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10/08/13 09:42 - ID#58124


Is there some kind of PC doctor I can bring my computer to? Or a class, or anything so I can understand what is going on with it?

I bought a PC for work because I'm self-employed and needed a computer to use Quickbooks. I have never installed anything that I didn't need for work on my PC and do not use if for anything other than work.

On my Mac, internet pages load instantly. Using the same internet connection, it can take minutes to load a page.

My computer has been giving me this error message for weeks when I try to update QuickBooks. "Problem. Error 1618. Another program is currently being updated. Solution. Complete the update and them update QuickBooks" How can I do that? I have no idea what would be updating.

I had to uninstall Google Chrome, because it would open randomly whenever it felt like it, perhaps every 15 or 20 minutes.

Why is this thing so horrible? Is it me? Please help if you know why this would be happening. It's so frustrating.

Maybe it's just a case of you get what you paid for. I'm not really able to buy another computer.
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08/17/13 01:25 - ID#58003

government benefits

[Update: I couldn't stop thinking about this, so when I got a chance I sat down with my 1040 and calculator. I think these numbers are pretty close.]

A family of three who earns $19,000 per year in self-emloyment income actually makes approximately the same amount as a family of three who earns $24,000 per year in self employment income.

Here's how I figured:

19K family gets:
$3792 in food stamps per year ($316/month)
$3169 in Earned Income Tax Credit per year
$912 in NYS Earned Income Credit
and owes:
$2685 in Self-employment tax
$0 in Federal Tax
$0 in NYS Tax

Grand Total: $24,188

24K family gets:
$0 in food stamps
$3169 in Earned Income Tax Credit
$912 in NYS EIC
and owes:
$3391 in Self-employment tax
$0 in Federal Tax
$252 in NYS Tax

Grand Total: $24,438

To make matters even worse, once that family makes $27K, they deal with:
Losing their free Health Insurance
$444 less in Earned Income Credit
$133 less in NYS EIC
$424 more in Self employment tax
$179 more in Federal tax
$111 more in NY tax
So, in effect they still don't make any more money, provided they find some kind of cheap health insurance costing only $140/month.

This is insanity. Why does $19,000=$27,000?

(I realize that my tax numbers are probably off a couple dollars, and I would love to be corrected if I am way off, but I think I'm pretty close to hitting the nail on the head.)
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06/14/13 11:32 - ID#57801

post-baby sex

Why does no one tell you that women HATE sex after they have a baby?

It's already been almost 9 months. I honesly can't thing of many things that I would rather do less.

Anyone have any other experiences or advice to share?
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06/06/13 12:01 - ID#57769

hi paul

Hi Paul, How are you?

I ran in to your dad the other day as I was walking down Wilber. We chatted for a while and he was singing your praises, telling me about your big promotion at work, your beautiful house, and your wedding. He also was very proud of Mike and his new job.

He showed off the vegetable garden and he explained how he has to mow the lawn every three days to keep it neat. It does look very nice indeed. But Kenmore is not the same as it used to be. Is that because there are black people who live there now? Remember how there was only one black student at Kenmore West when we went there?

I couldn't help but remember how he used to get so mad sometimes. He is so much more mellow than he used to be. Probably because of the brain tumor.

I'd love to see you some time!
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03/14/12 09:18 - ID#56220

11 weeks

i can't believe how horrible it is to be pregnant. i am certain i am not the only one who has felt this way, but i really don't know anyone else who has expressed just how bad it really is.

i know myself pretty well. i have been aware of my body and always been healthy. but now, from energetic and competent, I have digressed to being exhausted and disabled.

i have gained one pound so far, but my clothes do not fit me because my body has gone haywire. all of a sudden, about 1 week ago, i started getting fat. i feel like a blob.

the worst physical change is that my boobs have gone from a size 32C to a fucking 32E. i've already gone up three sizes and i can't even begin to explain how uncomfortable it is to have those things hanging off of me all the time.

and i know it's just going to get worse.

i used to sleep a normal 7 or 8 hours a night. now i sleep 12 hours a day (yes, half of my life!). and when I am awake, i am almost always tired.

people have started to say congratulations to me. i want to scream that i hate this and don't want to be congratulated. this is such a burden. i didn't know it was going to be like this.

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