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02/28/07 03:32 - 33ºF - ID#38308

run around

i fucking hate UB. [/

if anyone is thinking about going to school there, i would strongly advise you to go somewhere else instead. it is the worst school. every single class i'm taking there has over 200 students and no teachers who care about the classes.

and it isn't that cheap either. they stick you with about a million dollars of fees and other hidden costs--way more than any other school i've seen.

plus since it's so big, NO ONE takes any personal responsiblity for anything. i've never met such unhelpful people as those in the student response center (where you go to pay your bills.)

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Category: buffalo

02/28/07 09:08 - 29ºF - ID#38305

tranquil destruction

hmm. i just walked outside and they are killing a large tree three houses down from where i live. it wasn't even destroyed in the october storm.

when i was watching this, i called the weatherman and he used the word tranquil to describe the day. he said tranquil more than once.

i don't understand all this destruction in buffalo. first i lived next door to the atwater house (next to panos) and they tore that building down. now it's just a blocked off ugly gravel area. then this poor tree, who just stays there peacefully all the time and gives us oxygen and beauty and stability.

i guess we just need to accept what is and love it all...

literally, i was just appreciating oxygen this morning. my roommate and i had been discussing the high percentage of oxygen that we get from the plankton in the ocean, so i drew a cartoon of someone swimming appreciating all of that.

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02/21/07 12:04 - 33ºF - ID#38229


we have a lot of construction material trash that we need to take away from our house. does anyone know where we can drop that off? and when (what days, hours) we could do so?


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Category: drinkin'

02/20/07 04:42 - 35ºF - ID#38223

mardi gras memories

yes, i've decided that i must skip class tonight.

1. i've already started to paint my face.

2. i'm about 80% finished with the boone's farms (ah, the memories...) that i recently bought.

3. it's MARDI GRAS!!! i went to college in new orleans, it's supposed to be a holiday!

top mardi gras memories:

1995: mardi gras morning. woke up around 9:30, ellen chapman was visiting me. we started drinking around 9:45 and by 10:15, i was wasted. we were eating my roommate's roses and doing shots of whatever we had, which probably included jack daniels, taaka vodka (mixes easy, just add people!) and i seem to remember some of that minty stuff, oh, bailey's. my mom or dad (yes, i was too drunk to remember which one) called at 10:30. i was so drunk i couldn't talk, except that i do remember explaining that it was mardi gras. which probably doesn't really help calm a parent's mind, especially because they had never experienced it.

1994: getting really, really, really drunk in the bar across the street from campus (that i used to always get drunk in). all i remember was twirling around with some guy when the song "come on eileen" was playing. i also kissed some guy who had really bad breath for some beads.
the worst thing i did was mistake my friend greg for my friend kiki. greg is a blonde jewish guy with long hair. kiki is a short black girl. my drunk goggles only told me "friend" and i coudn't tell who was who.


gotta finish this boones.

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Category: spring

02/20/07 02:44 - 38ºF - ID#38221

happy mardi gras!

we love you, new orleans! enjoy your rebirth!


if anyone needs some help drinkin' tonight, let me know!

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02/19/07 06:50 - 7ºF - ID#38207

my new diet

i have a super high metabolism.

and i have been eating (overwhelmingly) vegan again.

that means i got too skinny again.

i don't like my weight to go under 125. i went to the doctor the other day. and sure enough, i am under that.

all my clothes are too loose. i have indentations on the side of my waist. my bras, which are already the smaller ones, are too loose. when we were in high school, ((e:paul)) and ((e:iriesara)) used to call me mammary. now, i'm less than a b.

so i came up with an idea to be a pseudo-vegan and to not have this weight problem anymore: just add oil to everything i eat. this is fun, it makes everything taste like restaurant food. i don't generally use the microwave, so i warm up the leftovers on the stove, adding oil instead of water (which i usually add to reheat my food.)

end result: yummy food. and lots of calories for me!

this is actually the perfect diet for me, i believe. last summer, i became obsessed with this program on where you could put in everything you eat and it analyzed ALL of your food intake, including vitamins, omega fats, minerals and all. since i eat very healthy and i my nutrient intake was above the recommended intake for everything except for vitamin E and potassium. vitamin E is mostly found in healthy oils and nuts (and potassium in fruit, which i try to eat, but i don't really like sweets too much.)

thank you for the food, mother earth!

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02/15/07 10:34 - 14ºF - ID#38173


i got the best valentine's wish from my soulmates:

Love is
We Love
You Me
We She He
Love Be
Just Be Love
See Love
Breathe love
Give Love
Eternity Loves Recipie....


hannah and jesse, where ever you are, i send you infinite love. you have changed my life by being who you are. i know your mission is to spread love and to be peace. you have inspired me and shown me a way of living and being love, joy, and truth. thank you, thank you, thank you.

i love you so much.
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Category: anatomy lab

02/14/07 05:34 - 14ºF - ID#38152


in my anatomy lab today, we were discussing all the muscles of the body, and our TA was often demonstrating what the different muscles do.

we got to the facial muscles and there was one that one girl at my table described as "puffing out your cheeks." so i asked the TA to demonstrate what she meant. i didn't see him demonstrate what that muscle did because i was looking down to write something when i did. not fully understanding that muscle, as i was looking up, i said, "do it again!"

i looked at him, and saw that he was pressing his tongue up against one of his cheeks, puffing it out. without thinking at all, i laughed, which made everyone else who had been holding in their laughs laugh too. the TA turned really red.

i honestly had no intentions of embarassing him when i asked him to do it again, but it was definitely the funniest moment i've had here for a little while.
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02/13/07 11:50 - 9ºF - ID#38130

people from warm climates

i have had many people from warm climates tell me that after it gets below freezing, you can't really tell a difference in how cold it is. they think that the difference between say, 20 and 10, is not distinguishable to us. some of them seriously have argued with me when i try to tell them that there IS a difference.

what do they know?

i miss the *warm* temperatures--it got up to 26 yesterday, and i was about ready to go to the beach.

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02/04/07 08:31 - 4ºF - ID#38016

what a weekend

friday: intoxication
saturday: hangover
sunday: cramps

getting angry certainly is not so good for my health.
i am looking forward to getting back to normal.

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