were afraid the squirrels would get poisoned.

I thought about building some sort of mass extermination chamber but it all seems so first stage of being a serial killer - don't you think? It seems liek putting them out in the blue bin is the best option for my personal sanity, they will freeze very fast.
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