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Category: drinkin'

02/20/07 04:42 - 35ºF - ID#38223

mardi gras memories

yes, i've decided that i must skip class tonight.

1. i've already started to paint my face.

2. i'm about 80% finished with the boone's farms (ah, the memories...) that i recently bought.

3. it's MARDI GRAS!!! i went to college in new orleans, it's supposed to be a holiday!

top mardi gras memories:

1995: mardi gras morning. woke up around 9:30, ellen chapman was visiting me. we started drinking around 9:45 and by 10:15, i was wasted. we were eating my roommate's roses and doing shots of whatever we had, which probably included jack daniels, taaka vodka (mixes easy, just add people!) and i seem to remember some of that minty stuff, oh, bailey's. my mom or dad (yes, i was too drunk to remember which one) called at 10:30. i was so drunk i couldn't talk, except that i do remember explaining that it was mardi gras. which probably doesn't really help calm a parent's mind, especially because they had never experienced it.

1994: getting really, really, really drunk in the bar across the street from campus (that i used to always get drunk in). all i remember was twirling around with some guy when the song "come on eileen" was playing. i also kissed some guy who had really bad breath for some beads.
the worst thing i did was mistake my friend greg for my friend kiki. greg is a blonde jewish guy with long hair. kiki is a short black girl. my drunk goggles only told me "friend" and i coudn't tell who was who.


gotta finish this boones.

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Category: spring

02/20/07 02:44 - 38ºF - ID#38221

happy mardi gras!

we love you, new orleans! enjoy your rebirth!


if anyone needs some help drinkin' tonight, let me know!

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02/19/07 06:50 - 7ºF - ID#38207

my new diet

i have a super high metabolism.

and i have been eating (overwhelmingly) vegan again.

that means i got too skinny again.

i don't like my weight to go under 125. i went to the doctor the other day. and sure enough, i am under that.

all my clothes are too loose. i have indentations on the side of my waist. my bras, which are already the smaller ones, are too loose. when we were in high school, ((e:paul)) and ((e:iriesara)) used to call me mammary. now, i'm less than a b.

so i came up with an idea to be a pseudo-vegan and to not have this weight problem anymore: just add oil to everything i eat. this is fun, it makes everything taste like restaurant food. i don't generally use the microwave, so i warm up the leftovers on the stove, adding oil instead of water (which i usually add to reheat my food.)

end result: yummy food. and lots of calories for me!

this is actually the perfect diet for me, i believe. last summer, i became obsessed with this program on where you could put in everything you eat and it analyzed ALL of your food intake, including vitamins, omega fats, minerals and all. since i eat very healthy and i my nutrient intake was above the recommended intake for everything except for vitamin E and potassium. vitamin E is mostly found in healthy oils and nuts (and potassium in fruit, which i try to eat, but i don't really like sweets too much.)

thank you for the food, mother earth!

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02/15/07 10:34 - 14ºF - ID#38173


i got the best valentine's wish from my soulmates:

Love is
We Love
You Me
We She He
Love Be
Just Be Love
See Love
Breathe love
Give Love
Eternity Loves Recipie....


hannah and jesse, where ever you are, i send you infinite love. you have changed my life by being who you are. i know your mission is to spread love and to be peace. you have inspired me and shown me a way of living and being love, joy, and truth. thank you, thank you, thank you.

i love you so much.
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Category: anatomy lab

02/14/07 05:34 - 14ºF - ID#38152


in my anatomy lab today, we were discussing all the muscles of the body, and our TA was often demonstrating what the different muscles do.

we got to the facial muscles and there was one that one girl at my table described as "puffing out your cheeks." so i asked the TA to demonstrate what she meant. i didn't see him demonstrate what that muscle did because i was looking down to write something when i did. not fully understanding that muscle, as i was looking up, i said, "do it again!"

i looked at him, and saw that he was pressing his tongue up against one of his cheeks, puffing it out. without thinking at all, i laughed, which made everyone else who had been holding in their laughs laugh too. the TA turned really red.

i honestly had no intentions of embarassing him when i asked him to do it again, but it was definitely the funniest moment i've had here for a little while.
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02/13/07 11:50 - 9ºF - ID#38130

people from warm climates

i have had many people from warm climates tell me that after it gets below freezing, you can't really tell a difference in how cold it is. they think that the difference between say, 20 and 10, is not distinguishable to us. some of them seriously have argued with me when i try to tell them that there IS a difference.

what do they know?

i miss the *warm* temperatures--it got up to 26 yesterday, and i was about ready to go to the beach.

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02/04/07 08:31 - 4ºF - ID#38016

what a weekend

friday: intoxication
saturday: hangover
sunday: cramps

getting angry certainly is not so good for my health.
i am looking forward to getting back to normal.

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Category: yoga

02/04/07 10:47 - 5ºF - ID#38006

yogic cleansing

i ended up getting the winter sickness that hits people generally around the end of january. it is mostly gone except that i still have a slight stuffy nose and a bit of a cough.

so the other day, i noticed that i had a pretty thick film on my tongue. and i remembered to use my tongue scraper. it was pretty gross scraping all that stuff off. i am not normally a person who produces a lot of mucus, but because i was sick, my body was producing more.


well, directly after i finished scraping my tongue, i could suddenly taste my food and my entire mouth felt much cleaner. and, as an added benefit, i noticed that my nostrils were way less clogged, too.

another technique that is extremely helpful to most people is using the neti pot. you pour a salt water solution (the same temperature as your body temp and the same saltiness as your tears) through your nostrils. it goes in one nostril and out the other and then you blow the excess mucus out. it really gets rid of any clogs.


i get allergies at the end of august ever year (ragweed). during that time, i use the neti pot several times a day. it honestly made me not even notice any effects of my allergies.

these techniques are designed to get rid of ama, which are the toxins that accumulate in your body when it's not running in tip-top shape. we have ama even when our body is healthy, it's produced from incomplete digestion, whether physical or emotional. ama accumulates much more when we are imbalanced physically or spiritually.

i should probably get myself to a yoga class soon, too. ama, be gone!

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Category: ranting & raving

02/03/07 07:18 - 17ºF - ID#37991

it got to me

so, my first two weeks of school, i was proud of how well i handled the enormous transition i just went through. i was not getting stressed at all about the fact that i suddenly was extremely busy all the time. i just moved in to a new house and greeted everyone (even the cat i caught peeing on my bed) with a smile. i even tricked my roommate in to thinking that i was a morning person because i would have a happy thought as i walked in to the kitchen and would come in every morning smiling.

well, yesterday, the last day of my third week, it got to me. i found myself in the computer lab at ub getting frustrated because i have to learn a whole new email program that is not user friendly in the slightest. i was emailing my pharmacology professor who i cannot stand. it takes a LOT for me to not like someone. i don't care who you are or how you express yourself, as long as you are a good person. if i can find some sliver of good in you, if i know that you live your life in a way that expressed that you are trying to identify with that part of you that is good.

it's hard for me to find the goodness in this professor. he has done all of these things:

1. came in to class around fifteen minutes late on the first day of class, which doesn't start until 6:45 pm. he said he got stuck at an intersection at ub for all that time. yes, it was snowing, but you are the professor. you make it a point to leave earlier to get to class on time.

2. spends the entire time READING the power point notes he made for the class. really, he doesn't explain anything, and the slides that he created have a ton of vocabulary that only someone who had taken a number of courses that were not even prerequesites for the class would know.

3. tells jokes. if you are a good teacher and you tell jokes, i will appreciate them. if you are doing it as a way to trick students in to liking you, i do not appreciate it at all. i was pretty much growling each time he wasted our time telling us something that did not pertain to the class.

4. lies. yes. in one of his "jokes," he gave us medical misinformation. he was describing the way an epidural is done and he pantomimed a needle that was over twice the size of the size that is really used. he continued his joke for dramatic effect, raised an eyebrow, and said in a scary voice, "does that scare you, punk?"
i was very, very glad to see that one of the students in class called him on how he exaggerated the size of the needle. the teacher then demonstrated the correct needle size.

5. on the second night he was lecturing, he stopped mid sentence to completely embarass this korean girl who was videotaping his lecture. i mean, he was RUDE in a bad way. i know the other students in class feel like i do about this as well.
i know my lecture is recorded on the ub website, and if i were computer literate, i would find that clip and post it here. i cannot describe how horrible he was to this girl. i really think he should be fired or at least be given a severe warning for what he did.


i did all these things i'm not proud of yesterday at the ub library:

--i said and/or muttered "fuck" aloud at least six times in the computer lab.

--i wrote "fucking asshole professor" on the quiz i just took when the teacher i just described put a trick question on the quiz.

--i was unpleasant to the librarians when they couldn't find a book on reserve.

---i sent a theatening email to the company that i ordered my book from on because it was supposedly delivered 10 days ago and i never got it. they had not responded to my previous request to contact UPS about this. (the bad news is that they responded within 10 minutes of recieving my threatening email, when they did not respond to the kind email i had sent them four days earlier.)

--when i was trying to figure out how to do something on my ub email, i sent myself a test email, in which i wrote "grrr."

i was so disappointed in myself.

i decided to remedy all of that by drinking a lot of beer and smoking SO MUCH pot and more cigarettes than i had smoked during the last week combined. at least i had a very, very fun night partying with all the people i used to live with next to pano's. i got to hang out with at least 10 people during the night and it was fun. i guess everyone's gotta let off some steam sometimes, right?

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Category: health

02/02/07 10:50 - 24ºF - ID#37965

brand new STD

i learned yesterday in my microbiology class that there is a brand-new STD called MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). it is caused by a superbug. it's a kind of staph infection, which is a really gross kind of infection. i've seen what it does to people's skin, i'd hate for that to affect my love hole.

from wikipedia:
Recently, due to overuse of antibiotics, strains of S. aureus have evolved to become resistant to certain drugs.

if we didn't overuse antibiotics, we could still treat this infection.
there are antibiotics in our animal feed and water supply and there's not a whole lot we can do about that. this is really sad and upsetting and will lead to more and more diseases that are resistant to antibiotics.

if you like to buy antibiotic soaps, you may be helping yourself a tiny bit (not really, because you are also killing the millions of good bacteria that we have that protect us), but you are hurting everyone else and harming our earth.

i must say that I am completely impressed with ECC. i decided to take microbiology there instead of ub because i figured it would be cheaper and easier. and it turns out that i keep hearing the students at ub complaining about how hard their microbiology class is, while my teacher at ecc is straightforward and and wonderful. he is so excited about microorganisms and we actually learn about what's new in the world of microbiology. (when i went to look up MRSA on the internet, i found that it was released yesterday that it is transmitted sexually.) he really keeps on top of things. microbiology was the class i was dreading the most this semester, because i really don't have a huge interest in bacteria and the like. but because my teacher is so great, it will end up being the class that i remember the most from.

also, the class size at ecc is great. there are only 8 people in my class. in the three science classes i'm taking at ub, there are between 200-300 people in each class. i really like to ask questions in class, but when there are hundreds of other studens, i feel that my questions should not be asked because if everyone asked the same amount of questions as me, there would be no time for the lecture.

anyway, i heart ecc. it is the most convenient location that anyone could ever dream of for a college (across the street from the bus station). everyone there is helpful (it seems i often need help with random things as school). and the veggie burgers only cost $2.06 in their cafeteria.

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