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Category: toys

05/22/11 01:37 - ID#54328

Mike and his alter ego

Its as if they took his soul and made a puppet of it.

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Category: toys

10/05/08 11:55 - ID#45943

Where Jesus meets glow

I may be wrong but I think this is the first time I have seen a children's vending machine catering to a religious group. It seems like a great way to reduce your profits. Either that's the case other they just refilled because it was full to the top. In case you want one they are at Wegman's on Amherst. Alterniately, you could just buy the 250ct refill for the vending machine for $48.00. I never realized what a huge markup this stuff has.

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Category: toys

10/19/07 11:36 - ID#41712

Seeing as I can't find a new fruitfly

The Fluffy Milk is all I ever wanted. I saw it gizmodo this morning.

Okay, so it can't cook or tell me crazy stories but...

The website is so cute too

Can someone who speaks japanese figure out how to order me one?
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Category: toys

04/01/06 11:24 - ID#32555

WalkieBits at dynamism

I don't know if any of you have ever been to but it's an interesting site. They basically sell Japanese stuff before it makes it to america. Right now they have these cute little robtoic turtles that can walk around you desk and learn sound patterns from you. I love crap like that.


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