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Category: crohns

05/08/09 11:56 - ID#48624

Crohn's & Colitis Walk

This is the walk I wrote baout in my previous journal (e:paul,48621).

[box]Take Steps for Crohn's & Colitis is our annual walk dedicated to finding cures for these digestive diseases. Our goal is to raise $80,000 on Saturday, May 30 at the Buffalo Zoo & Delaware Park. The walk registration starts at 5:00 pm and the walk kicks off at 6:00 pm. After the walk, everyone is invited to stay and enjoy some food and music by The Frontline. For more information and to register, visit

Nearly 10,000 Western New Yorkers suffer from Crohn's Disease or ulcerative colitis-400 of whom are children. With the support of communities nationwide, CCFA has raised much needed funds that, through research, have brought us closer to a cure. For those who live with these chronic diseases, life is a roller coaster of active and remitting disease. However, the opportunity to make life more manageable for patients who live day to day with intense pain, the threat of long term hospital stays and multiple surgeries, has never been greater.

More than 80 cents of every dollar raised through our Take Steps Walk campaign goes directly to fund research and patient programs in Buffalo.[/box]

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Category: crohns

06/23/08 08:33 - ID#44763

New Medicine Rocks

I started a new once a day medicine called Lialda . It is actually the same formula as the old medine but I only take it once. This is a huge difference. I can't express how much stress there is in having to take 3 pills, three times a day and how many days were ruined because I forgot my medicine and had to return home. Really, its a miracle.

Other than that, I have forgot to take picturs of everything this week. Yesterday we went to the garden walk.


There were the cutest little clay pot characters

Someone lost the one eyed cat ;(

After that we had a gay diner party. I used our new grill and made shrimp, about 20 lamb chops, sausage and clams with corn on the cob. The guests brought potato, tomato and macaronni salads. It was so freakin delicious.

Wegman's had the most ridiculous vergtable pack. First of all who - the fuck cannot cut vegtables. Seriously, going form full vegtable to cut takes about 30 seconds. Secondly, is that not a rediculous price for what's in the container. And then last, the container is just a huge waste of plastic. Really vegtables do not ned styrofoam backing.

They did, however, have a great deal on Cherry Stone clams - my favorite kind - $5.40/doz - yum.
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Category: crohns

05/15/08 01:12 - ID#44347

The flu or death

I started to feel sick last night a bit before bed. Then when I woke up this morning, I felt nauseous. Now I am sick to my stomach and have a headache and am achey. God, why now - can't I just have one freakin moth malady free. I felt so great since the appendix thing. I actually have not had one sick day since then.

Its the one thing I hate most about this supposed Crohn's thing is that I never know if I just have a cold/flu, which I think I do this time, or if this is going to be the beginning of something terrible.
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Category: crohns

03/21/08 03:42 - ID#43749

Stomach madness

I think my stomach is trying to kill me right now. I skipped breakfast, except a banana because I was in a rush and we had no eggs. Then I skipped lunch because I had a meeting to prepare for.

Then it was 3PM and I didn't want to stop programming what I was working on when all of a sudden my stomach started feeling like it was being stabbed in my stomach. It was way up high in my actual stomach which is weird as I don't even really have pain there. Right now it hurts really freakin' bad I hope eating will satisfy the monster.

this is what I get for eating now-a-laters before bed and not eating a normal breakfast or lunch. I suppose I just should push it to much, this whole "better" thing, argh.

The word of the day on my screensaver was antichrist? Do you think that happened by chance or that my computer is possessed. It is good Friday after all.
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Category: crohns

01/24/08 05:48 - ID#43017

New Doctor and Allergies

Dr. Bartolone believes it is crohns too. Says it doesn't matter either way as the meds are the same. I guess I really am on asacol for the rest of my freakin life. I am going to do a time lapse of my 270 pills in a bottle going away to 0.

At least it doesn't have any real side effects for me. He said if I am not experiencing them now, I won't probably later.

So seriously, no one knows what causes this and I am at least lucky that mine is manageable. I think I will just east healthy from now on and hope for the best.

I hope medical science figures out some more details, someday.

And I got a copy of my allergy tests. I am way less allergic to dogs than cats. It wasn't just in my head. I am as allergic to maple and birch trees as I am to dogs. Cats I am way allergic to but even more than that I am alergic to mold that grows on plants and ragweed. In fact I am almost 5 times s allergic to ragweed as I am to trees.

They are sending me for a celliac disease test too s the other allergy test only confirmed an allergy to wheat and not that I am gluten intolerant.

Dr Bartolones office is so the future of doctors offices. It was beyond clean and formal. Everything was digitized and all the nurses carried portable tablet PCs. Even the screen had privacy screens. Morever, all the signatures were digital.


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Category: crohns

01/24/08 12:31 - ID#43010

On The phone waiting

I spent so much of the morning on the phone waiting on hold to try and get all my medical records and test results to one place for a doctors appointment this afternoon.

Luckily, you can program and wait so it wasn't so bad. I am going to try and get my own copy of it all, now that it is in one place. This should be exciting to see one gastro enterologist who specialized in these types of problems, with all my test results (CT, colonscopy, and blood test) all in one place.

The doctor is Dr. Bartolone over at Buffalo Gastroentrology Associated at 60 Maple Rd.

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Category: crohns

01/10/08 11:59 - ID#42830

Tastey food - I tried

i had a good day at work today. With everyone gone I got so much work done, lol.

I hated being at the hospital


This is the you have crohns face

For breakfast I ate these pill with an egg, a banana and some apple sauce

So I am trying to make my low residue, low fiber diet taste good

For lunch I had my favorite, Dr. Praeger's potato coated, gluten free fish sticks


For dinner I ate potatoes with squids and asparagus. Notice the lack of potato skin. For some reason asparagus is on the low residue diet list. It must be low fiber. Everything is boiled to death, don't worry.
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Category: crohns

01/09/08 09:57 - ID#42812


So I picked up the final Crohn's medication today - a steroid called presdnisone . Theis brings me to an even 17 pills a day.

The side effects sound terrible. Not to mention it says right on the bottle to avoid contact with sick people as it suppresses your immune system. How the hell am I going to do that working at a hospital, in Buffalo during winter and living at a house where (e:matthew) nannies children. I seriously am going to need to be in a bubble. So basically, I can expect to get really sick on top of my really sickness. I want to just be put down. I feel like I should just go on vacation.
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Category: crohns

01/09/08 08:05 - ID#42811

Low Fiber/low residue diet

ANyone know of a good nutritionist in town? I get, I know why I have to eat it as part of my low reside/low fiber Crohn's diet but it seems to hard to think about eating the crap on my copyright 1998 list of food I can consume. According to it.

Fats I can eat:
butter, margarine

Fats I can't eat:
all others

That freakin' cannot be right. Haven't there been so many studies showing that mono and polyunsaturated fats are good for you. And clearly no fat has fiber. When I looked it up online , which I am good at and have the ability to do, it says all oils are fine. But for many people getting this stupid piece of paper they might think they can only eat butter as a fat. It is such a disservice to people to have inaccurate information. The whole sheet has tons of contradictories and is missing commas all over so some of it makes no sense.

Thank god I can eat crispy bacon

Here is the whole list

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