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Category: health

01/09/08 01:44 - 48ºF - ID#42807

Crohn's Disease, Great ;(

Well the doctor is pretty sure I have a long term chronic disease called Crohn's disease now that will probably make me go insane. That is not a side effect but knowing my ability to cope with stuff I think insanity might be in store.

Apparently, it is really bad that I didn't take the medicine before. I promise I will now. 9 Pills a day of asacol and I don't know how many yet of steriods. I never took steroid before - do they make you feel weird.

Here are the insides of my colon looking all sick and yucky.


I guess it helps to have a doctor who is a cousin. He told me it is genetic and when I said I didn't think anyone in my family had it, he said I was wrong.

It was so nice of (e:jenks) to shows up and check on me as I woke up. It meant a lot.
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Category: weather

01/09/08 06:27 - 48ºF - ID#42802

I'll huff and I'll puff and...

blow your house down wih my 50mph wind.

I woke up this morning at 6am for the other half of my yummy lemon-ginger phoso-soda and heard this crazy smashing noise. Turned out the be a doll house from our yard blowing into the air and into the church.


Then all the garbage can blew down. Then this super loud thud which was the attic escape pod hatch. A 100lb metal and wood creation, blowing off the roof and 30 forward and like 100 feet down into the front yard. It was so scary to recover it because I was afraid other things would hit me. I guess (e:terry) never tied it down after going out on the roof at the party. There is no way I can get it back up there without someones help.


Something is exciting about being in strong wind. But also really scary. I wonder what it sounds like in a smaller house.

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Category: health

01/08/08 11:54 - 61ºF - ID#42788

The clear liquid diet day

More love for my new carrier
First another bonus to ATT. I just called a number I saw at our Human Resources for ATT discounts and when I called the representative, she applied a 24% discount to my account. That is a seriously significant discount.

Clear Liquid Diet Day
I didn't even start with my first clear liquid drink of the day but decided to weigh myself just to see how much weight I will lose through the whole laxative process before the scope tomorrow. Looks like I weighed in at 138 - and that is before. Just how little can I weight, like how much is (e:paul) without the food in him. I really don't know how laxative are going to help get any more out of me. Seeing as my body seems to take care of that by itself.

Here is an example day from

Breakfast Hot tea with lemon juice and 1 tsp sugar (no pulp); Apple juice (8 oz); Gelatin 1 cup
Lunch     Hot tea with lemon (no pulp) and sugar; Grape juice (8 oz); Fruit Ice (1 cup); Consomm√© (8 oz.)
Snack     Fruit juice (apple, cranberry or grape, 8 oz); Gelatin (1 cup)
Dinner     Hot tea with lemon and sugar; Apple juice (8 oz); Consomm√© (8 oz); Fruit Ice (1 cup)

I think I am just going to need to be sedated. Does vodka count in clear liquid diet? I seriously get crazy just missing one meal as I don't have much reserves.

Mind you just before thanksgiving I weighed about 150. So I figure at this rate I should be down to 100 lbs by summer. I think that is my target "die at" weight. That was supposed to be a pun on diet but it just sounds sad. Kind of like (e:vincent) said - if you get down to 150 and then you get sick it's too on the edge. Welcome to my life.

I am so freakin' scared. Things like this scare me to death. For some reason I am not really able to handle this so well. How are other people so good at coping with body based problems? They just make me feel so temporary. I think had it been anything else I could have lived with it. Save for maybe some injury to my penis. But messing with eating and sleeping ruins everythign for me. In my sad, non social existence, going out to eat was probably the only fun thing I did - and now that is ruined. There is nothig else to do in the winter fr me. I guess i oucld program more, or pick up some other stupid hobby but I really miss the social interaction that is eating.

At least I have a job that I can do without much physical effort. Imagine if I had a physically stressful, non-union job right now. I would probably end up being fired and losing my health insurance if I had any to begin with. I guess I am lucky in a way and should stop complaining. But it doesn't make it any less scary. I suppose it would all be much better if I had a doctor I communicated with I think the scariness is not really knowing anything or what to expect.

I cannot wait until my gastro appointment on the 24th. I will call tehm today and ask if there are any other earlier appointments.
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Category: web

01/07/08 11:48 - 58ºF - ID#42780

Removing Wrinkles With Dermitage

I am constantly amazed at advertisements that promise to remove wrinkles. They seem to make the usage of the product do more and more. Remember when they promised to remove fine lines and wrinkles.

But their site looks so trustworthy
I think this one, dermitage can't be real although their website is real pretty. It is one of those sites that give an sense of trust, even if it is fake or not.


Can it be real?
I mean look at the face on the advertisement that gt me thinking about this dermitage site. I don't think anything could help, that is unless they are advertising some sort of face iron. Like can anyone even be that wrinkley without photoshop's help? Why would they make such a horrible advertisement?


Pretend blogs
What I really hate is when companies start blogs to try and pretend someone wrote about their product. An example being dermitage. Clearly, someone from the company wrote this blog at
Does anyone believe these kind of pseudo advertisements.

Here is some information about their scammy promises

Can these quantcast stats be even sort of accurate
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Category: mobile

01/07/08 11:22 - 58ºF - ID#42779

AT&T wireless customer service

I seriously cannot get over how good AT&T customer service is. Every time, I called they have answered within a minute or two and they have always been able to help me without transferring me.

For some reason my bill was $210.00 which I knew was wrong. Turned out it should have been $74.00 which is a big difference and they had double charged me for everything. I think it is their web based system that fucks stuff up. Every time I added or removed services with it, I ended up with multiple charges. Also when I tried to switch from the 700 minute family plan to the 500 minute family plan online it told me I had to wait till next month but when I called she changed it right away, retroactively.

From now on I am going to talk with a live person. I just was so afraid being a former sprint customer and havign dealt with their terrible customer service.
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Category: health

01/04/08 08:28 - 27ºF - ID#42752

God Damned Intestines

I had like one good day just before the party. It was weird. I felt a lot better and then it all just went downhill. This mornign was the worst as I had these horrible waves of nausea mxied with about 10 visits to the bathroom throughout the night.

So next Wednesday I have a colonscopy that requires me to go on a 24 hour liquid and laxative diet. That should be fun, adding to the constant intestinal pain and cramping I have been having for over a month now. It is worst when my stomach is empty so i imagine this is going to be beyond painful.

I have this horrible feeling I am going to die soon. Maybe I can just die beforehand.

It still seems unreasonable to me that up to this point, almost two month after the initial bad symptoms started I still haven't had a since blood test to check anything or a single stool sample. Only one xray. I keep reading all the literature from the different organizations for intestinal medicine and they all talk about blood tests to check white blood cell count and iron levels for anemia and stool smaples to check for infections and parasites as a first step.

I freakin' cannot wait till my doctors appointment with the gastroenterologist on the 24th. I would pay like 10 fold the amount to hve it tomorrow.
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Category: buffalo

01/02/08 11:08 - 16ºF - ID#42732

Talking about Buffalo

I saw this buffalo Rising cover in my mother's bathroom. I just can't believe how full of themselves they are.

I am excited to see what happens with the new Elmwood Taco and Subs.

Is Elmwood becoming a ghetto or what? I am glad I left for Linwood before all the businesses closed. Why is everything shutting down? Seriously, it seems like more things are empty now than I ever remember. Are the rent prices just too high. If you drive from one end to the other so many places are closed down. This house is at the corner of West Delevan and Elmwood - notice the smashed out upstairs window.



I was debating buying or not, lol.
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Category: holiday

01/02/08 10:58 - 16ºF - ID#42731

New Year's Eve 2008

On New Years Eve we went to my mother's for dinner before the estrip party. I found these yummy sugar eyes in my mother's cabinet.

New Year's eve we ate lots of sea food.


Smelt are kind of like little fried gold fish that taste like potato chips.


I bought crab legs. I just bought the normal Kind crab legs.


Wegmans also had collosal crab legs or about $25 each. They were as big as my wrist. The small ones in these pics are the normal kind crab legs I bought.


Afterwards, we had the party at our house (e:jim,42704) (e:metalpeter,42717)

We dropped the ball down the stairwell again.


I think we wore (e:mike) out - the last people left around 6am. I had a really good time at the party. I spent most of the night hanging out with (e:kookcity2000)


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Category: work

12/31/07 02:35 - 33ºF - ID#42695

Ulcer Me This

I am having the most stressful nerve wracking day ever. It started out getting my tooth drilled and filled and went right into a high stress work day without even getting a chance to eat. I seriously hate my job right now.

Then I sit here babysitting the new application while everyone else is gone until I have to go to a dinner party at my mothers followed by a party at our house. I hope it was the kind of party where someone brings me valium, please serenity now.

So "they" decided to launch the new version of the system I was working on today. A live system that lots of people are using, with high priorty, and serious security risk if it fails and. We switched in the middle of the day , while people were using it, just before a holiday. It is about a 60% re-write based on new technology and data sources we have available. I am going to go out on a limb and say it seems FUCKING RETARDED to launch something like this right before a holiday. We even have some sort of policy against it I think.

Normally, we don't do this but apparently someone higher up was promised it would be ready for the New Year and here we are launching it today. The person that promised them was supposed to test it and barely did, which left me doing all the development and testing - most of the testing I can't even do because I don't know enough about the data in the application to know if it is right or not. I don't even have any test cases to work with.

Now if there is a problem it will be super compounded by the time I get back. Hopefully, we can bank on my skills and it will just work.
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Category: stuff

12/31/07 12:51 - 31ºF - ID#42688

The Party And The Server

I hope to see everyone at the party tomorrow night. Come by around 10PM @ 24 Linwood for our annual New Years Even Party.

I worked on the new version of estrip a lot today. The flv video uploads now make thumbnails and I wrote a much better video player that lets you forward to any point in the video without having to play the video sequentially.
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