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Is there some kind of PC doctor I can bring my computer to? Or a class, or anything so I can understand what is going on with it?

I bought a PC for work because I'm self-employed and needed a computer to use Quickbooks. I have never installed anything that I didn't need for work on my PC and do not use if for anything other than work.

On my Mac, internet pages load instantly. Using the same internet connection, it can take minutes to load a page.

My computer has been giving me this error message for weeks when I try to update QuickBooks. "Problem. Error 1618. Another program is currently being updated. Solution. Complete the update and them update QuickBooks" How can I do that? I have no idea what would be updating.

I had to uninstall Google Chrome, because it would open randomly whenever it felt like it, perhaps every 15 or 20 minutes.

Why is this thing so horrible? Is it me? Please help if you know why this would be happening. It's so frustrating.

Maybe it's just a case of you get what you paid for. I'm not really able to buy another computer.
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