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Category: food

08/31/07 01:02 - 61ºF - ID#40847

Panaro's On Deleware Near Allen

Panaro's on Delaware is my very favorite lunch restaurant in the city right now. I love that place. The food and the service is so great and the prices are reasonable. I would suggest it to anyone. They have the menu online too

571 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 884-1033


Today I had Panaro's bracciole, it was so yummy. The meat was the perfect amount a flaky and the stuffing was delicious. I normally don't even like Italian food out, but their food tastes like home cooked.

Here is a bracciole recipe I think I can find out a family one from my mom and get back to you.

The blond waitress is my favorite in the whole city and considering I eat out at least one meal a day, that is a serious compliment. This picture of her is stolen from the Panaro's site.


On the other side of the food world, I bought these organic table crackers at wegmans.


They turned out to be a little extra broken, which is weird considering the box was unharmed. Do you think the machine mashed them up on the way in the plastic? They still tasted fine as a powder.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: games

08/30/07 11:19 - 65ºF - ID#40844

At The Casino

I went to the Niagara Falls Casino with (e:mike) , (e:libertad) , (e:terry) and (e:matthew) to celebrate mike's birthday and his addiction to Gambling. With two mintes of playing the 25 cent machine I went from $20 to $43. It felt reat. Following by like two minutes on the $1 slot until I was back to $20 ;(


I really am just not into it even with all the great computer noises involved.

(e:mike) was really upset that the Birthday Spin the Wheel promotion starts Sept 1st, the day after his birthday.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: peeptalk

08/30/07 09:29 - 71ºF - ID#40825

Video Chat With e:lilho

Last night I got to video chat with (e:lilho,40823) on ichat. I am not sure why her pics didn't come out - but I took my own.

We were never able to start a video chat with more than one person, although it says you can chat with up to three people.


Of course, some pics are more important than others. This one is for (e:mike)


We have had so many comments this week! I took this pictures yesterday evening. Thanks you guys for making this site successful.

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Category: elmwood

08/30/07 12:10 - 77ºF - ID#40821

Pollution by Number



I love having a super fast point and shoot camera.

(e:enknot) also pointed out this is the new vision for Panos which I have to say looks pretty nice.

In an unrelated asian restaurant...

It started like this: We waited like 5 minutes to be seated in the restaurant but it was full accept for the patio in blazing sun with no one on it - or this one five person tablet that was empty in the back corner.

We ask for a table, the dude says, "How many?" I say, "three" and he says, "no table." I say, "What about that one?" and he says, "it is for five." I say, "Oh it is reserved, he says, "no it isn't, but would you like to sit outside?"

Now if I was a rational human being I could have just gave in and said no thank you and told him I was takig my business elsewhere or insisted on being seated there . Instead the sicilian in me took over and I said, "Then I will not be eating here and proceeded to leave while spitting on the inside of the glass door. Maybe, I do need anger management classes.

Its better than the time I threatened to burn down a hotel in downtown phoenix and the police had to come. Man, I used to be such a freak.
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Category: birthdays

08/28/07 10:51 - 74ºF - ID#40794

Terry's Birthday

We went to the El Caporal for (e:terry) to have his 28th birthday dinner. He freakin' loves Mexican Food.


Their shrimp dinner was pretty good at cheap. The margarittas were only $2.

I love the mormon in the hood, they are so cute.

The love joy pool is such a crazy style. It looked like that since I was a kid. I don't know if it is really a pool or not anymore.

And yes, (e:terry) did get his xBox 360 elite along with Viva Pinata.

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Category: festivals

08/28/07 02:41 - 82ºF - ID#40786

Elmwood Arts Festival

The elmwood arts festival is great. Well, at least when you don't live there. I remember living on Lafayette and Elmwood, the stage was right outside our bedroom window. It was insane to wake up to testing 1, 2, 3.


I really go just for the artichokes. They are so good, I have a hard time deciding what kind to get. Does anyone know if these people ahev a restaurant somewhere? I think they are caled "Artichoke French."
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Category: pets

08/28/07 02:38 - 82ºF - ID#40785

Basra Eats and Some Other Stuff

Basra loves the occasional snack plum or fruit. Usually he just eats greens so he gets really excited.

::Download Flash Video::

About 4 years we made soap. (e:matthew) claims he was not present. Somehow his effigy made it into this soap. You can clearly see his penis floating above us, lol.

I cut my hair off. Before I also cut my beard I looked like a terrorist.

On the not so tasty front, (e:enknot) found this bird on Main Street the other day. I couldn't not take a picture.

Last week Nameless Bitch arrived and found an apartment over on Minnesota.
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Category: heritage

08/27/07 05:33 - 81ºF - ID#40760

I am (an) Italian

Well just about everybody knows that that is what I am ethnically but soon enough I will be able to really say I am an an Italian when I reclaim my citizenship. I finally got all the paperwork I needed - really in order. I guess it would be cooler if I could say it in Italian - I think it would be "Sono un italiano"

The next step is dragging myself and my stuff to the consulate in New York City and probably dragging my mother and maybe brother along with me. I suggested we take (e:mike) to and make it a Mom and me trip, lol. I wonder if there is a consolute in Toronto I could go to considering I am applying to reclaim my Italian citizenship which has little to do with America. Seems like it should not matter where the consulate is.

I am kind of excited and a little be apprehensive because it opens up so many possibilities as a world citizen.
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Category: gay

08/26/07 08:48 - 71ºF - ID#40745

Summer in the City

We went to Summer in the City gay pride festival at Lasalle park today. It was a fundraiser for the ride center but we got free tickets from our new roommate. I guess it is an offshoot project from the old Pride at the Pier festival. We saw lady bunny She was really funny in a I was really drunk and she was really a really raunchy comedian kind of way.

Nameless Bitch and (e:jim) and (e:james) went with us and a good time was had by all. I think the free beer from 2-5PM helped making it extra fun. I saw Chris Parada and Angelo Cicatello and we reminisced about the gay old days in boy scouts troop 225. Apparently, it was way gayer than I thought.


I also realized I met (e:james) once a long time ago. I think (e:flacidness) is the only one who would remember this.

I love (e:jim) and (e:james) they restore my faith in having friends.
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Category: buffalo

08/25/07 01:58 - 80ºF - ID#40727

Bad Experience at Cozumel on Elmwood

On friday August 24th at around 9PM four of us went to Cozumel at 153 Elmwood Avenue in the Allentown area of Buffalo, NY in order to get nachos($10) and rock shrimp ($12) along with some frosty mixed drinks. Generally this ends up costing around $60+ for 4 people because the appetizers are expensive as are the drinks. The outdoor bar was packed with people so we went inside to site and they seated us.

When we went to order our blond waitress went and spoke with the ugly brown haired one and then came back and she they refused to serve us at a table if we didn't order dinners. She said we could only order appetizers at the bar which is complete bullshit as we have eaten appetizers and ordered drinks there many times sitting at a booth. There were about 8 empty tables so it's not like we were taking up space. She was just being a lazy bitch.

It will be a while before I ever go back there which is their loss because I have spent a lot of money there in the past. (e:terry) said he overheard the one waitress saying she didn't feel like serving anymore that night.

The rest of the evening
Then we headed over to Couter Bay where a bunch of epeeps were hanging out (e:jim,40718) Got to meet (e:drew) (who looks and is much younger than in his pic) and (e:janelle) (his lovely wife) and hang with (e:jim) , (e:james) , (e:jbeatty) , (e:fellyconnelly) and (e:lauren) . It was a great evening. Afterwards, we headed over to Frizzys to meet up with (e:mike) , (e:beast) and (e:maureen) then over to Cathode Ray where I saw Brian and we got our picture taken by the Buffalo Barfly photographer. Then off to Roxy's where we danced for the first time in a long time. It was nice to see (e:jim) dance and be happy like myself. Holy crap I accidently typed mysql the first time I was typing mysql, lol. I'm bringing dorky back.
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