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Category: housing

12/12/12 11:19 - ID#56990

Refinancing in 2012

We refinanced our house which turned out quite well. We were able to get the mortgage interest way down to 3.5, keep the payment scheme and cash out quite a bit of money for things like a new bathroom which desperately needs to be done since it doesn't even have a floor in parts.

I can't believe that in 2012, the process of signing mortgage documents is still so paper intensive. It seems like such a waste. They have so many new papers since the last time too. The stack was about three inches high. We even had to sign a waiver that our house was not damaged by Hurricane Sandy. I mean, were any houses in Buffalo damaged by the hurricane? Maybe they should just make people in damage zones sign that.

Anyways, its over and I can hopefully 2013 will be a good year.
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Category: housing

06/16/12 07:20 - ID#56551

Cute Houses in Auburn, NY

We are in Auburn for the weekend seeing one of (e:Terry)'s "friend" Brian's musical. There are so many cute houses in this town. I wonder what it was like here historically that there are so many giant mansions.








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Category: housing

06/26/11 05:09 - ID#54585

The best decision ever

Not buying this house on North behind the linor several years ago. It would have ruined our lives.

I hope I never see any part of my house in this condition.

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Category: housing

03/04/11 03:27 - ID#53763

Housing Prices Are Ridiculous

I can't believe this house is asking $459,000. I mean I get that people would want to live on Middlesex but seriously, that price for a small ranch with paneled basement that you could find one thousand times over in suburbs? It just seems like they would regret it later when the market crashes further.

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Category: housing

04/11/10 10:57 - ID#51371

At Schuele Paint on Summer

I saw this flyer an it was interesting for two reasons.

1. I really can't understand why a presentation for something like
this would be at lazerton.

2. I realized that having a pile of flyers is becomming less and less
necessary since people have camera phones. I barely ever take paper
anything anymore.
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Category: housing

05/31/09 01:20 - ID#48802

Hex tile at buffalo reuse

We went over to Buffalo reuse to find more hex tile for the bathroom
floor and we got a whole bag for $4 but that was all they had.
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Category: housing

05/22/09 02:10 - ID#48723

The Psycho Floor Scraper

I went out and bought a $20 floor scraping chisel. That plus my new mask makes me a lethal combo for the vinyl tiles.

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Category: housing

05/09/09 10:24 - ID#48632

One last present

From the tenants. This is on the inside of the window as the storeindiw in the outside was not broken.

Luckily, it is an old window that will require surgery just to get it out for repair - fun.
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Category: housing

05/08/09 05:04 - ID#48626

What the he'll is going on here?

I've been watching this house on porter near Kleinhans slowly be consumed by the elements. I hope no one lives in it. It's been like this for so long and seriously looks like it's about to collapse. I wonder if it's abandoned? Anyone know the story behind it?

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Category: housing

05/04/09 09:35 - ID#48588

How am I back in the same situation?

The last tenant to go was supposed ot be out May 1st. If you remember from my previous entry about it, I gave her $100 to have her stuff out on the 1st. She already owes use so many hundreds of dollars, I figured what was one more, if she was just gone and we could begin the rental process again with different people.

Well, we went to go clean it on Sunday and all her stuff was still there. So I call her today to tell her to get it out by friday or its going to salvation army and she flips out. We get her rent from the city and I told her I was holding it until the stuff was out because she is renting the space until it is vacated.

So she has her grandmother call me, all upset that the poor girl has no money and why can't I cut her a break. Well, because she has screwed me out of $1000+, she left both apartments nasty, and she removed the appliances from upstairs and brought them downstairs - which means I have to bring them back up and they are way heavy.

It really makes me so mad because we have been so extra nice with her and she just keeps fucking it up. According to her grandmother she has been trying to get her stuff out since she moved out but for one reason or another she couldn't.

She still had the heat on 70 when I was there yesterday after going nuts about her spring heating biull being over $1000. I guess thats what you get when you leave the heat on between 70-80 24/7.

I kind of blame myself a bit because I saw her birth certificate yeserday and on the dining room table and she was born in 1991. Yes, she is 18. Had I known I would probably have never rented to her but I guess you can't do that anyways.

I think in the future I am going to back to students, they at least have to worry abou thtings like their credit score and having a place to live. My trial with the poor did not work out so well.
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