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Category: poetry

10/22/05 06:01 - 44ºF - ID#32299

Genre Poem

Genre One
This get genre
row genre one

insert into genres values romance
insert into genres vaules childhood
insert into genres values teen
insert into genres vaules golden years
insert into genres values sports
insert into genres values jobs
insert into genres values family
insert into genres values lunchhour

Genre Two
This get genre
row genre two'

insert into genres valuue errands
insert into genres vaules vacation
insert into genres values animals
insert into genres vaules accidents
insert into genres values politics
insert into genres values fights
insert into genres values family
insert into genres values lunchhour
insert into genres vaules drinking
insert into genres values music
insert into genres values seasons
insert into genres values weather
insert into genres values holidays

Genre Three
This get genre
row genre three

insert into genres values sexual
insert into genres values gender
insert into genres values sexuality
insert into genres vaules fashion
insert into genres values food
insert into genres values only in Buffalo
insert into genres values art
insert into genres values theatre
insert into genres values driving
insert into genres values walking
insert into genres values injuries
insert into genres values unexpected encounters
insert into genres values drugs
insert into genres values other
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10/21/05 11:07 - ID#32298 pmobl

cult following

I think it has mind control abilities. I hope it goes somewhere.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

10/21/05 10:46 - 44ºF - ID#32297

WHo are we really?

NATO yesterday dismissed a United Nations request for a second Berlin airlift to help hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors stranded for two weeks in the mountains of northern Pakistan.

Helicopters are the only means of getting supplies in large numbers into the Himalayan foothills of Pakistani Kashmir and North West Frontier province. Earlier this week, Jan Egeland, the UN's emergency relief co-ordinator, called on NATO to mount a massive airlift on the scale of the 1948-49 airlift to the beleaguered people of Soviet- blockaded West Berlin.

However, a NATO source said: "There is no question of the alliance doing that. That was Berlin after World War II and this is Pakistan now - there is absolutely no comparison.

Quoted from: News - International - NATO vetoes Berlin-style airlift for quake victims

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Category: talk

10/21/05 09:50 - 44ºF - ID#32296

A day's worth of factoids

The person that got that job I applied for last April didn't even have the degree required.

I feel unconfortable.

I went to the Alrbight Knox fo the show tonight. We missed the outdoor show.

We are eating scallops with pot stickers.

I am gay and dating both matthew and terry, This has been how it was for about five years.

It is friday, Oct 21st, 2005.

I am ready for the brainstorming facilitation at noon.

Wearing a tie is fun.

I like to eat candy.

I am going to write the end of my thesis this week and put the past behind me.
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Category: work

10/21/05 01:59 - ID#32295 pmobl


I was hanging out on elmwood today with (e:lilho) and (e:terry) and katie when we saw (e:mike)'s car by (e:jason) and (e:joshua)'s house, so we called him. Him and (e:jill) were at blokbuster. I hadn't been in a blockbuster in a long time. It reminded me of when i worked there as a young aduly.

I was officially the worst eployee because I know nothing about movies. I had only seen like 10 in my whole life at that point and people would ask me all sorts of questions. For examle, "yu know that movie about the girl with long brown hair?" People seriously expected an answer to those kind of questions. I always referred them to "the book" or suggested the movie in closest reach. I was so bad at that job. The carpet today gave me flashbacks.

Ironically that was my second bad viacom job. The first one I worked at a sports store witin King's Dominion theme park. People would ask for specific team stuff. I woukd always ask dumb questions like, "tell me, is that footballl, baseball, or hockey?" They hated me.
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Category: students

10/20/05 08:59 - 51ºF - ID#32294

3D Play Toy

I found this link to something one of my intro students made a couple semesters ago. It is not very sophisticated or high tech as she was just a beginner and it was only a weekly homework assignment. In fact, it reflects no level of critical art making but it satifies some part of my brain liek crack. I must be something about the melody. Definately seems like something from a comic book story where the super villian takes over the world by playing some sort of tv mind control show. It probably makes the same noise as a toy from when I was a kid. Visit the page and you can change its hat color using the slider or click on it's hat to make it play music and animate.

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Category: walking

10/20/05 07:07 - 54ºF - ID#32293 pmobl

Walking to Work

Seeing as I car share with (e:terry) I rarely have the car. He takes it most days (pronounced everyday) and picks me up at night. Since we have known each other he has taken the public transportation to work maybe 3 times. Not to say that I take it everyday, but I do a hell of a lot more than he has. He says its because his work is in cheektowaga. I suppose that is reasonable but to get to UB north campus I need to take the subway to the bus to campus and then walk a half a mile to the CFA. Going to Canisius isn't so bad but the subway takes longer than walking and is scary. Waling takes about 30 minutes.

The real champion here is (e:Matthew) who has walked to a from work everyday since I have known him for four years. Be it at 7am or midnight, he walks just about everywhere all the time.


But the real point of my story is that I walked to work twice this week and it wasn't so bad considering it is not too cold out yet. I do hate walking from West Delevan and Linwood to Main street and over to Lyons Hall. I wouldn't do it at night but honestly, the whole thing feels much safer than the subway stop near my house. I am so scared of that corner and the subway. People are either super mean, on drugs, or overly friendly to the point it scares me. Like the one time when some random wasted dude put his arm around my neck to tell me I was his buddy and we should have a beer together sometime. I thought he was going to kill me. I kin dof wiggled my way out and then he asked for my address. I lied and ran away. I think they find me because I am always carrying change from the candy automat at school. I don't do that anymore.


I cna;t tell you how many people I have helped get that $.50 they need to take the bus because their girlfriend abandoned them bit. Or the woman who need to go see her baby over somewhere far away but just needs some gas money, etc. Taking the subway actually cost about triple the amount of a fare for me. I guess I could just run all the time, but then I feel like an even bigger jerk.


Anyhow, I am so done with the subway for now and I started walking. I doubt I will like this in the middle of the winter. I like walking through the cemetery because it is quiet and a pretty. A little out of the wat and a little weird that it is full of dead people but at least dead people won't steal my stuff or talk to me about tap dancing (another run in on main street.)

What was the Verizon truck doing there, in the middle of nowhere - someone taking a break from work?

Some doctor did not need this anymore because I found it on the corner of Delaware and west delevan in the rut on the side of the road.


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Category: rememberbuffalo

10/20/05 03:23 - ID#32292

Remember Buffalo Map Beta

I have completed a beta system for entering in memories for The Remember Buffalo Project . Click on submit memory beta once you are at the site. It is a link at the top of the page. I will be adding a lot of new features in the next couple weeks. If you add a memory to the beta site, make it a real memory or delete it when you are done.


To add memories, click on the map and then fill out the form on the left. A memory marker will remain there with the information for future visitors. You can simply type links like on estrip in the memories and they will turn into link icons.

To delete memories. You can only delete memories created on your computer. I am going to make it so you can only delete memories submitted from your computer within five minutes. Right now there is no time limit as this is a beta and I anticipate people deleting a lot.

The map is simply google maps, so use it as you woud use google maps.

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Category: food

10/18/05 11:18 - ID#32291 pmobl

Amy's Soy Cheese and Macaroni

Has anyone ever tried Amy's Soy Cheese and Macaroni. I accidentally bought it when trying to buy Amy's Organic Rice Macaroni and Real Cheese for (e:matthew). Unfortuneatly, I bought six boxes. They all kind of taste like glue mixed with mustard.


Why the killer gates at the cemetary? Is it to stop grave robber?


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Category: mobile

10/18/05 03:34 - ID#32290

Nature's Stylus

Instead of being dependent on the oh so fogetable and expensive proprietary stylus for my nokia pda phone, I have decided to grow out each of my index finger nails. It makes typoing with the touchscreen s snap even if it look really strange. (e:hodown) told me it was gross and then proceeded to try and bite it off like a rabid dog. Someone else told me that some gang does something like this. Maybe I should start my own smart phone gang.


On another note George Johnson form buffalo Rising wrote me the best recommendation letter. It was really nice of him. We are supposed to meet tomorrow to discuss some sort of AJAX RSS calendar. Sounds like fun stuff.
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New Site Wide Comments

paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...