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Category: poetry

04/10/12 09:08 - ID#56344

Self Pruning

Apparently, my hatred for hair products goes way back.

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Category: poetry

04/05/09 09:48 - ID#48300


Elementary school Poetry by Paul Visco

Sprinkle is like snow.
Sparkle is like gold.
Sprinkle is soft as cotton,
Sparkle is as shiny as the sun.

Sprinkle is very soft.
Sparkle is very glittery.
Sparkle is sometimes hard.
Sprinkle is sometimes soft.

I like both sprinkle and sparkle.

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Category: poetry

07/09/06 11:31 - ID#32690

Shakespeare In The Park and poetry

Went out to the (e:strip) Shakespeare in the Park Cultural Gathering imk2,86 - it was pretty fun. Lots of peeps and lots of freakin snacks and drinks. I think everyone had plenty to eat and drink. I


even played with a dog for a bit. It was okay because I was outside and it wasn't a cat.


The bill was a little riske don't you think?

Here are some video clips from the event.

::Download Flash Video::

::Download Flash Video::

On another note, my mother sent over potery I wrote in GT in middle school. I think they may have been one of my first times using any sort of layout software. The poetry was more serious than I would have expected out of me. I wonder what I was thinking.






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Category: poetry

03/31/06 03:57 - ID#32553

on the way to the symposium

Argh, I never recovered enough clipboard data so it was back to estrip and porn poems at the last minute.

I am finally recycling the lemonade. Well at least the bottles live in the trunk and not in my cubicle.



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Category: poetry

11/15/05 09:00 - ID#32345

Multidimensional Day

Woke up at 9:30 to start work for the poetry reading [inlink]shawnr,188[/inlink].

[size=m]Road Rage[/size]
After dropping (e:terry) off, I went to go try and park at Canisius and almost got out to beat someone up. I have never had road rage before but now I know what it is all about. I went to go park on Main Street because I don't have a parking pass. I found a spot around Delavan and Main Street near the entrance to Forest Lawn. It was raining pretty severely and I knew I had to get really wet but at least my backpack has a built in umbrella for the computer. I would take a pic if I had my phone - get well soon. So anyways, I go to parallel park by pulling up even with the car in front of the spot and some crazy woman tries to out park me by going in head first. I have never experience this before.

I got really angry but thought, ok, she clearly isn't going to make it. Then she zoomed out, got on the side of my car and tried to back in. During this hole ordeal I pressed the horn and gave her the finger. Something inside me was screaming just back up and slam her car or get out and beat the crap out of her but instead I just kept beeping. She stole the spot and I yelled some stuff at her. I had like two minutes to get to work. Then I went and parked somewhere else, luckily, there was a new spot much closer to the building.

When I got to work I started to clean out my old stuff and organize papers for the move. I went to go bring some time cards from one of my assistants to my boss and my journal was up on his screen. That lead to a conversation about my feeling about the program. It was a good talk and I was honest about how I felt about the direction of the program. I hope my input means something. I still never got to address the new professor without the terminal degree issue but I see no point in arguing as it is all over.

[size=m]Poetry Reading[/size]
Afterwards, I went to the poetry reading. I was the last person up at the reading so I needed something with a punch and something with programming. Unfortunately, I waited until on the way there to write it. Luckily, I work well under pressure and while driving as I am used to using the nokia while driving, although now I am driving without an inspection sticker. I will be getting one on Thursday but back to the point. So there I am, driving down main street, feeding a bacon burger into my face from Wendy's while programming on the vaio, oh and driving. Thank god no one died and the road rage from earlier had subsided.

Once I got to the reading they had wine and beer. I choose wine and (e:jesse) chose the French girl. I wanted to talk to either of them but instead I had another glass of wine. First off I read some epoetry from the site's epoetry engine which people generally like. Too bad (e:lilho) couldn't have been there because her face was projects at on the ten foot screen and she would have loved it.

[size=m]Caught Masturbating[/size]
No I wasn't but I figured that would get your attention, haha.
After the estrip poetry I read the new thing I wrote in the car on the way from Wendy's. It takes answers from this survey about people's personal experiences being caught masturbating and extracts the I, He, She, My, They perspective in each survey for comparison. It was funny reading these poems at a podium in front of a full room. There are about 20 surveys so it take s a while to read them all. Number 1 is pretty good. People laughed and seemed to enjoy it.

(e:shawnr) also read from his pretty slick digi-novel PITP
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Category: poetry

10/22/05 06:01 - ID#32299

Genre Poem

Genre One
This get genre
row genre one

insert into genres values romance
insert into genres vaules childhood
insert into genres values teen
insert into genres vaules golden years
insert into genres values sports
insert into genres values jobs
insert into genres values family
insert into genres values lunchhour

Genre Two
This get genre
row genre two'

insert into genres valuue errands
insert into genres vaules vacation
insert into genres values animals
insert into genres vaules accidents
insert into genres values politics
insert into genres values fights
insert into genres values family
insert into genres values lunchhour
insert into genres vaules drinking
insert into genres values music
insert into genres values seasons
insert into genres values weather
insert into genres values holidays

Genre Three
This get genre
row genre three

insert into genres values sexual
insert into genres values gender
insert into genres values sexuality
insert into genres vaules fashion
insert into genres values food
insert into genres values only in Buffalo
insert into genres values art
insert into genres values theatre
insert into genres values driving
insert into genres values walking
insert into genres values injuries
insert into genres values unexpected encounters
insert into genres values drugs
insert into genres values other
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Category: poetry

07/12/05 06:21 - ID#32090

Deleting Stuff and the Haiku

I am deleting and organizing stuff to make myself feel better. i guess it is my version of shopping [inlink]hodown,165[/inlink] Along the way I found the code for the xml version of my haiku writer. It is the last remaining copy of the code. I gave it a wrile and I got this.

submitted worried ,
about publish able what ,
be to seem want blog .

I think it really sums up how I feel these days. I deleted all the code that used to run the "advertising" module that I never wanted.
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Category: poetry

09/22/04 04:08 - ID#31244

Semantics Comming Soon

I thought very intensively about meaning in computer generated text. I like how my haikus and weatherkus have no meaning right now but are awaiting the "brains" to make themselves intelligible. This one almost did it by itself. I defintely conjurs up a mental imagine.

operator drive ,
roar her or blows west few blocks ,
me which hit jaw grab .

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Category: poetry

04/22/04 01:52 - ID#30875

Poetics is Dangerous

Holly this one is for you. Hurry up and switch to painting. According to Reuters today ...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Poets die young -- younger than novelists, playwrights and other writers, a U.S. researcher said Wednesday.

... "What I found was pretty consistent with the death finding actually, female poets were much more likely to suffer from mental illness (e.g., be hospitalized, commit suicide, attempt suicide) than any other kind of writer and more likely than other eminent women," he said.

Full story:

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