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Category: food

07/31/08 11:39 - ID#45205

Chicken wings

Are good dipped in nacho cheese. This is not heart smart.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: food

07/31/08 11:28 - ID#45204

Elmwod taco and subs

It really is such a different atmosphere since they remodeled. It's
amzing what a makeover can do. I need one, ok. According to
(e:libertad) someone has scratched up amd tagged the bathroom.

Why are people so obsessed with tagging? It's so super lame. Maybe
they feel lkke they have nothing to claim and thats it. The one that
is the lamest is atak. It's so boring.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: environment

07/30/08 01:18 - ID#45191

Toxic mulch

At Roswell Park's IT building where I work they have laid down wood
styled mulch made of recycled tires. Sounds green but really it
smells toxic like rubber and doesn't the nastiness leach into the
ground. (e:enknot) said that it is used around the electric box to
prevent shocks, is that the case?

Either way who ever invented it is brilliant. Dumping rubber is
illegal in most places and it is expensive to dispose of. Now some
company has convinced people to buy the old tires and dump it all over
their own properties.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: food

07/29/08 03:49 - ID#45185

Fuji grill sushi

As a treat for going to the doctors, I treat myself to Fuji grill down
the street from his office.

It was about 50% the quality of Kuni's for about the same price. Not
sure if I would go back as I had bones in my mackerel, which I
complained about and they didn't comp it. I never had bones, ley
alpne multiple bones in sushi. That's bullshit I should have just
choked and made a scene, LOL. At least the waiter was cute and the
wakame salad was delicious.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: swimming

07/28/08 11:50 - 73ºF - ID#45176

Bennett Beach Swimming Fun

I went to Bennett Beach with (e:jim), (e:james), (e:terry), and (e:matthew). I think it was probably the most fun I ever had at the beach. The waves were really like up to 5+ feet high and slammin. At first the life guards made us get out of the water. After a short while we just went down the beach far enough away from their overlording and jumped in. It was so awesome. Lots of other people soon followed.

I think it might have been the most fun moment of the summer besides dancing to Andy C at WEMF 2008. For once we were all having fun doing the same thing. Well, accept for (e:jim) - he sat on the beach and read programming books about erlang - dork!

I wish I took pictures but I totally forgot about it for once because I was so involved in the moment. I want to go back the next time it is warm and windy.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

07/28/08 03:10 - ID#45173 pmobl

Scientologists want your blood

Why would anyone go to the church of Scientology to give blood when
there are so many less sketchy, secular places to donate.

Surely once you are tied down they eat your brains.

The fact that the signs are done with paper taped to the boards and
that American red cross part is almost entirely scratched off makes it
even weirder.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

07/27/08 01:57 - ID#45164 pmobl

Visiting dave at ecmc

Wow, he got really smashed up from that car. He is in the ICU at
ECMC. It is so great that he has such a close, caring family. It
makes me want to have kids. The nurse said he responded to some
commands this morning, which is good. It so hard to see such a
physically active guy so broken down.

The hospital itself is kind of strange. It looks a bit like a prison
and is blocked off from the sidestreets with barbwire fences. The
neighborhood on the other hand is much nicer than you would expect
with the barbwire fences. Tended gardens, painted houses, cut lawns,
cobble stone street - it was actually pretty cute.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: health

07/27/08 12:33 - ID#45163

Sun burn

I can't believe I got this little piece of sunburn. I never get
sunburned. If I ever get cancer there, this journal will be evidence it all started at WEMF 2008 (e:paul,45082)

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: family

07/27/08 01:55 - ID#45158

The evening evolved

Mike has decided to return to his tyranacap heritage. Not tranicap.
According to him, the difference is the tuck.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: allentown

07/27/08 12:25 - ID#45156

A lady fell down

She fell down outside of Fugazi. Too much wine mixed with zoloft.
Instead of helping her all the people sat around and gosipped about it
- it was sick. I left to go sit and talk with her. Then someone
called a freakin ambulance. She was fine just shaken up.

She only lived two blocks away so I sent terry to get the car to take
her home but the freakin firetruck got there first. They said she was
ok, so I walked her home only two blocks away and returned her to her
husband who was very nice. It's amazing how people just assumed she
was a crazy street person on crack and no one could be bothered to
help her. People on Allen are so negative.

I hope I never fall down outside a gay bar. I also hope people check
with me before calling 911!

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Location: Buffalo, NY



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