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Category: pharmacology

03/06/07 10:37 - ID#38384

as good as it gets

i want to record this because i think it is the most positive i will ever feel about my pharmacology class.

i just took my second exam this evening. i got an 86, which is a b. i got 80% on first exam, which is a b-, which literally meant that i was failing out of school because i need to get at least a b in every one of the classes i'm taking this semester in order to start nursing school in may.

right now, i have an 87.04% in the class (i got full credit on each of the five quizzes i took), and a b+ is an 87% (and a b is only 81%). so i'm excited that right now i have this buffer that allows me to relax a little bit.

in fact, this is the last "real" exam i have before spring break. i have a statistics exam next tuesday, but i'm really good at math, so i don't even think of statistics as a class, it's more like fun and using a part of my brain i don't often get to use anymore.

and i'm actually excited about the next class we have in my pharmacology class. we're going to study drug abuse. i already read this chapter in the book, because i have a personal interest in this topic... most of what we've learned in pharmacology i don't care for. i would enjoy an "Herbs 302" class, or (as i realized the first day i took this class), i would very much enjoy a "THC 302" class.

for now, all is good in the school department.

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