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Category: love

03/09/07 02:40 - 42ºF - ID#38410


no jacket today.

everyone's in a good mood.

it's friday. it's sunnny. it's warm. there is an abundance of smiles going around in buffalo this afternoon. enjoy!

i'm outisde on the porch drinking a beer with (e:bridgette), and a couple other friends, next door to pano's if you happen to be in the neighborhood...

this feels so good.

my lack of a jacket gives me so much extra ability to MOVE. i have so much energy. i'm loving spring. i feel like a plant getting energy from the sun.

goin' back outside to get some more...


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Category: love

03/08/07 11:53 - 16ºF - ID#38405

10 good things about today

i had a seriously bad day. so many things went wrong, and i was having a hard time getting out of feeling bad.

so i decided to make a list of ten things that were good about today. and they had to be today specific (like, i couldn't say that i am healthy, because i am healthy every day.) it actually took me a while to come up with the list, but i stuck with it. and i do feel much better now.

here it is:

1. we got a whisk broom. we haven't had one for about a week. me without a whisk broom is like (e:paul) without a computer.

2. carlos, the UPS guy, who is one of the few people in buffalo who know my last name (peace) drove by when i was waiting for the bus, gave me the peace sign and shouted out PEACE!

3. i had this intuition that i would see someone i know while on mass transit today, and i did end up seeing two people i know. (actually three, if you count carlos, but i don't really know him...)

4. i had people to talk to. i talked to my nursing friend matt while in class and had conversations with three of my roommates when i got home.

5. i read the article in buffalo rising about our coop. i thought it was a nice article, and i was impressed with the quality of the articles in the magazine in general. (i don't know how to add a link, but if i did, i would add one here of that article.)

6. i learned something i have wondered about often. ever since i saw trainspotting, i wondered about the fascination with heroin. i saw people in the movie shoot up and immediately lie down. it didn't look that fun, but i always wondered why they lie down like that. it turns out (as i learned in pharmacology today) that it's because heroin makes your blood pressure drop a ton if you're standing, so you're likely to pass out. (your blood pressure doesn't change nearly as much if you're lying down.)

7. i chose to walk to the subway instead of taking the bus this afternoon, and i enjoyed the walk.

8. there was an absolutely amazing sunset this evening. there were clouds low in the sky and due to the sun tinting on the ub shuttle, it literally looked like those clouds were an ocean. i have never seen anything like that before. words can't suffice.

9. the weather was much warmer today.

10. i got my jeans back. i know i don't get excited about possessions, BUT for the past two months, i have only had two pairs of pants i can wear. now i have three. that is much better. (to avoid having my double x chromosomes taken away by admitting that i only have two pairs of pants, i want to say that i have many more pairs of leggings and pants that go underneath the two pairs of pants i have been wearing.)

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Category: pharmacology

03/06/07 10:37 - 9ºF - ID#38384

as good as it gets

i want to record this because i think it is the most positive i will ever feel about my pharmacology class.

i just took my second exam this evening. i got an 86, which is a b. i got 80% on first exam, which is a b-, which literally meant that i was failing out of school because i need to get at least a b in every one of the classes i'm taking this semester in order to start nursing school in may.

right now, i have an 87.04% in the class (i got full credit on each of the five quizzes i took), and a b+ is an 87% (and a b is only 81%). so i'm excited that right now i have this buffer that allows me to relax a little bit.

in fact, this is the last "real" exam i have before spring break. i have a statistics exam next tuesday, but i'm really good at math, so i don't even think of statistics as a class, it's more like fun and using a part of my brain i don't often get to use anymore.

and i'm actually excited about the next class we have in my pharmacology class. we're going to study drug abuse. i already read this chapter in the book, because i have a personal interest in this topic... most of what we've learned in pharmacology i don't care for. i would enjoy an "Herbs 302" class, or (as i realized the first day i took this class), i would very much enjoy a "THC 302" class.

for now, all is good in the school department.

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Category: travel

03/03/07 02:52 - 34ºF - ID#38336

road trip

road trip

march 14-19

destination: warmth, relaxation, happiness

i'm so excited!

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