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06/22/07 03:57 - 69ºF - ID#39770


and disregard that map which i have no clue where it came from but i believe that it's showing city hall, and that's not where the furniture will be!
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06/22/07 03:56 - 69ºF - ID#39769

furniture pics #2

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06/22/07 03:55 - 69ºF - ID#39768

furniture pics

oops, lets try that again.....
see my previous journal for why the hell i have dresser pics here.

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06/22/07 03:52 - 69ºF - ID#39767

must go items!

a friend of mine from rochester is moving to L.A. in a week and a half and has been having problems finding a caring home for some amazing furniture he has, here's his message:

Please please read this if you could possibly want furniture!

I have my bedroom set listed on the internet but it is not getting any bites. I MUST get rid of this by Saturday night or it is getting donated to goodwill or something, and that will make me cry! You don't want me to cry do you?

This bedroom set is awesome. The mirror itself is to die for, it's like 5 feet by 4 feet! If you or anyone in town you know might want this PLEASE get a hold of me. I've been asking $275 or best offer at this point. Anything would be better than nothing and this set needs a good home. I will totally even help you out with the moving and lifting. If you buy it from me I will prolly even have access to a moving van on Saturday and can bring it right to your house!

Here are the dimensions, and a couple of pictures:

1 horizontal dresser - 80" wide, 30" high, 20" deep. It has 3 large main drawers down the middle, and has a carved wooden door on either side of the main drawers. Opening the doors reveals another set of 3 smaller drawers, for a total of 9 drawers on this dresser. The best feature though is the mirror that bolts on to the back, it's really really big (see pictures).

1 verticle dresser - 40" wide, 58" high, 20" deep. This dresser actually comes apart in two pieces if you prefer, or stack ontop of eachother. The base has two large drawers the size of the main drawers in the last dresser. The top section has 5 medium sized drawers on the right, and a carved wooden door on the left. Opening the door reveals 5 more small drawers.

1 night stand (2 medium drawers and storage compartment) and 1 headboard for a queen sized bed (only headboard, frame and bed not included). These are all matched and still in very good shape (only minor bumps you'd expect after over 25 years of use).

<img src="">

<img src="">

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04/10/07 06:20 - 38ºF - ID#38838

the new digs

i like this coloration, it's soothing to the eye.
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