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05/01/15 03:59 - 45.ºF - ID#59972

Small things...

Are nice to hold.


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02/09/15 08:01 - 15.ºF - ID#59830


After years of trial and error, I believe I have mastered the art of the houseplant. All of my green little friends are thriving and it's February, a notoriously bad time for plants in general. I'm convinced I can make anything grow in any lighting situation. Also, when my plants are happy, I'm happy. It's the little things.


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12/17/14 06:51- ID#59664 pmobl



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09/25/14 01:56- ID#59410 pmobl


I adopted this guy from the SPCA today. He's five years old, has a stub for a tail, and is 100% blind. I love him already. He's super needy. He needs to be touching a part of you anytime you're around. He likes to hear you so I've been talking to him a lot. And you have to announce your presence every once in a while so he knows you're still around or else he starts calling out for you. And he walks into almost everything. Lol.


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Category: garden

09/08/14 02:46- ID#59378 pmobl

Gnome In The Home Garden

I don't have a proper garden, but being that I love to garden I made this; It's an indoor kitchen herb garden in a window box to grow indoors. Parsley, rosemary, oregano, thyme, and basil. I was given these decorative little add ins to make it a full garden from (e:Paul)'s mother Maria a few years back and only now have had a place to use them. A tiny Gnome garden keeper with shovel in hand, a bird house and a bird bath, a wheelbarrow, a place to rest, and of course, a wrought iron fence and trellis to keep out the rabbits! It's super cute! Thank you, Maria for helping my garden grow! :-)







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